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20 May 2022 20:58:15
Did you know the democrats and republicans are here jointly to get to sorting the Irish problem.
They are in Brussels today, then Ireland, and finally London. If the good Friday agreement must not be interfered with, if it is all future trade will be stopped, the protocol must carry on . Boris says he has not pencilled in a meeting so Brexit deal in serious danger. He might just make an unexpected visit to Eukraine. It's not been on the news, serious business. I have put this in discussion posts.

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17 May 2022 21:41:00
Been out played so far, can we do it in extra time. Some players should step up i.e Spence.

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17 May 2022 20:05:46

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13 May 2022 23:27:06
Off ta bed so cometh the hour .
Fck the lot of ya with ya negatives and trying to moan your history in. Stand up and believe in this team and manager and backroom staff. You can't all think that as I've heard you all you gorgeous fkn reds. BELIEVE just fkn believe. COYFR.

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10 May 2022 18:30:04
Just watching the news here cooleen rooney against rebbeca vardy . Its the wayne rooney against gareth Ainsworth i wanna see.

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12 May 2022 21:24:23
We can afford to borrow money to build 6 nuclear submarines, but we cannot afford to feed our citizens. We state we are one of the richest nations and yet, what a sorry state we are in.

09 May 2022 19:14:38
Just read on BBC website about Spurs support group apologizing for singing to Liverpool supporters. " Your signing on in the morning". They said in current climate it's not right! . Come Saturday sheff utd will call us scabs, from the miners strike. It's banter between supporters, go on u- tube and see how the Yank's love our banter at the stadiums. Football grounds must be woke free! ;.

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04 May 2022 20:41:12
I know we had a good discussion on womens football a week or so back but I've just been on the sky sports site and if you search to look for specific team news it's prioritised in leagues. Absolutely ridiculous - it goes prem first and have a guess what's second? Not the one that's recognised as being one of the best or toughest leagues in the world or even the league that has huge crowds and generates interest all over the world- no it's the womens super league. I guess some of you are getting your way and think that's great for equality and fairness 🤷🏻‍♂️- I wonder what the traffic is like reading up on the teams in the WSL and I wonder if it's fair that it's so highly subsidised and that you can watch the WSL for peanuts if it's meant to be on par with the mens top league? You even get the results easier for the WSL than you would for some prem and championship games 😡 what else will get grouped together next?
Dinosaur or this manipulated set up? I know what I'd prefer.

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04 May 2022 21:00:39
I wish this was ‘banter’ rather than ‘discussion’ nobody really notices the posts in here?

05 May 2022 14:26:14
I agree with you, but it does seem to get you going 2tone, don't blow a fuse😀. I'm afraid it's the society we live in, dare not say this, can't say that it's all b*ll**ks. My kids try and correct me all the time, can't teach an old dog new tricks. Something we're going to have to get used to, I'm afraid.

03 May 2022 20:59:46
Oh well lads. It just couldn't be done tonight. Keep your heads up, at least you are in the playoffs.

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