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25 Oct 2020 12:02:41
You can play whatever formation you want, but it won’t make any difference with this bunch. No movement, nobody wants the ball, no bravery, just the same old going through the motions. Yates tries but can’t finish, Grabban ineffective, Arter anonymous, Lolley out of form. Ameobi hot and cold, both full backs can’t defend, the list goes on. And Lyle Taylor hasn’t really had much service.
Make no mistake, this is relegation form. Ever remember people saying “Forest are too good to go down”?
I do.

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12 Oct 2020 13:00:18
Hi. Non football matters. Has anyone heard of underground cities in Nottingham ie vast network of underground tunnels built during the cold war.

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12 Oct 2020 14:16:52
Not cities, no. Network of caves that were used to keep industries going during the war, yes.

17 Oct 2020 10:41:35
They go back a lot further than that. They were used as leather tanneries and used to be open at the front before the city expanded and were also used as secret meeting places for rebels and the like in medieval times, a hole would be on the cave ceiling where a lad would drop a stone through to alert the rebels if any authorities were approaching. And yes, also used as air raid shelters. Used to be accessible from inside the Broadmarsh Centre at the bottom of the escalators. Interesting stuff if you like that kind of thing.

{Ed001's Note - that's really interesting that Perko.}

17 Oct 2020 16:26:39
Used by the homeless for many years before modern housing.

17 Oct 2020 21:42:48
Nottingham. Is built on a big sand stone rock, solid but resonably easy to tunnel through . The geology of Nottingham is very interesting, if your interested in that kind of thing. The places of exile and refuge date back to the dissolution period .

20 Oct 2020 20:45:27
I've been down the one in Broadmarsh. I found it really interesting.

21 Oct 2020 18:58:53
Mortimers hole is the best one to go down.

21 Oct 2020 21:11:29
Millions of cubic metres of sand stone rock were blasted out to create the tunnel and cutting into the old Victoria rail station . There is no wonder everyone has a sandstone wall outside their properties in many parts of Nottingham.

Knock knock . would you like a sand stone wall sir?
I’m not bothered mi duck i prefer me privet hedge
Well yer bloody well having one!

Now the stuff is about £200 a square metre to buy . Supply and demand, it makes the world go round .

09 Oct 2020 13:29:58
Great update statement from the club regarding season card holders, so all you loyal fans who chose option 1 have been rewarded, we have 7 season cards in our family and we all backed our club by choosing option 1, there are certain people on this site who have called Marinakis a money grabber a cheapskate and amongst other thing's, so shame on you and you all know who they are, you reds.

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09 Oct 2020 20:57:44
You are the saviour of nffc .
Not a ball has been kicked but youve already decided the outcome?
Not one poster has actually called him a cheakskate or a money grabber?
Youve made that up my freind.
They've called him fat and many other things though.
You enjoy the fact you're paid all that money for i follow.
Some people not me need that money back urgently as they have no job and families to support so get off your high horse that ypu are the best supporter the clubs has ever had and get back to reality.
Times are hard and fans make decisions based on their own situations.

17 Oct 2020 10:43:31
Here Here FF79. Well said. 👏 Bravo.

07 Oct 2020 23:50:33
As football fans have you ever thought how easy one manager/ coach can wreck a players career?
Take joe hart for example

Englands no one. won the premier and cups with city and along comes pep .
Destroyed overnight?
Cant pass the ball?
Sometimes his new keeper can't save or catch the ball?
Funny game and in who we trust?

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06 Oct 2020 18:52:18
Chris Houghton in.

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03 Oct 2020 20:25:44
Some of the comments on here make me wonder if people actually watched the game or they just jump on the moaning bandwagon.

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04 Oct 2020 10:18:08
Well the game I watched was another defensive disaster and a team who then sat back in easily defended their lead because we are a clueless attacking force . All that history will say is we lost at home again, we haven’t won all season and we’ve scored just one goal, I know you won’t want to hear it again but say it again I will, we’ve lost every game this season and scored one goal .

It’s already written just like the writing on the wall for us but seemingly and unbelievable not lamouchi . It is with absolute incredulity that I wrote the previous sentence .

03 Oct 2020 20:09:03
How has this joker still got a job? get him out, worse manager since megson .

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03 Oct 2020 19:21:52
The players leader was told by Silva that he wanted to leave and leave for Oylmpicas.

The players leader said the truth has to be told.

The truth has to be told his tactics are rubbish and he needs to go before being sacked to save the club money.

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