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02 Jun 2022 05:50:42
Well it would be on our long awaited return to the premier league where it is going to be severely compromised. Firstly we have less time to get transfer business done. Who of any value will want the upheaval of moving when the World Cup is looming. We will be robbed of seven weeks of bread and butter footy which I find unbelievable, for what a tin pot competition played in country of brutality. Players injured will not have the luxury of the summer to recover as its straight back to club football. Now the best bit, the premier league are going after marinakis to get him out of our club. Trust me that is their aim. They have clearly stated that the crimes levelled at marinakis in Greece, where he has been cleared after years of investigation, will be re investigated to see if any dropped charges would stand the scrutiny of an English court. Their aim is not to relegate Forest as a result but to remove the owner under unfit and proper to own a club under premier league rules. They were quite happy to brush under the carpet serious allegations and alleged connections to the cashoggi murder from the state backed take over of Newcastle by the Saudis. Worried We need to be as this is going to severely tarnish our return and will put a damper on prospective purchases, ground development etc. it will bring dreadful unwanted negative publicity to this great club. The suits are about to delve into double standards of hypocrisy so where does the corruption really lie in football

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02 Jun 2022 06:58:08
Bloody hell Rutters go and have a few of pints and a donor on naan and chill mate in the sun at the Horncastle Street party mate.
You can dress up as Chief Blackcloud. 🤣🤣
I'm sure Marinakas will be fine 🎈.

02 Jun 2022 08:24:13
🤦‍♂️ It’s started already 🤷🏻‍♂️.

02 Jun 2022 08:28:01
Balloons have you read the report
Am in horncastle later btw, you near mkt sq ?

02 Jun 2022 08:28:21
Bloody shame we got promoted this year, we should have waited a few more years to make sure we had longer to plan for it and bulk buy bubble wrap and cotton wool for our players and some fans 🤷🏻‍♂️.

02 Jun 2022 10:49:42
The report? It's a newspaper article in the Daily Fail. Relax.

02 Jun 2022 10:51:06
Ooops, the soap box is out again!

You come across as a bitter man ruttland, probably because you failed to make it as a pro yourself and love to put down all the youngsters who do these days.

Why do you keep making out promotion is a bad thing, maybe try and take a day off the negativity and join in with the fun and excitement around the club and the Premiership season ahead.

World Cup is an amazing event with some of the best players of the world playing against each other. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you need to constantly ram it down the throats of all the fans who do.

02 Jun 2022 10:55:34
Hi Rutters no mate I'm away in my touring caravan at Belvoir Castle . Bit of a tribute band gig for 4 days . Bootleg beatles, merseybeats ect.
Other wise I would have popped over and tried to drag Skeggs over too. 🎈.

02 Jun 2022 11:31:46
You said you were watching Disneys coronation st in 3d balloons 🎈 as its a bank holiday 🤔.

02 Jun 2022 11:57:08
🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny that Bowie 👍.

02 Jun 2022 15:34:03
Ginger I’m beginning to think you love me, as you rarely respond to any other posters. I don’t blame you. I’m not bitter about anything just look at things differently. As for making it as a pro, Derby had a look at me as a 19 yr old thankfully I missed the trial😂😂😂

02 Jun 2022 16:38:41
He wished me a quick recovery rutters, along with your goodself may i add. Just opinions my friend all opinions.

02 Jun 2022 15:42:23
I'm with you Rutland, theirs something to answer to. You don't get that wealthy without some Skelton's, and he's renould for them? .



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