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29 Dec 2021 09:04:21
Reflecting on the boro game yet again and something I thought at the time and forgot to mention it. A type of player we don't have but desperately need. JOHNNY HOWSON.
He was the engine room for them, all over the pitch driving them on, talking, directing, tackling, winning headers. His breaking up of play and getting Boro moving was great to watch and at 33 still had plenty in the tank. We need a captain figure like this. I always notice Samba berating his defence when we concede but never see anyone bollocking him with his many howlers. When we conceded the own goal it was all heads down and drift back to halfway. A captain should be rollicking but rousing the troops on such occasions. We desperately need a midfield general.

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29 Dec 2021 09:33:53
RR you are right . Our weaknesses lie in midfield . Defence with Spence and Lowe is good and Samba has his faults but the pos out weigh the neg. Even forwards deliver to Grabban or even Taylor and they will score . Garner is probably a midfield general in the making but is not ours .

29 Dec 2021 09:44:49
We get it, you don't like Samba:) if not for him it would have been game over at half-time. Don't get why he is getting digs when he is playing well for us.

29 Dec 2021 10:10:07
I agree with that.
Think ojeda could take up that role of dictating things once he’s more comfortable within the squad. He’s first start against Luton I thought he was excellent, didn’t stop running and was tidy in the ball. Would like to see him in midfield with Garner.

29 Dec 2021 10:45:20
Howson smashes us no matter who he plays for - always has . I don’t think it’s necessarily the type of players mate, our style of play means it’s impossible to deliver such an all action performance . I’m certain you could put howson in our team and he wouldn’t deliver that kind of performance as the way we are set up doesn’t allow it . We shouldn’t really mind so long as we get decent results but we have to realise that we’re not really a team that moves the ball with speed and precision - that’s why the first goal was so easily surrendered . We’d have taken out recent form in September though surely?

29 Dec 2021 10:52:14
Ginger the post was about a proper leader and midfield general. But as you like an argument samba was at fault as much as Yates. As for saves keeping the score down? Nothing other than regulation there I’m afraid, if they go in then it’s proper dodgy keeper. For their 2nd he had no need to go to ground to try and intercept all he did was his usual gifting an oncoming striker. It’s all about decisions and he makes awful decisions both with his distribution and when to come and when to stay. Never rated him, never will.

29 Dec 2021 12:33:00
I don’t rate samba either Rutland, he fills me with nerves not confidence, all that said I’m very happy with where we are and I don’t think a different keeper would hugely alter out overall outcomes . I think boro would have beaten us on Boxing Day irrespective of errors, Cooper get it wrong on tactical, he won’t get it right every time and neither will wilder .

29 Dec 2021 16:13:43
50p head donkey Yates was to blame.
Samba saved forest from an onslaught.
Yates bumbles just like Boris Johnson.

29 Dec 2021 17:03:39
We have one bad result and an under par performance and the blame game kicks in. Have we forgot about where we have come from in 3 months. Two players have combined to give away a sloppy goal, not really a mention of the player who blazed over from 7 yards. Teams loose games, it's how they react that matters. We go again tomorrow, with several injuries but as long as they give everything, I'll be happy. For people to compare Hughton performances to present is laughable. I don't think we have a squad good enough for the play offs, I hope I'm wrong, but it's one we can improve on with the addition of 3/ 4 players. The players i highlighted had a poor day at Boro but have played really well previously, it happens.

29 Dec 2021 17:08:07
I've been harping on about a midfield general since Watson left rutland. As for samba, for the amount of times he time wastes surely cooper should kick his ass, i really think the lad plays with confidence though and we would never get any better than him. With the money we have. Again why highlight that last game. The lads been playing well. For me the weakness was without spence. And nobody on the left. Which leaves cooper throwing players out of natural positions .

29 Dec 2021 17:43:23
Nice post mvred mate 👍.

29 Dec 2021 17:45:27
Hi fawaz been a while my friend great your back 👌.

29 Dec 2021 19:20:49
Not sure Ryan Yates would agree with you Bowie ,not struck on childish insults myself!

29 Dec 2021 19:59:51
Erm wasn't me carlo my friend?

29 Dec 2021 20:05:02
Carlo i wasn't saying anything about the post mate, just saying hi to fawaz. Sorry to come over wrong.

30 Dec 2021 09:27:51
Carlo before you go having a go at Bowie please read Bowie’s posts carefully in no way did he mention or have a go at Yates…. Lighten up carlo man.
Welcome back fawaz good to see you back mate.

30 Dec 2021 11:22:37
Cheers Bowie.

30 Dec 2021 11:49:41
Not having a go in any way at Bowie ,just the childish insult to a young man who puts his lot in every game for every manager he,s played for ,not nice .

{Ed001's Note - what are you on about? Who made a childish insult?}

30 Dec 2021 15:49:55
Ed would you like to be compared to Boris Johnson , to me that is the ultimate insult ,never mind donkey or fifty pence head !

{Ed001's Note - you are referring to Fawaz's post? If that kind of thing is enough to rile you up, then you really aren't suited to a banter site. You do realise that is literally what banter is?}

30 Dec 2021 15:55:55
50p head or Samba worzel gummage?
It's a banter site CARLO!
I think it me was making a reference to Yates Ed?
Please don't put me in detention or give me lines.
Are you his agent Carlo. if so have a heard and tell him no more own goals!

30 Dec 2021 15:57:06
Cheers jolley. am I on the incorrect forum?
I assumed this was a Banter site?

30 Dec 2021 16:11:25
He's back 😄😄 leave the lines for the players Saturday nights mate 😉.

30 Dec 2021 18:00:51
Bowie 😜😜😜😜.

30 Dec 2021 18:02:19
Cheers Ed! 😝😝.



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