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08 Jul 2020 20:35:02
If all the points thrown away in added time are totted up we would probably be going up automatic if they could have counted. So could someone point out that added time is real time to our players. It should not be happening as often as it does at a professional football club that should be addressing the problem that I fear will cost us promotion. We can look impressive sitting deep and hitting teams on the counter but at home we lack the creativity to score enough goals to threaten the better teams. Only Silva in the middle of the pitch so time to give us more with Carvalho as well although opinion seems to think they can't play together. After Fulham it is obvious we need more creativity and we have a thirteen million pound player doing nothing who can open teams up. U REDS.

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08 Jul 2020 22:25:44
Get what your saying and have the same frustrations at times.
But Lamouchi has a way of playing be it home or away.
Its a very long time since we were so competitive though.
Hes made us hard to beat which in my opinion is the first thing you do.
Hes achieved that on a shoestring and given us a shot at the prem.
You can't fault the man for doing that with the tools he's been given.
Lots of them but few that are good enough.
Hes a coach that gets given the players and most of what have been signed during his short tenure are crap ansd in aome cases he doesn't want and doesn't play

We have the wrong dof in place. he is a joke and we can't move forward while he is here.
It will be more of the same nobodys turning up on mass hoping to fond a diamond.

09 Jul 2020 07:02:19
Need to do all we can to get Stuart Pearce in as DOF can’t see him getting back into management. Upto the team to see off Swansea and Prestons challenge for playoffs they have to come and beat us to stand a chance so hopefully will work in our favour.

09 Jul 2020 09:17:57
I agree FF79!, this is the best season since BD . I must presume he and his team watch the players in training and videos of the last game. They are professionals and their aim is for Forest to be promoted. The players are humans who can err from time to time. SL will take chances to win the game ie vs Derby rather than a defender he brings on forwards. Whatever happens, this season has been a very good one for our club. We have had the same manager for over a year, we have some good players who are forming in prospect a very good team and potentially exciting youth players . So overall I am happy with what’s happening, and still the season may end in a surprise!

09 Jul 2020 09:48:07
If you look at the Fulham team there are a lot of quality players in their side, a lot of money came down with them to this League, and they as a team should be doing better than they are. Norwich ran away with it last year and look at them now. Leeds, West Brom, Reading will struggle if they go up. If we were to go up this year we'd be straight back down again.
The fact is we haven't yet built a team of outstanding players who make a really dynamic team. Who in our team would do well in the Premier League? It's not the coach or the players' fault they are trying hard to stay top six, but for the prices we can afford it will always be difficult to build a top side.
The DoF, whoever they are will find the odd good player, but we are also at the mercy of both the Market, and how much we can spend.

09 Jul 2020 13:13:05
Bsered the other night you were very critical of our players for not matching Fulham’s passing game, now your telling us they’re a team full of quality players, I believe most sensible people on here realised the fulham match was probably the most difficult in our run in, and some of your criticism was way over the top,

09 Jul 2020 15:00:16
Saying they have quality players in no way means ours cannot match them in passing, nor should we give up possession so easily and get pegged back. If you are saying I'm not sensible about my criticisms that's not a decision you can make, and I don't mind what you think of my comments anyway. As for being way over the top, we all get frustrated by the lads at times, but again say what you like, I try not to get involved personally with people and the comments they make on here, though I'm sure if you look back at my comments in the past you'll find something to contradict that. I don't pick fights.

09 Jul 2020 16:45:09
If disagreeing with you is classed as ‘ picking a fight ‘ I guess I must be then, I just think at the moment Fulham are better than us, and witnessing our win at craven cottage was the highlight of my season, so I wasn’t particularly surprised when they beat us, the comment you made about the “wheel coming off” was the one I didn’t think was justified or sensible, we had just played 4won 2 and had 2 what you could class as ‘winning ‘ draws, then we don’t play well, and are beaten in a tight game, by one of the best teams in the division, who only had a worldie shot on target, and you make that comment, it’s not personal to me it’s about opinion, if you take that personally that’s your problem not mine mate, I take nothing on here personally if I did, I would stop posting because that’s not what it’s all about,



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