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26 Apr 2020 00:08:04
Read the greek media coverage think we are in trouble and convenient the stand building was put off at the last minute .
Keep trying for a refund for next season as won't be able to watch it buymtno response.

Forestforever 79

1.) 27 Apr 2020 09:45:46
The Greek media is put forward by rival media/ football teams. Pay no attention to it.



01 Apr 2020 17:03:09
Now Wimbledon has been cancelled when due to start on june 29th, i can't see how football can restart the season.
They must have liased with the government to ask when restrictions would be likely to be lifted .
So that means no sporting event till at least the end of july.

Forestforever 79

1.) 01 Apr 2020 18:32:46
The number of deaths went from 300+ to 500+ in one day so it is not getting under control, the end of July is a pipe dream.

2.) 01 Apr 2020 19:24:05
Thats what i mean Cambridgeshire, how does football authorities think they can do something all other sports cant.
Ive heard play behind closed doors?
Easiest game to play behind closed doors and televise it is Wimbledon.

3.) 02 Apr 2020 07:31:05
I read somewhere that the cancellation is also tied in with the 8 week preparation time (seems a long time but it is an art) required for the grass courts to be prepared. It’s right to cancel it but the actual start date isn’t much to go on, if prep work can’t be carried out a lot more events will need to be cancelled.
Hope everyone is keeping well and looking after their loved ones in this awful time.

4.) 02 Apr 2020 08:33:17
You're exactly right 2tone, so many of these events require so many people together to get them ready, not only just the playing surfaces which is a big part at Wimbledon but all the other facilities as well.

I guess with government rules and advice right now they just can't go ahead with the required prep.

Subscription TV must be going through the roof right now.

Little consolation, but people can suspend their sky sport subscriptions to save a couple of bob.

Call 0800 151 2747 and say 'cancel Sky sports' when prompted and it will ask you if you want to pause your subscription until normality returns. All sports channels remain available. It takes about 30 seconds.

5.) 02 Apr 2020 10:37:33
Fair point 2 tone but still can't see football continuing its season.
Gingerkid you don't need to pay for sky sports in this day and age.

6.) 02 Apr 2020 11:25:46
Put it this way 79, they are never going to go for your roll over the points to next season idea fella, you can't affect another whole season based on the last 9 remaining games of the previous season.

Sadly no one knows how long this is going to go on for and so can't make any decisions till it's nearly over.

Point taken with paying for Sky, but some like myself will be.

7.) 02 Apr 2020 11:44:56
I can’t see it either ff79- it’s a big announcement waiting to be made. God knows how they can sort out winners and losers fairly?



12 Mar 2020 21:55:21
Think Saturday will be the last game of the season for fans to go to.
It's just a matter of time before the decision is made.

Forestforever 79

1.) 13 Mar 2020 08:54:06
What season abandoned? . Doubt it 79. Games behind closed doors and screened on tv more likely. Too much at stake.

2.) 13 Mar 2020 11:26:34
You underestimate this virus rutland games all cancelled for at least 3 weeks.

3.) 13 Mar 2020 11:36:48
I read they don't want want them on tv as it will encourage please to go out watch them instead so it would make behind closed doors pointless.

4.) 13 Mar 2020 12:07:36
Everything postponed now Till April 3rd. My guess is they will extend that into May as the number of cases rises.

5.) 13 Mar 2020 19:25:36
Euro's will be put til 2021 so we can finish domestic season. Its almost like a war zone!

6.) 13 Mar 2020 20:25:00
Wbat about the Olympics?

7.) 13 Mar 2020 20:47:45
A lot of flippant comments on here about the virus like, its the BBC causing panic, its only a flu, it only kills the elderly and people with underlying health problems?
Never in my 63 years have I seen the world closing down and football made the right decision today as much as I will miss it.
People should just buy their normal weekly shop though so four bog rolls a week guys.

8.) 13 Mar 2020 20:53:13
Four a week 79? You'll have to tell me your secret!

9.) 13 Mar 2020 21:00:25
Use the toilet at work🤣🤣🤣.

10.) 14 Mar 2020 05:09:12
Im going to have a long wait to get mine as i only buy loo rolls when on special offer. I will have to use newspaper instead.

11.) 13 Mar 2020 21:58:42
Come on edd a Tom tit is better than changinging it for rubbish😁😁.

{Ed033's Note - It's an automatic change in the code.

12.) 14 Mar 2020 13:32:18
Now we really are in the S--- !



14 Feb 2020 22:31:52
Game will be off tomorrow along with most.

Forestforever 79

1.) 15 Feb 2020 09:58:26
Anybody know when Middlesbrough away comes on to general sale, says 14th of feb but still not out yet.

2.) 15 Feb 2020 12:28:03
That is a poor rumour:) .

3.) 15 Feb 2020 21:14:45
The weather forecasters are about as good as my football bets, full of hope, they get it right. 😁.



21 Jan 2020 22:35:33
Southampton have joined the race for matty cash, this could be hard to keep him.

Forestforever 79

1.) 22 Jan 2020 08:22:11
Swap deal for one of their players.

2.) 22 Jan 2020 08:28:14
Where he may not be a natural right back he has flourished and the most important aspect for us is so far he stays fit and not injury prone. He has toughened up and not petulant and is one of our own. We can tough this one out but it may be on improved personal terms. If not then £15mil all up front is decent business.

3.) 22 Jan 2020 11:43:37
£15m would be a terrible deal.

Accepting the first offer when there are 2-3 clubs interested? Schoolboy error. It might start to get tempting at £20m+ with add-ons.

4.) 22 Jan 2020 12:45:04
Well put Steve.




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15 May 2020 21:45:59
Just watched today a queue of people outside the micro brewery in long eaton.
You take your four pint jugs or pay a £5 deposit to hire one.
Why can't pubs be open and we sit in the the garden or do the takeaway the same?
It baffles me that you can go to the supermarket everyday as many times as you like and yet you can't go and buy some plants from the garden centre in the fresh air?
The vilage I've just moved to have it right.
A farm shop?
Sells a bit of food and then sells a great variety of plants all out in the open.
Then my my local market trader who sells plants has carried on by turning up alone but sells fruit veg and eggs.
Funny how they make laws even if they think they are protecting us.
They tell you to stay at home unless essential but then open diy stores .
Open the pubs but restrict the amount of people after all they were going to the wall in their hundreda before this.
Just saying.

Forestforever 79

1.) 16 May 2020 13:14:52
I agree mate. The village where I live, the local pub has a huge beer garden, the tables are all over 2 metres apart so social distancing would be easy. I guess the powers that be are only thinking of city centre pubs, but as you say, with a bit of planning and common sense, they could make it work. It’s daft you can go to the supermarket and DIY stores where you are constantly on the move and walking past loads of other people, where as in a pub you’d be mainly sat in one place! The problem is my friend, as with so many other things in life, nobody asked us to sort it lol!
I’m pleased your move went well by the way!

2.) 17 May 2020 16:57:49
The police don’t wear any protective clothing and one has just moved next door to me, back garden constantly full of people (coppers) and no social distancing observed. These are the people handing out fines when ya walking ya dog!!



28 Apr 2020 19:38:02
Well that's the french season over
Add that to holland and Belgium its not looking good to restart the season.
When fifas cheif doctor says that no football should be played till september as well it looks even bleaker.
Be best all round if governments made a decision in the next two weeks that if it can't be played safely, which personally it can't, by the beginning of june then scrap it and start a new season when safe to do so.

Forestforever 79

1.) 28 Apr 2020 20:45:33
Should just void it now. no titles no relegation just write the season off.
They can’t call the season off and give Liverpool the title and not relegate teams or let teams come up.

2.) 29 Apr 2020 00:07:38
Null and void seems the most sensible option. No champions, no promotion or relegation. Just cancel it.

3.) 29 Apr 2020 00:17:30
Watched sky sports news showing Bayern's players in their return to training, that's not social distancing they were know where near two metres apart as youd expect.
When its safe for me to go fishing or play a round of golf then that's the day its safe to think about playing tennis, then cricket, then football and then the biggest contact sport rugby.

4.) 29 Apr 2020 09:58:19
Hey 79 a man after my own heart. My fishing kit is all ready itching to get out. As for golf am looking for a new club for the new season as i am back in Rutland.

5.) 30 Apr 2020 07:13:12
Rutland, try greetham valley, three courses ( counting the par 3) and a good bunch of members.

6.) 30 Apr 2020 17:42:55
Oaky, I was a member at Greetham form the beginning of the club for 6 years . Good test of golf drains well as on limestone soil . Club was formed I think in 1990 or there abouts . Their is also Rutland County formed about the sand time . The oldest club and a great strong competitive club is Burghleigh Park in Stamford.

7.) 30 Apr 2020 21:57:05
51- Rutland county is closing and there is talk of burghleigh becoming a 9 hole course, add in the fact that Toft has closed and Stapleford is closing this year and you can see that all is not well with the game around here.

8.) 30 Apr 2020 23:00:21
Lived in Stamford a few years back, didn't think the bubble would burst like that. Not to much to choose from, packed up myself in 1996 just got sick of the cheating when in 6 years I was the only player to be cut under general play. Played for Greetham A team, that was pretty sound but some ripped up their cards so not to be cut.

9.) 01 May 2020 07:27:19
51- yes there’s two types of golfers, those trying to get their handicaps down and those doing the opposite, me and my mates are in the former category so we don’t win many comps. BTW did you know graham smith back in the day?

10.) 01 May 2020 12:28:41
Yes if it's the same graham, his son played their to, the bandit best me a few times . He used to play at Thorpe wood as I did to.

11.) 01 May 2020 13:20:48
Thought you would know Graham, he won the club championship 2 years ago aged 65! Mark is no longer a member.

12.) 01 May 2020 16:16:32
Oakhamred, just thinking there's Peterborough Milton and Elton Furze that might be worth a go . Graham might be at Elton.

13.) 01 May 2020 17:27:57
No, graham’s still at Greetham, i often play with him. Milton is a very good club, luffenham heath is the best in my opinion, but a touch up themselves.

14.) 01 May 2020 18:13:18
If you buy them a new tractor your in.



25 Apr 2020 23:49:20
Captain moore will be 100 on the 30th of april.
If anyone deserved to be knighted it has to be him.
Be great if the nation gave him a round of applause that day.
Legend of a man.

Forestforever 79

1.) 26 Apr 2020 11:57:08
Totally agree 79 from a era of heroes. And now we will see a new era of heroes docs nurses carers etc etc etc makes me proud to be british mate hope everyone is doing OK 👍.

2.) 26 Apr 2020 12:26:23
Quite agree skeggs.
Too many beer oclocks for me now mate made me fat and brown. 😁😁
Can't wait to get stuck into some graft again next weekend when i move house.
The good weather has kept me going it could not have been better during lockdown.

3.) 26 Apr 2020 13:23:08
Same here, the great weather has been a welcome bonus through all this.

4.) 26 Apr 2020 14:07:32
Fellow reds, my wife has made an interesting point, I know it's virus talk but it's about nurses. She asks is the NH S failing in its duty of care. A hospital in Naples with adequate ppe equipment has had no nurse or carer deaths. She is now looking into past virus epidemics to see what fatalities with medical staff have occurred. At present deaths relating to adequate pp e equipment in recent virus attacks are not showing themselves. As time has moved on equipment has surely improved so what could you attribute nurse and care workers deaths to. She is like a big with a bone in things like this.

5.) 26 Apr 2020 16:47:20
A story on the BBC news site reported that Greece who implemented immediate lockdown at the start of the crisis were now reporting nil deaths ,this was quickly removed and never made TVor the papers so l won,t hold my breath about the Napels story being reported here ?

6.) 26 Apr 2020 17:11:13
Don't rely to much on bbc! Better news elsewhere.

7.) 26 Apr 2020 20:02:39
Well you killed that thread 51😁
Your certainly red through and though.
Ever thought of looking at life from a different perspective?

8.) 26 Apr 2020 20:31:09
F F man of many colours, many ideas, others may not think so . Bit of a devil at times. Sometimes a loose

9.) 26 Apr 2020 21:32:18
Well you got me right 51.
Im the biggest softie you'll ever meet and would do anything for anyone.
I was bought up with banter on building sites, now days its called bullying. me i don't se it that way as i dished out as much as i took.
I remember when i was nineteen and was getting married the guys stood me against a wall on a scaffokd drilked a hole where my kneck was in the wall one for each hand and one for each foot then screwed munson ring into the walls and clamped them on me, switched the light off and went to the pub for two hours.
You know they are coming back so just chill.
They let me lose and we had a skinfull.
Time passed i used to make the tea at break times.
So i peed in a bucket for a few days and the hut had a stove burner in it so one day i did the tea locked the door on them went on the hut roof and poured the bucket of pee down the chimney.
Ive never seen so many grown men kick a door down crying 1🤣🤣🤣.

10.) 26 Apr 2020 23:02:57
F F, me I started life as a sparky, then trained as a heating engineer then on to air conditioning. Travelling the whole of the British isles . Worked for the largest H V A C company from America as a consultant. Seen some weird and wonderful things. I know it's a tale of a remainer is that this country is so blind, thinking that we are the world's best, well I can tell you that what a disappointment and shock were in for . Sorry if your brexit mate but we really should have opened our eyes first.

11.) 26 Apr 2020 23:33:42
We are the best mate because they wouldn't be where they are without us.
I won't put my country down and evolution was always going to happen.
Weve had to pay the cost of colonial rule which is fine.
But ask yourself one thing?
If we are so bad why are they queing at Calais to get to the uk?
They have got to Europe but their goal is still the UK.

12.) 27 Apr 2020 12:05:54
Not saying we are so bad , saying they are much better. Whenever European leaders appear on our screens they are polite and informative. Ask the question are we the same, Nigel Davis Rabb Mogg Patel shining lights in diplomacy, not. Noticed Boris eyes this morning, any one as close to death with such a violent virus would possibly have red in their eyes, just saying.

13.) 27 Apr 2020 12:49:19
Yep noticed how polite these nice European leaders were when they turned their backs on Theresa May at a summit of the corrupt Eu, don’t worry about brexit anymore the Eu will be finished when this virus is finally beaten,

14.) 27 Apr 2020 12:53:06
1951 other thing is why do we need testing for this virus when we got the likes of you who can tell whether someone’s had it by looking at them on a tv screen, your posts get more bizarre by the day.

15.) 27 Apr 2020 12:59:49
How do you know they are polite?
You speak french german italian spanish?

16.) 27 Apr 2020 13:14:15
Wow-I’m glad we’re not all as welcoming, diplomatic and friendly as the recent leader of the opposition, we really would be in massive trouble and that’s without even dealing with Covid 19 . 🤷🏻‍♂️.

17.) 27 Apr 2020 13:43:45
51 you must struggle to stand upright with all that weight on your left shoulder 🤣🤣
Brexit happened because labour supporters in the north and many other strongholds wanted it and voted accordingly.

18.) 27 Apr 2020 15:02:24
When E U speak in the European parliament do they speak only English, yes they do. By the way the company I work for actually have factories in almost all countries in the World, yes that's correct . Most European counties I have visited their factories, . The language which is used in business is English . I have been lucky enough to have visited these countries in a work aspect, not like most who only visit in holiday mood. Anyway good luck to you all there's no I'll will to Brexit lovers keep well and safe. Oh just on thing do I speak any foreign language.

19.) 27 Apr 2020 15:14:06
Ive been to factories both in Europe and this country for buisness.
Can't say there's any difference.
Most firms want your buisness so they go out of their way being nice.
The only reason britts go abroad is the weather is guaranteed, if we had that weather then you can't beat the beaches of Scotland Wales cornwell and Devon.

20.) 27 Apr 2020 15:38:12
1951 trying to read some of your posts I’m not sure how much English you speak,

21.) 27 Apr 2020 15:42:33
Don't forget you new international drivers licence, and remember to use the international entry queues when entering europe, and also those booze cruise trips to France may not be worth it any more. Tell you what Turkey and Tunisia sound a good bet, If you fancy a little further go to Goa Bali etc. Canada for me every time, now they are friendly, well they were last time I was there. Nod, nod, wink wink. Love to all.

22.) 27 Apr 2020 15:49:15
Chlorinated chicken, G M food,10%extra mark up for that, no thanks. Love you.

23.) 27 Apr 2020 16:02:39
What about those sunbeds, bet you won't get one. Brit s this way E I that way.
Merkel to Don, "you cannot send those rockets to the sun the astronauts will burn " Don to Merkel " I know that that's why we will only fly at night.
Trump has two parts to his brain, left and right. On his left side there's nothing, right. On his right side there's nothing left . Boom Boom. Must be all that bleach .

24.) 27 Apr 2020 16:26:27
You don't go abroad to drive, you go to relax and soak up the sun and beer.
I drive all year the last thing i want to do is drive on holiday.

25.) 27 Apr 2020 16:33:11
Trying to learn American, find it difficult, probably go to Disneyworld in Florida they can speak any language there. Mind you it's a fantasy world, don't knock a good thing.

26.) 27 Apr 2020 16:43:42
Well your definitely talking some major bull today 51 have you been using your missus knickers again as a mask? 🤪🤪🤪🍻🍻🍻🍻.

27.) 27 Apr 2020 16:45:48
Don't forget where lidl and Aldi come from . By the way here's a difficult question how many companies in the UK are still owned by the uk. How many UK companies are so loyal to the UK that they pay there taxes here. Hard questions indeed.

28.) 27 Apr 2020 17:08:47
Doesn't matter where they come from they will have investors of all different nationalities.
Sainsbury's largest stakholder is quatar even though we were in the EU Asda's America so your not making any sense mate.

29.) 27 Apr 2020 17:09:19
Lots of people do catch the Ferris like in Dover, they are always full . But next year won't be many lorries I suppose so plenty of room. I always hire a car when I am abroad, that's why I see the other side of countries as I meet people away from tourist centers. Try it next time, you never know you might like it. Love to all!

30.) 27 Apr 2020 17:30:22
So aldi and lidl won't be getting any deliveries then?
We're all doomed i tell you🤣🤣🤣.

31.) 27 Apr 2020 17:38:13
Done the travelling and driving abroad especially America when i was younger.
Now i'm older a holiday is to relax and recharge the battery, only got one booked this year camping in Cambridgeshire and even then don't drive the car once i get there, i prefer walking or bike riding.
Just hoping canaries are open for xmas can't beat being in the sun at that time of year away from the maddness.

32.) 27 Apr 2020 17:40:32
What mate, I suppose football clubs are foreign owned, top 100 index, or even 500 are UK share holders but majority foreign. Anyway the Brexit negotiations are in action as we speak, guess what on no stumbling blocks are workers rights. EU still want us to keep them as they are, but we don't because your rights will be diminished, also it would undercut the EU. Remember that we are still EU citizens till we leave.

33.) 27 Apr 2020 19:02:04
We left on the 31st January, we are now negotiating a potential trade deal.

34.) 27 Apr 2020 19:04:00
£60,000 how do you work out a person's life is worth that, they are all heart disgraceful government, due the pants of them, uncaring unfeeling callous.

35.) 27 Apr 2020 19:15:20
You really have lost the plot 51.

36.) 27 Apr 2020 19:35:54
1951 yep just like some lovely Marxist union leader who was hoping Johnson died so he could ‘have a party’ ah the compassionate left,

37.) 27 Apr 2020 20:24:13
Sad that anyone has had to lose their life to this terrible pandemic.
To try and blame the government for it just because you hate tories isn't being a very good citizen.
The whole worlds governments are faced with something that is out of their control until a vaccine is found.



25 Apr 2020 15:43:08
Looks like we could be in big trouble at forest .
Word is olympiacos have been found guilty of match fixing and will be relegated.
All parties that were involved will receive lifetime bans and that includes marinakis.
If tha5s the case we will be needing a new owner.

Forestforever 79

1.) 25 Apr 2020 16:08:32
The authorities would have to prove the owner is responsble to ban him. Even if he knew about it my guess is that it would be impossible to prove he was responsible. I doubt he is that stupid and became a billionnaire.

That won't stop Olympiacos getting relegated though obviously.

2.) 25 Apr 2020 16:15:10
Word is they have proved both him and the other owner are guilty.
Hes not a billionaire multi millionaire but so was robert maxwell?

3.) 25 Apr 2020 16:49:42
I know, in our defence we could use the system . Tell them that last season has been cancelled all records expunged, are all red and yellow card violations expunged too. Sounds rather like a case of guilty to me, if it's true then dish out the punishment. If it's true who is paying the bribe club or owner.

4.) 25 Apr 2020 17:04:13
They are supposed to have benefitted from gambling as well 51 this game was in the 2015 season.
It includes six referrees.

5.) 25 Apr 2020 17:17:41
Hey let's just hope its fake news and its a trumped up charge 😁😁.

6.) 25 Apr 2020 20:46:04
Marinakis was cleared of match fixing by a court in Greece according to a report on 26 March 2018.

7.) 25 Apr 2020 20:55:13
Yes but it got reopened and the news is coming from greek radio today that they will relegate olympiacos and ban for life the owners of both clubs six referees and a few others.
Just remember anderlecht my friend that was so blatant but they got away with it for years.
Im just crossing everything that its wrong.

8.) 26 Apr 2020 00:32:39
If I remember rightly we got cheated by anderlecht so as far as I'm concerned anybody that cheats deserves everything they expect I wouldn't and would not want to win anything that way.

9.) 26 Apr 2020 10:16:36
Same here skeggs.

10.) 26 Apr 2020 10:35:51
I agree Skegsjay.

11.) 27 Apr 2020 09:46:53
Nothing will happen.



24 Apr 2020 13:04:18
It looks the the government testing is getting better my missus went on line last night and got a test appointment for today.

Forestforever 79

1.) 24 Apr 2020 14:54:47
The site has closed down.

2.) 24 Apr 2020 16:00:48
No it hasn't its just temporary because it had so many people booking in soon be available to book again.

3.) 24 Apr 2020 16:35:20
It stopped taking requests for tests because they only had 5,000 available in the first place.

4.) 24 Apr 2020 16:54:42
Whether it was temporary, or whatever the reason it closed down.

5.) 24 Apr 2020 18:16:31
No problem guys and gals in six days time there will be 100,000 tests a day. In a population of 75 million doesn't that sound just great?

6.) 24 Apr 2020 18:30:45
Bsered - unfortunately the politicians concentrate a bit too much on trying to appease people like you who keep asking for answers that just don’t exist yet. It’s a very vicious circle and we need to work through it rather than look backwards and nit pick. It’s awful but mistakes will have to be made to get the answers needed.

7.) 24 Apr 2020 19:31:31
Bsered population 67.3 million, you ain’t very keen on facts are you? No government in the world is coping with this very well the mess is just too big, why don’t direct your derision to the Chinese government who appear to keep deadly contagious virus, in fridges at the wuhan lab that would get a high st takeaway closed down judging from the photos that have been published,

8.) 24 Apr 2020 19:59:51
We've got deadly viruses in fridges stevie. And toxin's. It was probably our government that poisoned the Skripal's to use as an excuse to throw Russian diplomats out the country. You never know.

9.) 24 Apr 2020 20:13:39
Psycho never said we hadn’t, the pictures that were published allegedly of the wuhan lab the seals were hanging off, seems in your eyes this country and the USA are responsible for all ills.

10.) 24 Apr 2020 20:27:50
Psycho and by the way we don’t need an excuse to throw russian diplomats out of this country, we’ve been doing it since the 50’s.

11.) 24 Apr 2020 21:13:26
Those pictures don't look like anything out of a BSL 4 lab. Maybe a level 2 lab. They wear more than face masks in a level 4 lab. But you believe what you get told to believe.

12.) 24 Apr 2020 21:48:29
Psycho I said alleged pictures you need to read more carefully before jumping on your keyboard comrade.

13.) 24 Apr 2020 22:07:07
Yes you did. My apologies. I stand by the rest of it, though, other than the 'But you believe what you get told to believe. '

14.) 24 Apr 2020 22:37:14
Why would we believe what were told too?
The coments on here show a lot of us don't actually believe what they want us to believe?

{Ed033's Note - They call it the Novel Coronavirus. Novel = an invented narrative.

15.) 24 Apr 2020 23:34:19
Novel in the case of a novel coronavirus means not previously known or identified, Ed033.

{Ed033's Note - whoops, i thought i was on the conspiracy site.




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10 Apr 2020 20:31:33
First thing i remember after pounds shilling and pence was petrol being 30p a gallon yes a gallon and a pint costing 14p.
I wernt into curly wurlies only the perm on my head which i got done at kieth halls for £5
Cost more than the petrol in my car but went along way with the ladies though😉😉.

Forestforever 79



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10 Apr 2020 19:14:51
Mate it makes you look at life in a different way.
I was bought up when shops shut at 6pm and on wenesday it was half day sunday they were all shut.
Then the rat race started and we've all been on that ride ever since.
At the end of the day without your health you have nothing.

Forestforever 79



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10 Apr 2020 16:22:13
Is the 11th of october a saturday 2 tone? 😁🍻
Hope you are well and the family mate stay safe.

Forestforever 79



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10 Apr 2020 14:04:01
No way can thathappen mate every player would have to stay 2 metre away from each other.
They won't be allowed to play behind closed doors even until its allowed that groups of a hundred people can be together.
Footballers aren't imune from covid they aren't a special case because too much money at stake.
Think how much money got lost at wimbledon and the open?
Not to mention Glastonbury and all the other major events.
I have no idea why you think football will be the exception.

Forestforever 79



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09 Apr 2020 13:54:43
I hope that happens because it will mean we are out of lockdown and we can all start putting our lives back together.
But lockdown will be a stage by stage easing of things so it will depend on how many people are allowed to be in a group at a time.
Even playing footballbehind closed doors would mean at least 150 people mixing especially if televised.
Freind of mine works for the greene king pub chain and has been furloughed but has been told that they aren't expecting to reopen till late june.
Football will just have to wait and see what they are allowed to do and when as they won't be given any special treatment.
If everyone just stays in the quicker we all get back our lives but when you have idiots having street parties and get togethers itslikely to take longer i'm afraid.

Forestforever 79




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26 May 2020 09:49:50
Yes fine skeggs.
Busy doing up the garden and house after moving 4 weeks ago.
Back working 1st june got to get back some normality although got a good payout off the government for the first time in 41 years of being self employed so haven't lost out financially.
Weather has been the bonus just looking forward to pubs opening again soon🍻🍻🍻.

Forestforever 79



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25 May 2020 22:06:35
At sone time we will have to resort to normality and it has to be this year otherwise people will get very angry.
Its ok queing in the sun but imagine Christmas shopping with theses restrictions?
Its a 70 day pendamic in every country then it goes.
The world can't afford another lockdown so life has to return to normal.

Forestforever 79



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25 May 2020 22:00:46
If psycho wants to get there without priblems towing a caravan then he should have got a van and put tarmacing and driveways on it.
Defo not get bothered then 😉😉.

Forestforever 79



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23 May 2020 23:33:33
Im ok with donating my last few games to the club.
I want my £480 back for next season as there's no chance of watching from my seat.
Emailed the club asking for a refund but no response.
Im not interested in football being played behind closed doors i'm a fan who wants to watch it in a stadium not on a tv screen with no atmosphere.

Forestforever 79



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22 May 2020 23:32:14
I tend to drive to cornwall or devon as if the suns out in skeggy i can't see for the reflection from the shell suits they wear.
Is there anywahere else in the country you can still buy one?

Forestforever 79