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23 Jan 2022 16:21:33
Just a post on yesterday reds.
I know frustrations were running high because of the meet. And we missed out on the live chat. I myself like 79 and i'm sure a lot of others weren't aware of how to use it ED007. i'm not saying that's anyone's fault, just something we need to learn. ED001 can't tell you how sorry i was to have read of your frustrations with the visa etc mate. It really cannot be easy moving to another country and i really feel for ya sir. I hope all goes well . i know you don't need to hear this but you did say we pay nothing on here, but i'm a patron and pay the £3 odd a month you ask for. And i always ask others to pay but please please please, don't let the site (and i'm talking to all on here) become a bi#ch site. don't get me wrong it was only a couple of weeks ago i was doing it. Life brings us all frustrations. But health and beating the sheep is all we need. Luv ya all 👍.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't referring to you as you weren't the self-entitled one coming on bitching. Quite the opposite. All from a guy who is constantly telling us all about how much he pisses up the wall at every game. So yes it got my back up to hear it from him, who takes but never gives.}

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23 Jan 2022 16:49:15
ED001 i swear i'm sure 79 didn't mean anything like it came over. You must remember it was a derby day, and like all of us were looking forward to the meet. and obviously we had a few more than usual I ask of ya please don't throw him off. Your own frustration will obviously enhance the matter which let's be honest he had no idea about. He's a good lad. Wouldn't post this if i didn't think it. Forest through and through and we all love his posts. Please just think about it .

{Ed001's Note - you only saw part of it, I deleted a further dig from him. I am sorry but he has no excuse. It is his own stupidity that was the problem and he decided to abuse the editors. That is a straight red and his account was deleted yesterday. There is nothing to stop him creating a new account, but if he carries on the way he was yesterday he will just get deleted again.}

23 Jan 2022 17:29:53
Couldn't agree more Ed. I enjoy 79 posts and banter but have a word if you're going to take your frustrations out on editors of a forum we've all come to love as an outlet for all things forest. It isn't Facebook or WhatsApp.

{Ed001's Note - if you had lost, I could have understood his frustration. But you just beat Derby, he should have been buzzing with excitement and delight, so it is difficult to understand why he felt it was ok to do that.}

23 Jan 2022 18:03:44
I don't get how/ why anyone can get abusive (banter aside) on a forum site. Disagree all you like, we all have opinions, but abuse is ridiculous.

Still buzzing from yesterday. Yesssss! Another big win. I daren't say the P word in case I jinx us.

23 Jan 2022 18:38:58
In agreement with Red.
This site is supposed to be fun but direct abuse should not tolerated.
You Red's.

{Ed007's Note - What Ed001 hasn't mentioned is the other complete moron (not the 79 guy btw) who started $hite about Hillsborough with him on the same thread, I'm sure we all agree how low that stuff is but it just shows again the levels of abuse us Eds get on sites that you guys don't see because it doesn't get posted.}

23 Jan 2022 18:35:33
Gazza/ cyclist i obviously don't agree with abuse. And have pointed out my own mistakes in the past. I said to perko i was talking out my a#se on drink to which he thankfully give me the benefit. Along with 79. We all make mistakes in life . And again ED001 i feel for your visa etc. Been through it all with the wife.

{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, it just means a few more months wait. The problem is more that my visa here is up so I have to now go back to the UK and will have to stay with my parents until I can get one. All my stuff has been shipped and all I have left is a few shorts and t-shirts basically, so not really prepared for a few months in the UK!}

23 Jan 2022 19:27:52
The wife was here 8 years ED we shelled out more than 11 grand for her to stay here from America. When she started getting trouble with her back etc. Even though she'd worked 5 years she wasn't entitled to one penny . Not even for her medication. i'm not exactly rich. But kept her safe and well as she's obviously worth it. The NHS done work on her back, shaving her discs. But since she's went back to America and shes a veteran . which btw trump made sure they were looked after. They've found something protruding into her sciatic nerve. Which has been there from the operation. Now my wife and i don't go looking into compensation etc. As the nhs has enough going on. It's just again unfortunate for us both.

{Ed001's Note - sorry to hear about your wife's problems. I know how bad that can be in other countries when health issues hit. The NHS unfortunately suffers from such a huge lack of investment that it is a mess, which means it is no better either. Will your missus ever be back? I hope so for you mate. We are not meant to live alone, we are social animals.}

23 Jan 2022 19:54:26
Only time will give me the answer ED, she never came out the bedroom for around 2 years. Comfort eating and hiding herself away from even me. While the army are looking after her. Like all of us i take each day and live in hope. Otherwise . she stays. I can't face the pain on her face anymore. Sadly. Amd her parents and family are best. along with the American lifestyle i guess.

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed you both find happiness and hopefully together.}

23 Jan 2022 18:56:12
Wow sorry to hear that ED007 again i don't know the half, and i do agree with no abuse. Pleaae don't get me wrong. Again i don't want this to be a bit#h site. And have always said as you know on the amazing work you do on here.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

23 Jan 2022 20:40:21
I don’t want to add anything to drag this out anymore and obviously we don’t know what’s been said in deleted posts but after meeting ff79 yesterday he came across as a really nice guy- friendly, enjoyed his beer and banter. Hopefully he’ll come back and make up with the Ed’s 👍.

23 Jan 2022 22:06:34
Well said 2tone luv ya post on jolly the legend. And great meeting ya without a porkpie hat mate. Sorry we didn't catch up to you later but i knew you had your wife n kids . Thought best mate 👍.

23 Jan 2022 20:40:04
Thanks ED 👌.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

23 Jan 2022 22:24:47
I would of liked to have met u All but the comment 79 put about me and red being a holes because we didn't wait around all morning sort of glad I didn't get to meet him he must of had some ale and obviously can't handle it well either.

23 Jan 2022 22:39:56
Skegs we all have off days mate i'm sure he meant it in jest.

23 Jan 2022 22:43:24
In fact skegs you keep telling me its only banter mate, i'm not being awkward with ya mate, in fact i think we should all meet up at yours for the next meet?

23 Jan 2022 23:07:30
Jest or not I didn't call u a hole's for not turning up on time did I.

23 Jan 2022 23:26:44
There's banter and being personal my day was about going to see forest play and do a bit of shopping at the grounds shop to pick my granddaughter a forest shirt up we travelled 2 hours got to the meeting place on the time we arranged I know your circumstances car breaking down people delayed it happens but to be called a a hole because we didn't hang around all morning wrong in my opinion but has I've said before everyone welcome to come visit the club and me.

24 Jan 2022 00:21:41
I know you enjoyed the day skegs. With balloons. I just think frustrations have overflowed mate. I know for a fact 79 would never have sent anything to upset ya. Hope you got everything you needed and travelled back with a smile .



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