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16 Jan 2022 22:53:37
Wow reds where do i start. Again i cannot thank you all enough, stokey we have wellbeing at work mate. that's the route i'm going through. Thank you all for your support. Phoned in an emergency holiday tomorrow because i know i won't sleep tonight. I swear I've beat myself up today. Now none on hear actually know me apart from jollyforester. What a friend btw. I really do come from a hard side of the north east. Not now. But sorry if this pi##es ya off perko just giving ya insight of why i try n help ppl. my eldest popped in today he was working in Scotland. Cut a long story short they tried to throw him out. he explained he wasnt from scotland but england. My son walked out a bouncer apparently from new Zealand followed him he ran and hid down some steps. the bouncer found him. Anyway the boy has only give him a real good hiding. Up at Edinburgh court cpl weeks time and bye the looks of his hand. Probably going down. My youngest phoned me tonight expressing he's in deep sh#t over his state with drugs. To which he wants me n the eldest to pull him out. So there ya go . I'm far from angelic. Just a forest lover with this site as my help. I won't post sh#te apart from football anymore perko. But there are people like me out there who need help. I don't give one flying about myself if i can help someone.

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17 Jan 2022 00:16:15
After life new episodes absolutely brilliant, 6th amazing. Anyway see ya next week red tan you stay at home with your neighbours till the next game. Take care reds luv ya.

17 Jan 2022 10:20:03
Good to see you back on Bowie. Think i owe you a “sorry mate”. I reckon i was a bit blunt the other day. Although my reply was to your post, it wasn’t aimed at just you so please don’t take it personally but i think i ruffled your feathers with my response. But to be honest, you were ranting and having a go at probably such as me, who only post to moan. Point taken, i will also post praise and positivity from now on. I too am a complicated character from a rough area with past demons which i am glad to say are behind me now. I was in a dark place 20 odd years ago after losing my Dad to a massive heart attack when he was only 53 and on holiday in Majorca with my Mum and two eldest children. At the same time, i had a relationship breakdown, redundancies at work and mortgage difficulties. It all got too much for me and i turned to alcohol and narcotics for comfort. This spiralled and to cut a long story short, i just didn’t want to be here, it was only my children that kept me going. You are a breath of fresh air on here sometimes Bowie and just to clarify, you don’t p#ss me off and I’m glad that you are going to keep posting. As i said, you sound like a decent family man and one of the lads, so you will do for me. I remember when you first came on here and told us where you were from, be proud of your roots my friend, there ain’t nowt wrong with a Geordie Red.

17 Jan 2022 17:00:17
I just can't thank you enough perko, and cannot tell you how sad it reads to hear of your dark place. i swear i can't thank everyone enough as you posted for there help. Swear you must let me buy you a drink if i meet you. Life really ain't been eaay. But i will get through this as i hope you have sir. Gentleman mate.

17 Jan 2022 18:06:04
Likewise Bowie and you are welcome. It will all come good. And if i ever do get to meet you it will be a pleasure I’m sure. Be happy my friend.

17 Jan 2022 18:20:17
No I will be there, you take care, you need it! .



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