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13 Jul 2020 09:31:19
Reading some of the posts on here regarding if we get to the premier league or not, sure if (and I am not being negative) it’s a big IF, then surely Marianakis will spend big? This team is good enough to gain promotion but every player will have to bring their A game. If promotion is gained, then I would expect to to see at least 6 new players for a premier league campaign.

The FFP rules seem to be a bit more relaxed in the Orem and thus far I’ve seen nothing from Marianakis to believe he is here to milk the club. I genuinely think he is doing all he can to make this club the best it can be, but with the efl budget and ffp rules it makes it hard in the championship.

You reds!

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13 Jul 2020 10:18:24
Sometimes players are frightened of promotion knowing they will be replaced , tricky one to deal with at this juncture.

13 Jul 2020 11:33:37
So apart from corruption and money. can anyone explain how City managed to get their 2 Year European ban lifted?

13 Jul 2020 11:36:17
Easy UEFA had no evidence. They even said themselves the evidence was inadmissible in court.

13 Jul 2020 12:32:38
Rogie the efl will do the same with Sheffield wed and the s*******, spineless and incompetent, certain clubs ride roughshod over the rules, or bend them to breaking point, and nothing is ever done, hope city win nothing next season, just a vanity project for a countrys royal family who show no regard for their own people,

{Ed001's Note - it is nothing like the same and you clearly know nothing about the Abu Dhabi ruling party and are just regurgitating racist bull**** from the British press. They would do better to look at the British royals if they want to see a royal family who show no regard for their own people. Emiratis are very well looked after by their royal family.

The evidence that UEFA had against City was nonsense, illegally obtained and not admissible in court. None of it had any context or reliability. Though I do agree with you on hoping City win nothing next season!

What Sheff Weds etc have done is nothing like the same or in any way comparable and the EFL have correctly obtained evidence to use.}

13 Jul 2020 12:49:30
Ed, do you foresee dome developments around the ground selling clan?
What were city man to have done?

{Ed001's Note - the EFL are going to struggle to do much about it as they have absolutely no foresight and consistently fail to do anything but close the stable door after the horse has bolted. Sadly this was a bit of a loophole in their rules that they lacked the intelligence to notice until after it had been used. What is most disturbing is that they still have not acted to close the loophole properly. I really can't see how they can do any more than slap a few wrists over it. Frustrating as it was definitely outside the spirit of the law what has happened! The thing you might well take comfort from is that it will come back to bite them all as selling your ground and then renting it back always leads to ownership problems in the future. Just ask clubs like Coventry.

Man City were said to have falsely inflated the value of their sponsorship deals. The evidence was a couple of out of context emails that could have meant any number of things and were illegally obtained. It is funny who evidence obtained in the same way by the same source (Rui Pinto) which pointed at wrongdoing in UEFA and FIFA was dismissed out of hand by UEFA as being illegally obtained and inadmissible in court. Why did UEFA think that the law only applies to themselves and not the clubs?

This seems to be more about UEFA's current vendetta against English clubs than it does about any guilt or otherwise on City's behalf.}

13 Jul 2020 15:3:32
Well as far as I can see the cases are pretty similar, they were charged with overvaluing their sponsorship, as Wednesday and derby have been charged with overvaluing their stadiums, as regards the British royal family, I have no regard for them either, it’s amazing press reporting can’t be just allegedly ‘ inaccurate ‘ against countries of another culture.

13 Jul 2020 17:25:15
2star I think the efl will wait to see if the sh****** miss out on the play offs then give them a 9 pt deduction or something that doesn’t matter, and a small fine, and the same with Wednesday, a similar deduction bu not enough to relegate them, and another inconsequential fine, they make rules you can drive a coach and horses through, and are surprised when cheats like derby andWednesday find loopholes, they managed to pin something on forest and Blackburn and enforce it of course,

13 Jul 2020 22:34:28
Thing is edd city have broken the rules and had to pay €10 million for no compliance with not helping the authorities. which is chicken feed for their owners, they'll be more than happy with that little slap on the wrist.
So basically they and psg are guilty but have the clout to get away with it.
Ffp needs scrapping as to many ways around it.
Pointless rule if it doesn't apply to all, but then the rich always find a way around things.

{Ed001's Note - no, they did not break the FFP rules, they just refused to help UEFA when they were accused because they thought it was a disgrace that they were being accused on the strength of evidence UEFA itself said was illegal and inadmissible. They were proven correct but CAS said they should have still complied with UEFA and so they were fined.}

13 Jul 2020 23:03:49
Dress it up as you like edd but knowone pays a 10 million fine and is happy unless your city.

{Ed001's Note - they are not happy but they understand that they should have complied with the investigation - even if they did find it laughable. You are talking about something you clearly know nothing about. City are absolutely furious that they were handed a ban on the back of evidence UEFA had dismissed. It is funny how no one outside of the English game has been given any kind of punishment, even though that same source produced plentiful evidence against a number of clubs and UEFA and FIFA too. For everyone else it was dismissed as nonsense but UEFA have it in for English clubs and so loved the chance to jump on City.}

14 Jul 2020 07:38:45
Ed maybe you’d like to read some of the reports of human rights abuses in the uae, particularly against women and migrant workers, as well as anyone who might be considered gay, or people held without detention for exercising freedom of speech, which doesn’t suit the rulers, floggings and stoning to death is still an option for the judiciary when passing sentence. it’s also legal for men to ‘ chastise ’ their wives, these reports are not from the British press, but from the likes of Amnesty international.

{Ed001's Note - I have read many, but I also lived and worked out there and have actually seen what it is like with my own two eyes and know most of it is bull. For starters Dubai has the highest percentage of women CEO's in the world. The people held without detention for "exercising freedom of speech" is utter crap. It is the abusive online trolls that get put in jail then you get bleeding hearts coming along claiming they were just using their freedom of speech. Sorry but they knew what they were doing and I have no sympathy with him. The death penalty still exists in many countries, including the USA but you are not going after them. As for the gay stuff, it is just ignorant people who claim that. You can't go five yards here without bumping into gay couples. I know it is a bit of a cliche, but go the barbers and at least half the staff are gay. Nobody cares. As for the migrant workers abuse, that is down to individual companies who, just like in every other nation, ignore locals laws and force workers to do things they shouldn't. If caught they are punished. The laws here have become more and more protective of the workforce each year. I am sorry but you are utterly ignorant and spouting the kind of lies that those morons in "Detained in Dubai" keep spouting in order to get people off with crimes that they should be punished for. Did you know that the UAE is the only country in the world that has made it a law that 50% of the cabinet is women?}

14 Jul 2020 10:53:12
Yep I get it, everyone is ignorant and a Moron but your goodself, so all of these reports are racist bull from different organisations, and different political view points, fair enough, you really need to reply to posts without calling people morons, etc, because clearly the posters on here aren’t morons, and that’s the 2nd time you’ve done it to me.

{Ed033's Note - Wouldn't it be better to talk about Nottingham Forest / football on this site and visit our conspiracy site for non football discussion.

14 Jul 2020 14:48:37
Agreed mate, no offence intended, just a vigorous discussion in which we both think were right! 😊.



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