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05 Jun 2022 09:00:00
My worry for our club, that we can do nothing about is Steve Cooper . He is head coach, not head of recruitment ( Syrianos ) or Dourekas or the son of Big M, Marinakis . What I am
asking is who is in charge? , who decides to buy an overseas player and who goes to watch Blackburn under 17s on a cold very damp Saturday afternoon - not Syrianos I expect . Already we have a number of players - Panzo, Ojeda, Laryngea, recent buys who are not even in our championship side. My worry is that the trio above will make decisions above Steve Coopers head and say your the coach, get on with your job. SC should have the final say but I highly suspect he doesn't . Who is feeding the NEP with these players we are linked with? The latest being a Hungarian centre back for 13M euros . SC has and is building himself a strong reputation and patently if Swansea is to go by, he will not be messed with .

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05 Jun 2022 09:29:47
The only saving grace is I think if it was a case of the above making the transfer decisions then Dane Murphy would have left a whole a go. So that fills me with a degree of confidence that things are perhaps changing and we’ll (hopefully) see new signings coming from Murphy and cooper!

I do think laryea and panzo were Murphy signings both look to be a solid back ups and neither have played enough for me to judge. But panzo especially must be decent as he was at Chelsea for a while and their academy is pretty solid.

05 Jun 2022 09:49:20
Doc, the Nottingham Paste don’t know anything that’s going off . Layera has only been kept at bay because of Spence and looks decent . All others were signed pre cooper . It’s more relevant to think of Surridge and Davis as the examples of signings made on behalf of cooper (both of which I’m sure he’ll have an input) so I think you’re worrying about nothing if I’m honest.

05 Jun 2022 10:02:42
Doc you raise a valid point but I do feel cooper will have enough clout to cause major upset if the recruitment is not players that suit the mentality and ability cooper thrives on. Some good players brought in at the end of Hughtons reign but like you point out further averageness with the 3 who barely make the squad. One thing that was obvious and needs addressing is how against Bournemouth, Sheffield U and Huddersfield, we concede posession for long periods, relying on the defence to hold out and by the time we got the ball were bereft of ideas and unable to keep posession. Hence we need better midfield quality in touch passing and movement. Zinc has it but the rest will struggle….

05 Jun 2022 12:46:46
So the gossip Is now we have enquired about Nic Pope . This is in the Sun and on the BBC gossip web site . So where did that come from? If I were Samba and I read this as I would or Ethan or even Smith I would be looking elsewhere . This is how you unsettle team spirit . Do we really think SC is responsible for this rumour or has said to senior management I need a new goal keeper? Whatever his faults, he is the reason we are in the premiership.

05 Jun 2022 14:38:19
Ignore the paper gossip, it really isn't worth getting et up about. Rumours galore this time of year, nothing else to put in the sports pages. As for the 3 additions, I saw all of the play and they all looked decent. All of them were playing in a different country and need time to settle, they were never going to force there way into a winning team.

05 Jun 2022 14:51:51
Doc, have a word with yourself mate, what are you going on about?

05 Jun 2022 14:52:43
And smith needs to look elsewhere anyway as he’s not a premier league goal keeper.



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