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29 Mar 2021 21:25:13
There is no quick fix to any of this. Unless we get lucky like Leeds in hiring a manager like Bielsa or uncover a 25 goal a season striker from our academy then we are stuffed.
We need an identity. A plan. A way of playing and a chance for young talent to shine. We have none of this. We have great fans. But patience has worn thin, time has caught up with the club and there is no easy way forward. Huge amounts of money wasted on hasbeens and journeymen loanees, awful foreign joke players and useless Olympiacos cast offs. All hampering the development of our young talent, all draining the cash from our club.
Randall if you ever read the pages of this forum then take note. Nothing ever works in life without a plan and the fans have had enough. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. So get your act together before we start protesting, because in reality that’s all us fans have left to do.

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30 Mar 2021 12:36:46
I’ve tried numerous times to get supporters protesting on this site before redFrog it’s virtually impossible you’ve more chance of raising the dead mate.

30 Mar 2021 13:26:05
People on here can only say, comment and moan but do nothing when it comes down to action.

{Ed077's Note - what else do you expect people to be able to do through a forum/website? What kinds of action are you expecting?😁

30 Mar 2021 13:39:08
We are forest and will put up with any old crap boring style of football you make us watch oh mighty maraknackers.

30 Mar 2021 13:53:43
Simple answer Ed007’s to protest and arrange a protest but that seems to be too difficult.

{Ed077's Note - Are mass gatherings allowed right now?;-)}

30 Mar 2021 14:41:22
Exactly you’ve made my point Ed077’s .
Let’s just be good say nothing do nothing nothing’s going to change.

30 Mar 2021 14:53:00
Conformist Ed077’s you disappoint me.

{Ed077's Note - ??

30 Mar 2021 16:27:22
Damson mate, what can we do? Course i understand your frustration we all are. Bristol last week showed us all what not to do. Pointless putting a load of screens around the club and having some kind of Saturday night takeaway zoom protest. What i'm saying is you must be patient friend. Because patience saves lives. And time is a great healer.

30 Mar 2021 17:37:06
Btw that goes to redfrog to. Tell me how your going to protest please mate?

30 Mar 2021 17:43:33
Thanks for the thoughtful and honest reply Bowie mate your probably right I just feel at a loss with the way things are going at our club, wish that there was more I could do other than wait and just hope though Bowie.
We as supporters are the club and I think Nottingham forest football club whom I support and will follow until the day I die should take note and listen to what we the supporters have to say, I think the club owe that at least to us who have stayed loyal and faithful to the club for many years and spent lots of hard earned cash.
A little clarity and recognition from the club to the supporters would be better than nothing when the majority of supporters want change at our club.

30 Mar 2021 18:08:53
Ed sometimes you have to break the rules to get things done. irrelevant of government guidelines.
With respect to you.

{Ed001's Note - but what are you going to get done? What exactly is your aim?}

30 Mar 2021 18:22:29
Damsonred you don't have to tell me how much you love the club we can all see and feel it mate. All i'm saying is people talk of protesting. I mentioned Bristol. Stevie f give stokey a hard time on the way police handled the women protest. All i'm saying to all of you out there. All protests bring peoples ignorance close to each other. Yes even women. Now reds i sometimes ask you all to take care and safe. Before you put football in front of lives. Look at the person next to you. Now imagine there never going to be there again. Because this is reality. And if you find this boring sorry reds.

30 Mar 2021 20:02:47
Bowie mate just to clarify my discussion with stokey, I wasn’t so much giving stokey a hard time over the womens vigil, but how differently it was handled to the blm protests where the police stood back and watched public property and shops vandalised, and I think without wishing to put words in stokeys mouth, he was equally frustrated, I have great respect for the difficult job the police do, , constantly under scrutiny from people with vested interests, people who in the same situation would need a change of trousers in double quick time, your post on the ‘ protest’ was spot on for me mate, we all love forest on here, but we can’t do anything that would jeopardise getting out of this bloody never ending lockdown, football is important to us, but not that important surely, your post was a top post mate,

30 Mar 2021 20:28:43
Protests ate a waste of time.
They have been infiltrated by people who want to cause trouble against the police and democracy.
Best thing is the police let the demos go ahead and don't turn up and then they have no one to fight?
Protect yes but don't give asholes an excuse to riot.

30 Mar 2021 20:45:31
Stevie f sorry it came over that way mate. I waa pointing out the discussion is all . Course everyone knew where your coming from. and thanks for agreeing to my post. i know its not going to make me popular. And damson same to you mate. Thanks for the honest reply. Our frustration will be revealed in good time 👊.



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