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20 Jan 2021 22:06:54
Ok I’ve held back posting whilst people were getting carried away with small unbeaten run. It’s all opinions on here which is why we love it so much so here’s mine. When a player gets a six out of ten for forest we all say how good a game he’s had. If you are really being honest the current crop of crap we have there is nothing to write home about.

Samba average at best can’t catch, doesn’t come off his line. Opinion not good enough.

Ribeiro splits opinion but to me can’t defend can’t pass, can’t cross, can’t take a throw in without it landing to an opponent. Opinion not good enough

Worrall not without faults but a steady defender. Loves the club. Opinion keep

McKenna finding his feet with the club and improving if I’m honest. opinion keep

Christie (see Ribeiro)

Yates works hard gives all but not enough to be a good championship player. Can’t pass can’t shoot can’t boss a midfield and more importantly misses so many headers on opponents goals shocking. Opinion not good enough.

Sow constantly gets booked and if it wasn’t for his stupid silly tackles and and an extra yard of pace he could be a half decent player
Opinion not good enough.

Cafu offers nothing I still do not know what his strengths are if I was to push the boat out I would say he can occasionally pass a good ball 🤷‍♂️ Opinion not good enough

Amieobi enigma just consistency needed. Has ability to change a game then like tonight I didn’t even know he was there. Opinion sub option

Grabban we all know that he can score twenty goals a season he’s done it most of his career. The trouble is he knows this team is garbage and so looks uninterested and I now think he wants away. Opinion move on.

Mighten don’t know what all the hype is about to be fair. Loses the ball soft in the tackle, runs into blind alleys, spends to much time on the ground and is always muscled off the ball too easily it men against boy literally. Opinion loan him out.

Lolley shot to bits looks like he wants out
No longer good enough.

Knocheart thinks he’s better than he is opinion send him back

Taylor headless chicken lots of huff and puff but not the talent needed for a lone striker leading the line.

Logic mbe soh should be given more game time. Not put foot wrong yet and only young so time is on his side. Opinion keep

Just my opinions.

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20 Jan 2021 22:23:18
Keenred Houghton not good enough.
Cant instill confidence
One way of playing
Its not players its a decent coach we need who wants to play attractive football.
You could give hughton messi and Ronaldo but he'd only play one.
Thats his problem totally focused in playing just one system and doesn't get it when managers and coaches play against that system.
Hes a one trick poney.

20 Jan 2021 22:32:32
I think Soh could make a good midfielder. Tackles well, passes well, good in the air, good positional sense composed, looks like he can finish. For his age very good. could become a complete player.

I think some of the attackers need one or two quality creative players. They look terrible and don't make the best rune, perhaps because they know nobody is good enough to pick them out with the killer pass. They move into the easy to pass to less dangerous positions and the attack looks blunt. If we had a Glenn hoddle or something (haha) they would make the runs and know it might come off.

Grabban has done nothing for nearly a season (1 goal this and a penalty, nothing since abot half way through last season) . I don't care why and he isn't getting younger which may be partly why he hasn't been the same since he was out injured last season.

Rebeiro gets no assists and we let Ionnou go who was a fantastic crosser and couldn't get a game. Ludicrous.

20 Jan 2021 22:34:54
Oh, and Bong plays well, gets an assist and s dropped. Soh plays well consistently and is dropped. Poor, demotivational management.

20 Jan 2021 22:44:37
Very good assessment Keenred.

20 Jan 2021 23:03:53
Hughton out.

20 Jan 2021 23:21:08
Can go for me sutty don't like what i'm seeing.

21 Jan 2021 02:35:58
You can't keep sacking managers and buying players for the sake of it.
If and when chris goes another manager or coach will still inherit a the squad and will have to play to tune of Marinakis and his aides.
X amount of manager's can't get it wrong.
There's more too it at forest.
Is Chris been told how and who to play?
Is Marinakis playing football manager at Forest at the cost of relegation?
We will never know, but the Fat Greek is will slowly kill forest and if relegation is a reality you can bet a for sale sign will be outside the City Ground.
Then Forest will be a far worse predicament.

21 Jan 2021 12:38:30
So in other words.
Let’s just buy a new team?
Obviously there are players that aren’t good enough but you have to be realistic.
Samba - decent at this level, has his faults but he’s steady.
Christie - not keen personally as he is very poor defensively but he’s only on loan so can be replaced in summer
Worrall - Good CB, will get better with age and experience.
McKenna - Improving game by game, forging a good partnership with Worrall
Ribeiro - Good steady LB, needs to improve his consistency
Yates - I like him, need players like him, ones that put effort in and try. Might not be the best technically but I rate him.
Sow - the same as Yates but with more experience
Mighten - for his age he is very good, needs to bulk up a bit and get more experience but he’s got a good future ahead of him
Ameobi - 50/ 50 inconsistent, when he’s good he’s unplayable just need to see more confidence and desire
Cafu - he can leave not keen on him
Grabban - great striker at this level but his age has caught up with him, I’d more him on.

Other players like Taylor, Lolley, Mbe Soh are players I would definitely keep.

People always overreact to a loss, our 8 game unbeaten run was what we needed and I think 7 points in our next 3 league games is achievable and moves us towards mid table.
Shocking start to the season had cost us probably a top 10 finish.



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