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19 Oct 2020 17:59:31
What an absolute disgrace by the football authorities over 21 seconds late in registering a player.
This is a player's career at stake here. He is 32 years old and needs a move now, not dilly dallying about seconds. Its not a horse race requiring a photo finish. Surely a few minutes grace is reasonable.
I am not expressing an opinion of his qualities or whether I think Forest need him or not, its the dam bureaucracy what gets my goat.
Tin Gods springs to mind.

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19 Oct 2020 18:32:43
It’s a disgrace we are 3 days on and somebody can’t make a decision. It either was in time or it wasn’t, the end.

19 Oct 2020 18:43:27
Both clubs, and the player knew the time of the deadline, if one or all of the parties are going to waste time that is their fault.

19 Oct 2020 18:49:44
Mind blowing perks. What's it all about . These are the sort of people who stood on the disco door and said who was allowed in and who wasn't 🎈.

19 Oct 2020 19:02:25
There seem to be quite a few in high office who can,t make a decision.

19 Oct 2020 19:12:15
Bet you weren't then balloons?

19 Oct 2020 19:13:22
Crazy. It should have been resolved Friday. I’m sure WBA are just as desperate to get the deal done as we are to shift a player off the wage bill. I’m sure on normal deadline days when it’s 11pm clubs get an additional hour to resolve any paperwork issues? Would that not still be the case with a 5 pm deadline.

19 Oct 2020 19:25:27
Why leave it till the last minute?
Thats the problem.
You have to have a cut off and all clubs know the time so sorry if it was late then wether its one second or two minutes the deadlines gone.
If you turn up 22 seconds late for your flight it will be gone.
Thats life and the golden rule is don't leave things to the last minute.

19 Oct 2020 19:34:28
Forest the voice of reason. 👍.

19 Oct 2020 21:44:30
If only things were so cut and dry in reality. There must be so many variables when signing a player that none of us know anything about. But some people still can’t help but have a pop at the club they are supposed love. I know you are meant to be having a laugh but sometimes it really fecks me off. Some seem to think that the players and even the management read the stuff posted on here and buzz off insulting players and the owner. It’s time to be open minded and get behind the club and the new players and manager.

Keep the Faith.

20 Oct 2020 05:53:04
Some on here seem to think if you support a football club no matter what happens

A player plays badly.

The players leader is ultra defensive and naive.

The team is losing a lot of games.

The owner has no idea that a few quality players is better than ten average ones.

The club giving a thirty odd year old player a four year contract.

The club bringing in a player that was happy to sit on Newcastles bench until his contract ended instead of joining Forest again.

The club showing a Forest legend and proven manager a total lack of respect.

That everyone should write everything is perfect on and off the pitch.

Fans can not get behind the team because no fans can get into the City Ground.

If you think by writing good things about everyone at the club is getting behind them that means you think they come on here looking at what people think.

20 Oct 2020 08:21:10
I just like to find positives and look at things in a different perspective but I guess we are all different. Think I’ll just stay away from the negativity and leave you to it.

20 Oct 2020 10:10:30
Think the thread has differing opinions about grosiki transfer.
I wouldn't say they are negative at all.

20 Oct 2020 10:13:05
I was 79 had a good acne cream, baggy loon pants and wore platforms to make me taller 😛.

20 Oct 2020 15:06:42
I hope you don’t beserker, this site will miss you.



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