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22 Sep 2020 21:59:01
Well another signing in Arter with McKenna to follow. The club are backing Lamouchi to the hilt.
There are no more excuses now.
He must change his tactics or he will be gone. I don't think he can change. So it will be interesting how he integrates all these players
in to his ultra defensive system.
Just can't understand why they are backing him so much, because I think he will be gone very soon (hopefully) .

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22 Sep 2020 22:08:19
E c r. If he leaves then Forest are failures, i do not want to Forest to fail.

They are are backing him because he not long ago signed a two year contract.

22 Sep 2020 22:22:47
The next coach will be just the same though east coast.
They aren't backing Lamouchi they just buy up players and say here you are coach get us promotion.
All these signings won't have been Lamouchi's idea he hasn't had the time to identify championship players on mass.
The backroom staff will be staying even if Lamouchi goes its how marinakis operates.
Next coach will still be told he can't pick players from the bomb squad even if he likes the look of him.
Its a very strange and dictorial way of carrying on and a very big waste of money.
I do not think there are many coaches out there that could make a winning side out of ten newcomers and fourty players on the books.
We can all say its a better squad?
But is it?
On paper?
Well paper don't take into account wether they can actually be a team and that's the hard bit to get right.

22 Sep 2020 22:58:27
There’s a new man in the background signing these players 😝.

22 Sep 2020 23:06:44
Ff79 so you don’t hold the coach culpable for anything then? Sure the owner might have said ‘ here’s the players get me promoted, but surely he didn’t add ‘ but you can only do it by boring the arse off everyone at the same time, the tactics are boring and predictable, and lamouchi owns them not marinakis.

22 Sep 2020 23:25:52
Not disagreeing stevie but he got a hand dealt last season of getting promotion with just one striker available.
Now he has more choice.
His tactics got sussed and I've stated that, but with what yhey gave him it wasnt a bad first season for him personally.
He has to change and build on that of that there is no doubt.
But is bringing in a whole new tam the answer?
Marinakis makes rash decisions and even sacks coaches when they have won the Greek league.
To me all he is doing is frightening any good coach from coming here.
Oneil was steadying the ship with Keane but he got rid and bought in Lamouchi not me.

22 Sep 2020 23:44:42
He won't be English skeggs.
Unless its megson? 🤪🤪🤪.

22 Sep 2020 23:56:23
Fff79 barring Christie for cash I would say every British based signing is an upgrade on what we had don’t know anything about the foreign contingent, maybe the new keeper could come in useful, because samba looks shot to me, lamouchi has nowhere to hide now in my opinion he has a squad capable of challenging, if we don’t start picking up points quickly I have no doubt he will be gone,

23 Sep 2020 00:12:52
The season won't go ahead smoothly anyway stevie, its a non event for me with no fans.
Youll get results like palace at United because there are no fans to intimidate and applaud to make a difference.
How many times have you seen a game change by a tackle or a booking with the fans reactions?
Thats all gone and hence home is no longer an advantage.
Its not the same passion and won't be till at least next season.
Just think that marinakis has picked the wrong time to go bonkers in the transfer market and don't think a change of coaches will make any difference.

23 Sep 2020 00:37:35
Rednapp rednapp u reds 😝.

23 Sep 2020 07:17:12
Ff79 the seasons not a non event for me mate, it’s nice to have some football amongst this insanity going off around us, if it’s different, so be it, but like everything else there is temporarily ( hopefully! ) a new normal, I am happy to still be able to watch forest, even if only on tv, all the moaning in the world won’t alter the fact we can’t go, so for me football on tv is a nice antidote to all the misery the news people seem to relish pilinkg on us,



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