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05 Jan 2021 19:48:22
2 Star is going to start a Ryan Yates fan club of which he will be chairman😃.

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05 Jan 2021 20:25:49
Lol , MUNMAD - I thought you already ran that club and I was secretary!

05 Jan 2021 22:09:45
He just isn’t a good enough footballer to play midfield.
Wonky spoke about Gerrard/ Lampard earlier. I’d make the Eric Dier comparison and suggest Yates is more of a centre half. Everything about him screams defender to me.

06 Jan 2021 12:11:17
Everything about him screams league one to me. I have read through a couple of people’s opinions on Yates. All I ever see in his defence is his effort, his work rate, he tries and gets in the box- it’s not good enough. The lad is so far out of his depth playing for a club that wants promotion and we are seeing the downside of that with how we have regressed as a team since his constant arrival within the fold. It’s easy to see a scrappy game on a weekend and watch Yates shine with his desire and commitment to mix it up. These games are becoming more and more frequent due to his lack of football ability and endeavour. It’s the butterfly effect with him and it’s killing us. He passes straight back the way he’s facing or backwards, if it’s forward it’s basic. His pass completion is early 70% in his career! Harry Arter for an example has averaged 85% over how’s whole career. Yates was 52% v millwall by the way. The lad has worse tackling stats than Colback Arter and sow aswell as interceptions. He brings nothing to Forest but effort and commitment but if you can find a player his age that doesn’t have them attributes then good luck to ya. He is forever pointing and shouting at other Forest players on the ball, telling them where to ply the ball, HE doesn't KNOW HIMSELF. The lads absolutely average and people that really understand football will either realise or eventually realise. Once Hughton signs better he will be no where near our 11. He can’t shoot he can’t pass he isn’t amazing in the air. He can’t travel with the ball. I could also send anyone in this group privately atleast 5/ 6 clips a game of him letting runners glide past him and get sucked in. He nearly cost us within 60 seconds v Preston. I watch him, he’s the most basic midfielder in this division and your centre midfielders should be the best players in any side. Whilst he plays we will never succeed.

06 Jan 2021 12:55:55
Great post 1987. Before i could watch on ifollow i follwed it on bbc txt. All you got was header centre box missed yates 6 yards too high or shot missed yaates too high and wide lol. Then when you see what we muster on goal its like a comedy on saturday not one shot did their keeper have to deal with and the penalty was straight out of a clowns pocket from Grabban😂😂😂🤣🤣.

06 Jan 2021 13:13:22
Is Yates good enough to play for Forest in the PL, no.

Does give his all yes.

I bet Arter, Blackett, Colback, Freeman, and Knockeart are each on almost double Yates wages.

What is the point of having a talented player that is not either a team player or one that puts in any effort.

That is just as bad, if not worse than having a player like Yates.

06 Jan 2021 15:07:14
All anyone ever says is he gives his all. He’s dangerous with and without the ball. Headless chicken. I’d rather have a lazier quality player but there isn’t a lazy footballer there’s just some that don’t run as much as others. Yates has to run or he isn’t a pro.

06 Jan 2021 15:53:15
I find that an odd thing to say.

If a player hardly does any running, and football is a sport that requires a person to run that makes that player lazy.

The reason Warburton was sacked was because the players were too often walking around the pitch instead of running.

Those players at Forest that do not do as much running are not effective, so you can not say their football brain is so good that they do not need to run as much.

Those players are ineffective nd earning top money, which just is not good enough.

06 Jan 2021 19:28:22
Rubbish. Do you think Barry Bannan, Swift, Adam Clayton etc run about like a headless chicken like Yates? Nah because they are footballers with footballing brains. He’s useless. Bar effort he has zero to offer us that the next person can’t do. Positioning is appalling hence why he probably does so much running. He doesn’t even pick men up, he points and passes his own man on. Very bad player and his effort isn’t fooling me at all. If he wasn’t from the acadamy not one fan would rate him.

06 Jan 2021 19:58:20
I did not say Yates was a good player.

I have not said there are no players that do little running because they have good footballing brains.

I have said there are other footballers at the club on a lot more money than Yates.

I have said that those players on a lot more money than Yates are not doing enough for the money they are getting.

I have said you can not say they have a good footballing brains for them doing less running than they should.

You are simply seeing in what i have typed what you want to see.

06 Jan 2021 20:35:15
Any midfielder at the club gives us more over a long period . Yea they will be on a lot more money but I don’t pay their wages. Because someone runs more doesn’t mean they care more. Arter can’t even get a look in or a run of games. He’s won 5 games in his 41 starts Yates has. Sooner Forest fans stop accepting mediocrity the better. Arter is an established player who can’t even get a look in. When he plays he has to play alongside the worst footballer in the league. Colback and him struggle next to him.

07 Jan 2021 01:02:46
Let me make my way of thinking more simple for you.

There are players at the club, which i have named.

They are all supposed to be championship proven players.

They are all on far more money than Yates.

Yet you do not care about they are not doing anything for the club, or the team, because you are not the one paying their wages.

You are only bothered abot a younger player that gives his all and is only marginally worse than the so called proven players.



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