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19 Dec 2020 20:28:37
Let me say first that i'm not saying Yates is a brilliant player, that would be strange to say.

I have however read that he is slowing play down and in general not a good player.

I have always said he needs to calm down a bit because he picks up too many cards for my liking.

What i can not understand though is, in the past i have said Colback slows play down, he does not pass forward any where near enough, yet someone said in reply something like, his job is not to get the ball forward, his job is to give it to those who can get forward.

I therefore ask why should it be any different for Yates, Colback might have a decent passing completion rate but when passing back and to the side your completion rate should be decent.

Yes Forest do need better players than Yates if they want promotion sooner rather than later but just how many of the players are good enough consistently?

Yates is one of the few players that are not afraid to put effort in, even though he needs to improve.

I, like quite a few on here are more concerned that the so called experienced proven quality at Championship level players that have done little to nothing since that have joined.

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19 Dec 2020 22:20:13
Im still not looking forward to the midfielder who plays like a 10 yr old colback to get back. Why because CH will probably have to play him for the owner who has invested so much in him. i actually think were done for when it comes to the midfield. Sow for me plays as a defensive midfielder full stop. His passing isn't great but breaks up the opposition's play. We haven't got anyone (talking old school here) that can sit and ping passes like hoddle say. just no creativity and for me no talking as b4 I've mentioned apart from worrall.

19 Dec 2020 22:31:43
Miss you ben Watson.

19 Dec 2020 23:14:08
Get forward, playing the ball back or sideways is better than losing the ball allowing the opposition to counter. Yates is dire. Colback is average.

19 Dec 2020 23:50:22
Difference between Yates and Colback is the Ginger ninja can receive the ball in tight areas under pressure and not lose the ball. Yates is limited in this and doesn’t do enough in other areas of the pitch.

20 Dec 2020 05:06:36
Colback is the most limited player we have Redtree as for receiving the ball in tight area's and distribution he is cluless, Yates not good enough if we want to progress and neither is Cafu.

20 Dec 2020 06:57:56
The difference is Yates has the engine to play box to box, how many times this season as he been on the end of things then back down the other side breaking up play or getting a tackle in. The lad might not be a technical player but that’s not his game. He’s a player who gets up and down and puts a shift in every game. He’s got time to develop his composure and distribution, the problem is people on here harken back to the old days and think we’re better than upper midtable championship. We aren’t. We are a good championship side, we haven’t been in the top league for 20 years, that’s 2/ 3 of my life time.

20 Dec 2020 07:52:18
I’m with skegby on this one none of them are good enough and a combination of any of them makes us weak. What on earth were we thinking when we brought in players like Cafu after the same gamble has failed countless times.

20 Dec 2020 09:03:33
I wouldn’t give up on arter yet in midfield, after a slow start Cafu is beginning to show he has something, I’d also drag Johnson back from Lincoln, thought this year would be his breakthrough year, , and I’m with you redtree, I don’t think colback got totally up to speed after his time out at Newcastle, but I think he’s our best dm, problem we have is we play too many dm’s at the same time, and limit ourselves going forward, , I was impressed with soh yesterday, , it’s easy to forget he’s only 19, and yesterday’s bombardment at Millwall, would be something of an eye opener to him , he stood up well to it,

20 Dec 2020 09:33:50
I haven’t given up an Arter I think with a run in a settled side I think he’d do well, he’s got a decent record and can’t have become poor overnight .

For the life of me I can’t grasp why the 11 isn’t

Smith ( because he can’t be worse than samba ) darikwa, ribeirio, worrall, soh, Arter, sow, Lolley, grabban, knockart .

Ameobi and mightrrn could be interchangeable with Lolley and knockart . Not a world beating team but surely good enough to compete?

20 Dec 2020 13:43:41
I love that the only good thing people can say about Yates is that he runs a lot and tries hard. That may be so but when he's giving the ball away consistently, his running and hard work count for nothing. He's a sorry excuse for a midfielder, he does nothing of real value.

20 Dec 2020 21:51:10
I never see Yates run up the pitch with the ball. He isn’t a box to box midfielder! He doesn’t score enough. I hardly ever see him tackle and win the ball. Colby know stats showed he had most interceptions and a brilliant passing %. I’m not saying Colback is the answer but I’d pick him rather than Yates.

21 Dec 2020 15:02:31
He's a very poor mans Eric Dier. Another massively overrated Englishman who is slow and gives the ball away too often.



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