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14 Feb 2020 11:53:06
Listening to some of the comments on here you would think we were 5th from bottom not 5th from top
We have been punching above our weight all season let’s keep it going if we go up it would be a great achievement.

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14 Feb 2020 13:42:30
Red Freddie how are we punching above our weight, keeping pace with the mighty Brentford and Fulham? Just behind gigantic clubs like West Brom? and even above the mighty Bristol city and Cardiff, , some on here go on about expectations being too high, yours are way too low mate, far too easily pleased,

14 Feb 2020 14:32:38
I do see your point Steve f but you are over simplifying it, in my dads day Bolton and Blackpool were what Liverpool and Man City are today.
Bristol City are a well run club that have had the same manager for a long while in how long managers get these days.
Fulham have been in the Premier league and spent about a £100m on players.
West Bromwich Albion have also recently been in the Premier league and have speculated to get back up.
Cardiff have had Mr Marmite a proven manager at getting teams promoted, once again recently having been in the Premier league.
The Premier league off course is the promise land full of riches where even if you get relegated they continue to throw money at you for a while.
In Brentfords case once again a well run club who's owner set his stall out to get them to play a certain style of football, and whoever becomes the manager they have to have to set up the team to play the same way as the owner wants, so no swapping and changing types of players every time a new manager goes in.
We however have been in a embargo which damaged the team, and had a owner damaged the club, as result we have fallen behind the teams you have brushed off lightly.
So i will also say we are punching above our weight this season.

14 Feb 2020 14:58:48
Take a look at the attendance,s for this league .
See who is a big club!

14 Feb 2020 15:32:31
Under the radar my guess is, I I don’t know for certain, but I would speculate our budget to be in the top 6 biggest budgets in the division, should that be the case, we are exactly where we should be, ie not punching above our weight,

14 Feb 2020 15:35:21
Leeds are getting bigger attendances yet are still in the Championship, and they have had their manager for longer.

14 Feb 2020 16:22:15
Under the radar, following your line of reasoning, I assume you consider Leeds to be punching above their weight then? They’ve been in a division below like us , been under embargo like us, even been in administration unlike us, doubt their fans think they’re punching above their weight, they are probably the biggest club in the division, and expect to be challenging, and so should we,

14 Feb 2020 18:14:49
If it was just down to size of club and attendances, Newcastle, Sunderland, West Ham and Everton to name a few should be winning trophies but their not .

14 Feb 2020 18:20:21
I do to some extent Steve f, if you only look at what they did last season then no they are not punching above their weight, but if you look at what they had done untill their now manager came in they are punching above thei weight.
They had one season where they finished seventh but mostly mid table or lower before the manager they have now came in.
When you have a history of success, and have good attendances for the league you are in it easy to feel entitled to be doing better than you are, but you only deserve to be doing well if you have done well in recent history not in decades gone by.

14 Feb 2020 18:26:40
Trentender my point is not about attendances but budgets, we are where we should be, hence not punching above our weight, also on the prem thing, my guess is that 39000 at Chelsea creates loads more money than 54000 at st James’s Park it’s about money created not how many turn up.



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