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01 Jul 2019 16:46:39
I have very mixed feelings about Friday.
I was shocked and dismayed at yet another sacking, and slightly nonplussed at the new manager (sorry Head Coach.

I have tried to put myself in the position of Mr Marinakis however.
From the outside, last season since O'Neil took charge, 90% of the performances were quite turgid, the team selections were at times baffling and the tactics were safe and erring on the edge of boring.

If it wasn't for Boro at home in which O'Neil finally relented and played Joao, and play the team in an attacking formation, then I would have expected the sacking sooner.

If the senior players did indeed question the tactics last season as the fans did, and carried on questioning them to increasing degrees, then I guess Mr Marinakas had a choice. Keep faith with a manager who hadn't shown any (or much) promise with fans and players alike. Or cut loose before the start of the new season, giving a new manager a chance to implement his methods and fitness regime before the beginning of the season.

Promotion is the aim this season, does anyone believe that O'Neil could deliver this BASED on the football and tactics we saw last season. Mr Marinakis and the players clearly didn't.

It puts a lot of pressure on those players to perform, there are no excuses this season.

I can safely say I'd only heard of Mr Lamouchi because of my obsession with the French national team in the mid to late 90's and his managerial career doesn't exactly light up. However I'd also never heard of Daniel Farke, Arsenal Wenger, or Nuno Santo. All have been rather successful.

We live in hope as we only can. Only time will tell if the gamble pays off.

Does any agree or disagree?

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01 Jul 2019 17:34:35

01 Jul 2019 18:03:34
It's all it is though "a gamble"
Hope it pays off but two things are a problem
1 the squad is too large
2 if we're not in the top six by xmas he'll be sacked and with the present squad we won't be in the top six they aren't good enough.

01 Jul 2019 19:46:37
You only have to look into marikinakis. He reacts petulantly, shoots from the hip and is very very erratic. A man with money and questionable reputation. He appointed a QC to put a reputable trustworthy face to his shinanigans. How much control does our chairman have? He is just a figure head to add credibility. Its a fassard.
The fact he is bringing in 6 assistants suggest captain chaos would struggle to control this huge operation. Struggling to out door our wasters we add more top heavy coaching staff. Mike Bassett would be better placed. If our chairman had an ounce of dignity he would walk. Treating oneil in this fashion is the worst dealt to any of our last 13 managers. Oneil may have been slow to get going, as he was at Leicester, but was he given even half a chance? No as a true Forest fan of over 40 years i am disgusted at the shody disrespectful treatment of a man who brought so much in integrity and endeavour to our club and who proudly returned to launch the I believe in miracles film etc.
I doubt marikinakis has a tenth of the class in personality as MARTIN ONEIL.

01 Jul 2019 20:02:05
ITS not about sacking Oโ€™Neil as youโ€™ve put in your post he didnโ€™t do anything to suggest heโ€™d turn us around, but it was the way he was sacked and for me making us look a shambles in the eyes of the media.

01 Jul 2019 21:20:58
How should they have done it?

01 Jul 2019 21:24:00
I have to completely agree with you arran_85, the way he was sacked was unforgivable and has tarnished our name once again.

rutland red1, I have to take issue with a few of your points. Whilst I think Mr Marinakis has been slightly erratic regarding hiring and firings of managers, I think on the whole he's been a positive influence on the club with the stadium redevelopment over the past few years and the new stand etc. He's also brought people into the right roles in the club which was massively lacking under the previous regime.

I'm guessing your Mike Bassett comment is a joke, and whilst I'm not happy with the way O'Neil was sacked, I do think you're looking at this with slightly 2x European Cup tinted glasses. Martin O'Neil is a Forest legend, and always will be.

If results and performances didn't improve, and training methods were still not up to scratch, at what point during what we all hope is a promotion pushing season would we take a gamble of another coach?

Our new manager may be awful, may be Platt v2. But we have to get behind him now!? I don't see how him bringing in his own coaching staff is in anyway a bad thing?

01 Jul 2019 22:01:55
Gregsideburn. We have a chairman that is ignored or just silent. We have a calamtous attitude to the playing squad. Its full of dross. Oneil had 2 days of a transfer window to bolster the defence with unfit players. Marikinakis and fawaz are the cheeks of the same arse. Impatient not steadfast, hot headed and lack calm in a storm. Ground development is a hollow promise. If we do not reach the prem this year it won't happen. Marikinakis had my respect up until he listened to the players. You look at the players oneil brought in? Given time and money and autonomy he would have been ok.
Maybe marikinakis saw things for himself that convinced him that oneil was not the right man and his swift actions and replacement are the mark of genious? We all hope so. But the big BUT is can the manager identify a team from this huge collaboration of wannabe's and has beens? Can he rinse it out and bring in some much needed quality and get the team challenging? If he can he will be miracle man mark2 at the city ground. tighten your seatbelts i hope its a bumpy ride, it needs to be!

02 Jul 2019 09:53:36
Good post rutalnd especially regarding Marinakis and Fawaz. Both have the same mentallity in my opinion.



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