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10 Apr 2019 18:53:03
The lesson of life that our club never learn is that you will never get promotion changing managers during a season. We have gone from losing the lowest number of games and the best away record up to New Year to the same old issues plaguing is us in previous seasons.

Injuries apart it was not broken and did not need fixing so this is not down to the players but how the team is set up and some of the selections. Sadly this time the owners have got it wrong as we have a squad that is more than capable of getting promotion playing in a settled way. The league was always going to be tight and we were never going to be playing vintage football whilst the squad was evolving. More new players and managers is not the answer only establishing a style throughout the club is going to get the best out of everyone and allow youngsters to properly come through.

The successful teams have settled squads which was what was being built after Fawaz so it's quite laughable reading the usual suspects doing an about turn on what is wrong? Impatience of owners and fans is the biggest problem!

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10 Apr 2019 19:31:47
Sorry red while I agree in the manager issue I don't agree anything was being built with 18 month contracts and loan signings when it became obvious the first signings wearnt good enough.
I do agree the impatience of the owners is a major factor now and they need to rethink their strategy.

10 Apr 2019 19:58:18
No way is the squad capable of getting into the play offs, every time we looked to be in with a chance of getting in them the players bottled it.

Getting draw, after draw is never going to be good enough to getting into the play offs.

Aitor could not help himself chopping and changing the team too often.

Each window he brought in loads of players, how can you have a settled side like that.

Hoof ball should never be a default option, it should never be a option at all, when losing games entertaining football might get you a bit of extra time.

if you are winning games you will get away hoof ball, but if you are losing and playing hoof ball you are on a hiding to nothing.

Aitor was not the answer, the mistakes about team selection, and some of the other mistakes Martin has made Aitor made for all of his tenor.

Martin has either got to change to football on the ground, or he will be gone.

10 Apr 2019 21:23:45
Agree LC this squad is below average at best and I'd get rid of 70 80 percent of it. It has been mentioned Steve Bruce has done wonders since taking the owls job and yes he knows how to get teams to the right end of the league but I don't think he would sort out this shower of horse dung we call Nottingham Forest. Yes I'm bamboozled by sum of Martin's decisions and although sum mite disagree it can't help trying to keep 40 plus players happy. Some on loan mite not care as much as contracted players, sum contracted players may be feeling the stress if their contracts are up. Remember Krankie saying he wanted a tight knit squad of 22 23 players and Warbbo saying the same in fact plenty of managers around have said the same. So it must be difficult with a massively bloated squad like ours. In saying that I do now question if Martin is the right man as there has been no improvement under him and surely there should be sum improvements right? For me a struggle with such a massive squad would kill anybody off but maybe there should be one or 2 noticeable improvements. Wat eva happens next season we need to see a completely new squad and the ton of deadwood shifted then maybe the squad and football mite feel fresh again as it has been stagnant for too long. We need a boss in charge for 2 to 3 years to achieve stability and I don't know if the owners are that patient. Wud be interesting to know how many fans have faith in Mon for next season think we should take a vote. Me not sure like I said top 6 was too much of an ask but maybe a bit more consistency and sum half decent football was an expectation Martin or whoever is in charge aud deliver. Will we see more knee jerk reactions again and will be sold a dream only to quickly realise very quickly yet again we've been sold a nightmare, I'm sure all the opinions will differ massively on here.

10 Apr 2019 22:22:04
Like many on here clough, i have said the squad lacks any real quality. Our 2 best players were cast aside when their clubs got to the prem, lolley and colback. Warbs and AK brought in below average players. mon had a few days of a poor window to try and grab some players. At this time clubs will not let their good squad players go so Martin had to pick up scraps and unfit players. Injuries plagued him again so let's be honest its been a tough baptism for him and keane. I honestly think they are rotating now and looking to see if their is any quality as the play offs are gone before the big clear out begins. I have faith in our management and we all know that they will want to bring in their type of player. If they don't they will be gone as they cannot rinse any performances out of this bunch of rag tads.
On a side note, and i have seen it too many times thus season. Grabbon had a chance to slide lolley in lastnight at 0-0. He stupidly got greedy and looked like an idiot. He does this a lot and for me he is not a team player. He has also missed about 4 or 5 penalties which have cost us. He is mardy too and not good for morale!!!!!

10 Apr 2019 23:05:34
Aye lad I have to agree wee man lol I don't like grabban and his attitude and never have. Too much of a liability, yes he scores a few but his attitude sucks and he needs to get rid of that stupid beard looks like a dick.

11 Apr 2019 00:05:56
Someone's been peeking in the wrong urinal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

11 Apr 2019 06:26:46
😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹 🧔 🧔

11 Apr 2019 07:06:19
I have watched Grabbon all season. He is a bit lazy sometimes , is naturally selfish as all strikers are and may be the first striker at this club for some time who scores > 20 goals in a season. What more is there to say



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