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24 Jun 2019 18:41:04
Welcome Sammy Ameobi

Time to realise your full potential at 27 so do not take us for granted.

Stay fit and rip up defences your size, pace and power is something we do not have in our squad so the stage is yours!

Hopefully this ends any nonsense of signing Burke, McClean or useless Scottish wingers?

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24 Jun 2019 20:02:17
Well at least vellios has gone so an upgrade of some sorts.

24 Jun 2019 20:29:06
Red, I regularly refer to you as an idealist - there is nothing wrong with being one - this post is segwaying into down Right fantasy though .

24 Jun 2019 21:11:23
Redinexile that's the positive post that should be all over this site all the close season I hope he does great also, he has one year contract hope he plays unbelievable and proves nay Sayers wrong let's get more posts like redinexile forest forever

24 Jun 2019 21:15:52
Velios gone, so another dud released. Is Tachiditis still with us or not?

24 Jun 2019 21:19:55
We all live in hope,but it rarely gets you anywhere in football.
It's a no lose signing as it's one year and he can play all along the front line,but hardly likely to hold a place down in the team.

24 Jun 2019 21:30:06
We all live in hope 79 but you know football thereís been many a flop thatís turned into World beaters and World beaters tuned into flops
I remember a team long ago that became World beaters using cast offs old pros and misfits canít recall their name
Letís see what put together at the start of the season

24 Jun 2019 21:59:05
Times have changed though redfreddie and all you have to do is look at the top six sides in this country and guess what that's where they finished.
Get it all you can go the sheff utd way and sign seasoned pros and have a manager so passionate about that club that it works.
Problem is your not building anything for the future and will just get relegated probably with some expensive panic buys on big bucks to go with it.
Only wolves have gone about it the right way signing a few good players at a time and even then its took them three managers to

25 Jun 2019 08:45:12
I think weíre going about it the right way. A free signing on a one year contract? Brilliant. Heís a similar player to Antonio, when he was at Wednesday he didnít capture the imagination but look what he did at Forest, and heís still pretty good for West Ham. I can see no negatives in this signing.

25 Jun 2019 09:26:24
Antonio and sammy are two different things,laughable to compare him to sammy.

25 Jun 2019 13:46:55
What is laughable is you writing a guy off before he has pulled on the shirt.

MA 's record at Wednesday in a decent team was 12 in 64 and he is 2 years older.

SA 's record at Bolton a struggling team and club in crisis and withholding wages was 8 in 61 games !

As Floresta says they have similar attributes so the stage is set to to be our new Antonio if he gets the service .

We have no one similar who can be so direct and physical so signing him is a good punt!

25 Jun 2019 14:15:32
If a player is injury prone, nearing the end of his career, wants too long a contract, or wants silly wages i could understand the comments but when a player is in his twenties, has power, pace, and on just a one year deal with no fee it is worth a try.

25 Jun 2019 14:46:01
Thank you for putting my mind at rest red,so if we sell lolley no problem as we have sammy to take his place?
That's the more likely scenario.

25 Jun 2019 15:32:42
Never a negative word from 79 is there?

25 Jun 2019 16:04:51
Red dog if you think making the same mistakes of getting freebies is the right way then that's fair,I've said it before we just need four quality players to add to what we have and after two have gone another ten to go.
There is no point in signing players for the sake of it,if there was a que for ameobi a club would have offered a two or three year contract.
We need to improve the squad and get the deadwood out

25 Jun 2019 16:21:23
Give him a chance, just a couple of games at least.
You may be right and no one is trembling with excitement but MON feels he can add something so give him a chance, don't write him off after a day or two because you "dont think he will be any good"
Theres perhaps a limited budget and we may have transfer priorities in other positions so put the cover back on the panic button for a little longer 79

25 Jun 2019 17:28:30
Fff79, You say we need four quality player to add to what we have, yet you said earlier that we will not spend anything unless we sell Lolley, i take that to be because of ffp, so how do we manage to get four players of real quality without spending anything.

25 Jun 2019 18:15:44
They will be loans,the sheep did it last year.
Still think lolley will be gone before the season starts.
If we are looking at wingers who are out of contract I'd have preferred Adhoma

25 Jun 2019 18:52:46
You hate loans, and should we sell Lolley for £15m that would be only two players with real quality but losing Lolley means we would only gain one overall. That means unless the club are reckless and risk a all or nothing way of doing things they can not win then all or nothing could mess the club big time

25 Jun 2019 19:17:54
Yes I do and and I don't want lolley to go but he will if villa want him.
Just being honest andcant see any major investment unless we can get ten players off the books and that means
Sell Osborn and raise a bit.
Whyever these players are here it will stifle us from signing players.
You can add even more it's just a squad that's too big already and needs a serious cull,then with all those wages gone a bit of quality instead of quantity.
I'm only saying loans because I can't see anything else with a squad that's so bloated already

25 Jun 2019 19:49:08
Fair do's

25 Jun 2019 22:18:48
Jeepers that list of dross is truly terrifying!

25 Jun 2019 22:42:36
Victor cheer up there are t least 8 players on that list who will be gone by the end of the window come what may plus others that we might wheel and deal ! FFP will not be an issue this year

Villa , Huddersfield , Derby to name but 3 did not do too bad on loan players in the Championship.

26 Jun 2019 05:56:15
You think 8 players will leave?
Your optimism makes me smile Tommy.

26 Jun 2019 11:08:19
Doesn't matter who we sign 79, you'll still moan the shit out of them and the rest of the team before the season kicks off as usual.

26 Jun 2019 12:59:38
Whatever gingerkid.
If you read properly you'll see that I've always been against just signing players in bulk,
Just think about it how many out of all the loans and cheap buys have actually been any good?
Only lolley
The rest have failed and some quite miserably,but if you are happy with that then that's ok with me.

26 Jun 2019 14:02:27
Your banter is turning you into Pike? "Stupid Boy"! Of course they will get shipped out as they will be getting no game time and despite their limitations they will want to play this season!



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