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01 May 2022 14:27:05
Hi reds, with past discussions on ladies football, some of you thought that women were crashing in and are not as good as men .
Just to point out ladies first recollection of playing the game was in 1881 at Edinburgh Easter Road.
As men in the first world war were away fighting women's football really got a grip and in 1915 matches and leagues were established. Just thought some of us dinosaurs might show some recognition of appreciation . A little knowledge goes a long way.

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01 May 2022 15:15:02
I would just like to apologies to all my comrades in arms on here especially my good friend Bowie who has stuck with me and not chosen to have nothing more to do with me and to tell you the truth (as I always will) I wouldn't have blamed him not to want to talk to me again after what I said, so a special thanks to Bowie for standing by me just shows what a great man he is, understanding, a great family man, has a heart as big as nottingham itself and he's the best friend anyone could wish to have. hope you've had a safe trip home my good mate and as you know you have my unreservedly apologies. Formerly Jolly.

01 May 2022 15:30:22
My apologies to 2tone, MVRed and fff79 as well for not being there to meet all you great chaps at the station and the match, guess I got what I deserved and missed a great game of football but not only that I let all you lads down which hurts the most.

Thank you for all the messages I got when I left the site so a big thanks to McGovern5,redbrad, Rutland red7,Bordeaux red and last but not least gingerkid42 alls I will say is ginger kid you hit the nail on the head, nice one mate.

01 May 2022 15:50:09
No worries Jolly, good to see you back, hope you're all good fella and all set for a nail biting finish to the season! 🌳.

01 May 2022 15:54:20
Sorry again guys my last message on something which is not football related as I don't want to give this great site the title of being a woman's own sort of thing but have to say this, thank you to all the Edds for letting me back on the greatest football forum site ever nottingham forest rumours. Co . Uk that is and just want to say to moulder who had to sleep in his car that my good friend Bowie would have been there to help you like a shot no matter where you was weather it be Bognor or Brechin if you would have asked him to, because that's the sort of man he is, simply the best and the greatest bloke you could wish to have as a friend, put it this way if I was in the trenches back in World War One fighting the person Bowie is the only bloke you'd want by your side when going over the top, into a hail of gun fire.

01 May 2022 16:19:14
Thanks ginger kid 42 your good un, seat belt is on and ready to give Bournemouth a good hiding mate, cheats never prosper. let's hope.

01 May 2022 16:41:22
Well done GBHRED JOLLY the site is bigger than 1 person it's a family you will always be part of.

01 May 2022 16:52:01
Good to see you back Jolly, didn’t think it would be long mate. And just for the record, none of us are judging you my friend. We are all different and we all don’t agree with one another all the time on this site, but there are some good lads on here and we know that if we post something, then we will get a reply from one of us. What I’m saying is, it’s good to have someone around if we need a natter and it doesn’t necessarily have to be football related. Life takes its toll on all of us at some point Jolly. I’m glad that you have Bowie around as he is a wise man and a philosopher of life and although i don’t know him personally like yourself, i can relate to what he says and i think he dishes out sound advice. Go back to being Jolly Jolly.

01 May 2022 16:59:10
Every road has it's twists and turns jolly. Not many of us know the right one to choose at times. The sat nav of life were naturally born with young man. It's just learning to put it's settings right giving us the heads up of hazards ahead and the vision to overcome them. The settings come with age . don't get me wrong i ignore some with my foot on the pedal. doesn't make it right but the penalty i receive will make me think twice. Keep your head up. You will get there.

01 May 2022 17:00:25
Thank you comrade your spot on, together we're stronger just like Nottingham Forest Fc we are all brothers in arms as someone said on here.
Your a good man redbrad.

01 May 2022 17:15:58
Thank you perko. Much appreciated my friend.

01 May 2022 17:25:02
Touching words perko wow that takes the wind out my sails a bit, they are very kind words from someone I don't even know your good self Perko, your a good man thank you.
This site gives you a little hope that humanity is not dead, when good people like you make astonishing comments to me basically a total stranger and a nobody (just a punk) like me which I don't deserve. unfortunately I think I've damaged a good friendship I had with Bowie by saying the wrong word but it's nothing I don't deserve. I go on and will learn to keep my mouth shut in the future when it comes to talking to friends.

01 May 2022 18:31:38
I actually don't get it redbrad? Hope you don't mean me mate. I've actually done nothing and would never think I'm a one man show on here. bit of a dig i take it. i'm totally innocent. In fact £130 down.

01 May 2022 22:12:21
Well redbrad explain?

01 May 2022 23:01:49
Redbrad it's my fault not bowies at all, I said I wouldn't go to the match, bowies done nothing wrong it's my fault completely and that goes to everyone on the site, it is me to fault so please don't give Bowie any grief he don't deserve it and he's a good man that's done no wrong.
My apologies but I know it's not enough.



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