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27 Jan 2022 20:18:24
Ok you reds, my and so to bed.
Normally do this on a weekend, but busy.
1= this is the main one, please, please, please . Never give stick to the EDS there only doing there jobs editing, stopping sheep etc grazing on our great site. Yes they may support other teams etc. And that makes them guilty of what?
2= to support this again i ask you to give the £3.60 a month to become a patreon. Come on you lot. You just set up a direct debit. Takes 5 minutes. You can't tell me you don't enjoy the banter, again its there jobs. Not here to wipe our a#ses.
3= the new matchday live chat up is set up. Its so simple. Just press on the Nottingham forest live above on the day, takes you straight to it. It really does come straight through. No more delays. Great job ED33
4= ED001 i apologise on behalf of all of us because of the sh#t you took that day, when you were going through such a hard time mate.
5= 007s on the celtic site, i hate them but will go on just to say hi how ya doing mate etc. He obviously doesn't post it on the site.
It's just simple lessons reds. We don't come on here to hate. Again its togetherness a unit. And these lads really try there best.
Anyway onwards and upwards, luv ya all. Enjoy the weekend.

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27 Jan 2022 20:55:12
Bowie r u a Ed lol you see to mention them a lot I come on here to have banter if I have to pay to have a banter I will stick to having a banter in club where I don't charge people to do it don't get me wrong eds do a great job but I ain't paying for it.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers mate, good to know we're appreciated considering I put in about 14 hours a day helping run sites that I have no interest in apart from keeping fans of other clubs in touch with each other for no pay whatsoever while Ed001 & Ed033 struggle to keep the sites running while adding stuff that costs them more to run for you all (live chats etc add to the server costs) and you're bitching because Bowie asked to basically buy Ed001 and Ed033 a pint between them towards costs?
You don't think the service they provide is worth a pint between them a month and we've got morons moaning about messages not going up quicker and the other drivel we/they need to deal with?
It might be best to shut the Forest site and save the money on server fees and concentrate on other sites where all of our work is appreciated.}

27 Jan 2022 21:50:22
Skegs i hate ya, obviously kidding. i'm just a thick geordie with a heart my friend, but please never take me as a soft ar#e. Which your not mate. I came from a big family from the rough area of north shields. Worked on the fish quay most of my childhood because when i reached 11 yr old the old man said that's your lot . (Pocket money) he needed it for the club. I grew up to appreciate the good things in life as simple as they were. And learned to understand peoples frustrations more easier, because I'd always felt been there done it didn't like it. I never and please i mean this from the heart. Try to play a saint. Just a thick geordie who cares. Mean that son 👌.

27 Jan 2022 22:00:16
Please calm down ED007 skegs is skegs means no harm, and doesn't speak on behalf of all of us. He's just cracking on as he does.

{Ed007's Note - I'm calm Bowie and could go into details about how the sites have helped my mental health etc over the years and dealing with my disability but I am not going to stand by and let anyone belittle what us Eds do so flippantly especially when I know what goes on behind the scenes across ALL the sites.}

27 Jan 2022 22:19:24
Wow lol Ed 07 calm down mate how did I be little you I just said I wasn't paying to come on the site for one I didn't know I had to if I had of done I wouldn't of bothered coming on it and don't dictate to me about mental health you don't know me I've been through a lot of mental health problems as have many others.

{Ed007's Note - Nobody is forcing anyone to donate to helping keep the sites running but if you'd rather spend your money in the pub and attack other posters trying to help us that's up to you. I could spend time talking to my wife or playing with Yoda (my dog) than keeping the Forest site rolling just like you can sit in the pub for free "banter', I'll have plenty of other sites to help with - guys that appreciate the work etc - it's 22:40 now, I'll go and look after other sites for]a couple of hours now and another Ed can catch up this in morning as I've got better things to do.}

27 Jan 2022 22:26:04
There ya go reds, listen to ED007 gentleman. Ok next arrogance. i'm not ar#ed if i fall out with all of ya. I will always fight for what i believe in, like i tell the geordie rich ones my hearts in forest for life . Were better than this u lot. Never forget it.

{Ed007's Note - All us Eds do our best Bowie across every teams sites but I'll never let anyone bad mouth the service Ed001 and Ed033 provide, people across the sites don't realise the costs they need to meet every month for servers etc and ads don't even touch on it, us eds do this for free so I'm not looking for money for me but if people can afford the price of a pint to help the running costs it's appreciated and if you can't it's fine but to say the forum etc isn't worth that is disheartening.}

27 Jan 2022 22:15:54
Maybe this is a good thing that it's out in the open now
I had no idea you edds did all this for nothing
My assumption was you got paid via advertising.

27 Jan 2022 23:18:34
Its total ignorance ed .

28 Jan 2022 00:19:36
79 hope that wasn't tongue in cheek mate. You get advertising obviously on the amount of hits your getting, do you actually think we get loads on here, especially under hughton. anyway before skegs really does think i'm an ED i'm off. Stop this ignorance please reds. All i say.



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