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27 Jan 2022 15:08:04
The bad news, forest and the sheep have been slapped with a fine from the FA for player misconduct.
The good news, brice samba is donating all the proceeds of his next fight to pay for it.

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27 Jan 2022 16:54:56

27 Jan 2022 18:10:43
Stokey mate, (man of knowledge and the world) so i thought i'd buy a haggis the other day. After all hogmanay, full one. Asked all my kids who's up for haggis this sunday. 3 of them . not for me. 🀣🀣🀣 dam geordies thought we were half jock. So it's either in the freezer longer than walt disney, or do i donate it to the seagull farm around my area of the north east coast. Btw that's my second moan. Why don't seagulls fly south with the rest of the f#rs, sick of them shi##ing all over my car. Anyway any ideas 🀣🀣.

27 Jan 2022 19:16:02
Twelve bore, 4-10 or 22 air rifle or poison fish n chips πŸ‘πŸ˜‚.

27 Jan 2022 19:29:04
Well dreamteam me owld mate I've bored more than 12, the chippy comes natural for poisoning, as for the 4-10 is that a cb number. convoy.

27 Jan 2022 20:36:28
Oddly enough Bowie early in my career I had a brilliant Sgt called Pete McLeod, finished as a Chief Inspector long retired like me. He was related to the Clan McLeod of Skye, very posh but a superb gaffer and a real character. I once went with him to anIrish wake at Broxtowe which had gotten out of hand as the drink flowed. Families were brawling around the Deceased lying in his box in the living room. We had several calls and tried to be sensitive to the event but finally Pete had had enough and called the heads of the families together and asked me to get home a telephone directory ( so you can tell how long ago this was) . He was a big raw boned Scot with hands like shovels and in front of everybody he ripped the Directory in half and said that’s what he would do to them if we had any more calls. Needless to say we didn’t!
Anyway the point of this long winded account is that he always bought and cooked us ( his shift) several huge Haggises around Hogmanay and Burns Night. They were pretty good actually, like sausage meat!

27 Jan 2022 23:42:15
You never cease to amaze me stokey. Legend mate. Really are.

27 Jan 2022 20:42:21
We can afford the fine
The sheep have to put it on their tab. 🀣.



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