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14 Nov 2021 15:52:49
So i popped along to watch my youngest today play football, missed the initial kick off. He came over to see me half time. I asked the question why is there no movement among your team. They all looked wiped out son. he replied 8 of them had been out all night and only himself and 4 others hadnt. Took to north shields fish quay afterwards for fish n chips. Lovely day for late November. His phone goes off. One of the lads who never got a game had a fit at the wheel driving home bless him because he had been on some substance throughout the night. how the times have changed. I had a brief conversation with him on today and what it represents. he's only 19. i'm sure the men women etc didn't give there lives for such ignorance. But whos to blame for it all. I can't really blame the kids as there just surrounded by it 24/ 7. I prey for them i really do.

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14 Nov 2021 16:16:11
Don’t try and take the world on your shoulders mate I know what you say and what you mean but it’ll just make you ill mate, I feel for the young uns today too but what can we do other than try to teach em right from wrong friend. In my day and probably like in your day too Bowie if our parents mum or dad got a wif of us doing drugs or anything like that we’d get a good thrashing for it and I think that’s what’s lacking these days Bowie parents aren’t allowed to discipline there children so there doesn’t seem to be much deterrent for kids now a days, if you even so much as shout at a kid they go to the police…. sad times Bowie but we have to keep fighting the good fight mate but there’s only so much you can do.
Put yourself your family and friends first which is all you can do If kids have half a good bone in there body they’ll learn one way or another.
Peace man.

14 Nov 2021 16:31:26
Stokey my friend, could i just ask you from your service. Is the reason for such abundance of drugs due to the under funding to the police force. In fact probably a silly question. I remember reading a while ago they swabbed the toilets in the house of commons and found around 14 different strains of coke on one toilet. Or is it all down to police, we need more help for the young. My personal opinion is to see more counselling groups around the country to show awareness with drugs/ gambling/ drinking/ playstation addiction etc . the youth are our future. They need help.

14 Nov 2021 16:43:09
Class damson and thank you mate 👌.

14 Nov 2021 16:52:36
Disagree jolly about it being sad times.
The world is a great place and you make your own choices in life.
The best form of discipline is self discipline, if you don't have that you will always struggle with temptation.
Your getting old mate, but doesn't mean you have to act old.
I love going out with young people and for every bad one there are thousands of good ones.

14 Nov 2021 16:58:14
I hope we find a world where hitting children and bringing them up aren’t even mentioned in the same sentence . Never laid a finger on mine and whilst their not perfect they’re decent human beings .

14 Nov 2021 17:09:17
Totally disagree ff79, my thoughts were with lad driving then taken a fit at the wheel? Self discipline i do have in abundance. And drink with the young on plenty of occasions. Why you say i'm in self pity i don't know. not everyone has your discipline. Basically what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't bleed for. So my son (in his defence only plays with this Sunday squad as a work out) his main team on Saturday are in a different league altogether. 8 of them out all night. Its your ignorance that it carrys on, thinking everything is normal.

14 Nov 2021 17:17:23
Bowie, that’s a great question and I may shock you with my answer. I’ve always said the curse of drugs comes from failing to recognise that addiction is essentially a medical question not a criminal one. If you legalised drugs and spent all those billions on providing care and health support for the addiction you basically solve the problem overnight.
Drugs should be prescribed free on the NHS as part of a Doctor supervised rehabilitation programme. Alcohol addiction kills many times more people than drugs but it’s legal and taxed.
Sadly, the effect of making the supply of drugs illegal is pointless as the profits ensure that no matter how many drugs gangs are taken down they will always be replaced by others.
I can tell you that the only thing the drugs gangs fear is if the government legalises it. Unfortunately there are so many empires built on the drugs problem that I can’t believe any Government would take the bull by the horns and eradicate the criminality and the suffering by legalising it and diverting the funds to medical help, support and education.

14 Nov 2021 17:19:09
Where have I said anything to you Bowie at all?
I responded to jolly .
I have not put you are in self pity at all.

14 Nov 2021 17:43:41
My apologies 79 but the lad responded to my post, tbh i jumped in as they represented what I've been banging on about. Sorry 79. I think jolly was just being kind towards me. Its me that deserves stick mate.

14 Nov 2021 18:10:20
It always makes me laugh bitterly Bowie when one sees photos of Police Chiefs by a “haul” of controlled drugs with a “street value “ of xxxxx millions of pounds! If they were legalised the so called street value would be precisely zilch!
These views didn’t get me very far on promotion boards by the way but It’s a no brainer really. I was always referred to a maverick cop by the powers that be who were obliged to tow the Government line!

14 Nov 2021 18:16:14
We al know the street value is no where near that value stokey.
But drugs aren't a new phenomena in our day it was LSD.
like I say it's a choice people make and agree anything illegal has a higher street value.
I like a drink, some like a smoke some of us do neither.
We have the choice.

14 Nov 2021 18:46:06
There's a really good programme on BBC2 now mortimer and reeves fishing more to do with well being and men.

14 Nov 2021 19:18:18
Watched it FF all the series, very funny but with a serious point to it health wise. It’s odd but my Dad was a keen fisherman and bailiff at Notts Anglers for years but I never really took to it, unlike one of my brothers and my sister!

14 Nov 2021 19:47:55
Watched channel 4 news and All I Sharma stated that China and India would walk away of the wording of coal was used in a less impacting way. He also said that the conference was disappointing because a lot of points aren't covered . A delegate from Mauritius was almost in years as she would not be able to look fellow citizens in the eye when she gets back home. Our children are our future, if we are lucky.
Nice to hear your back Bowie.

14 Nov 2021 20:04:50
I love fishing mate especially early in a morning in summer.
You go out at 4am and 8ts a different world for a couple of hours.
It's looking at nature and enjoying the birds singing.
Nothing better than watching the sun rise on a summers day.
Just love river walks or cycling.

14 Nov 2021 20:29:31
Only China Russia India and USA can make a difference to global warming 51 they aren't just countries, they are continents.
What we do here has no effect on a global basis.
The protesters here should fly to these countries and trust me they won't be seen blocking roads a second time.
Freedom here is taken for granted, it does not apply elsewhere.
The arabs won't be happy when no one wants oil anymore and the Russians when we don't want gas.
I think back to when I was 18 plus and we had thick fog that you see to drive?
The cabal in Nottingham polluted so much by boots a fish could not live.
We've come along way in this country to clean things up and are returning farmland back to nature by planting trees and natural habitats.
But we are only a tiny island 51.

14 Nov 2021 20:33:11
Thanks wing man Bowie mate 🛩💥💥 79 lm not going state the obvious but there’s good and bad in all walks of life just like some think things are great now there’ll be some that thinks times aren’t so good now…depending on your life experience really 79.
2star I got thrashed when I was a kid and more often than not I deserved it, don’t think it ever did me no harm either others on here will beg to differ though.
I had a lot of brothers and sisters so a clout round the ear was justified as my mum and dad couldn’t sit each and every one of us down and explain everything over and over again it’s just not plausible.

17 Nov 2021 21:23:01
Bowie, just as a footnote to our discussion on drugs and the so called street value thereof, every time I go to the City Ground I pass Eastcrofts Incinerators off London Road. Periodically, when I was on the CID, myself and a colleague had to put all the seized drugs from the City into a Police Transit and ( when the Court cases etc were finalised) take them to Eastcrofts by a special entrance and make sure they were burnt. I must have watched millions of pounds go up in smoke! 🤔🤔.



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