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05 Nov 2021 17:29:56
This site is getting less and less talkative/ posts what's up with you all out there. Were doing ok. Just shows if there's nothing to moan about were f#d . Just saying. Red cyclist hit the nail on the head if your going to give it out, take it. Not always nice, but as i keep saying we all want the same thing. Cliches abound. Never mind. Starting to lose faith on here myself tbh.

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05 Nov 2021 18:56:39
Bowie my friend, I think nobody wants to break the spell and it all turns to rat poo again! As I ve said before it’s a work in progress but we don’t want to jinx it by premature congratulation! 😂😂👍.

05 Nov 2021 19:13:27
We are doing more than OK.
Looking forwards to tomorrow catch earlier train in and watch Manchester Derby while blowing the froth off a few then taxi to the ground.
Had to cut back on the beer and wine due to heart and, but still up for a few at weekends.
Tough game tomorrow against an in form team like ourselves, but confident we can win it.
Hooe lolley is removed from the squad and garner from the team as, if he plays he will get MOM from the plastic fans in corporate 😁😁.

05 Nov 2021 19:32:25
For me the site is about hardships and getting it off your chest rather than your missus and family stokey. they don't need to hear it let's be honest. Bonding with my reds as i can't get there. Sharing my frustration with people who know. Sharing the good times to go. wishing just wishing my friend ❤.

05 Nov 2021 19:42:46
Bowie mate most of us don't have hardships to deal with.
It's about football and for me my kids and grandkids seeing some sort of success again, something I was privileged to see in my mid twenties, is all that matters now, barring I'm greedy and would like to have more success🤣🤣🤣.

05 Nov 2021 19:59:51
79 that's you, and i'm more than happy for ya believe me. And iv'e got 4 x grandkids and more love than you could ask. But were the lucky ones mate.

05 Nov 2021 20:11:25
Wordsworth said it best fellow Reds about winning our European Cups
“Bliss was it to be alive that dawn
But to be young was very Heaven”
Mind you he was writing of being in France during the French Revolution before it all turned to poo, blood and massacre by Madam Gullotine!

05 Nov 2021 20:17:27
👌 i'm obviously wrong 79/ stokey my apologies. Night,

05 Nov 2021 20:35:15
I've actually been to wordsworth school stokey. His nane etched upon his desk. Brilliant mate.

05 Nov 2021 21:15:16
Glad I don't read stokey 😁
I know history and was there when we created it as a football club. me and brother were in Munich and our famous words were?
now where's the food and drink. 🤣🤣.

05 Nov 2021 21:26:17
Hey Bowie there’s no wrong and right mate just slightly different views of the same thing. It’s what makes us human. I’m sorry for your troubles but deep down in our heart of hearts we all share the same vision and the same love of our famous club. We are a band of brothers ( and sisters) and we should never let go of that. Coyr!

05 Nov 2021 22:23:25
Spoken like a true gentleman stokey.



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