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13 Sep 2021 13:56:28
I asked in a post about a month ago, what's wrong at the hart of our beloved club, something certainly is, and it seems that it is something no owner, (we've had a few) and no manager, (we've had loads ) can sort out . We've had hundreds of players through the doors, NO CHANGE, so what is the real problem, I'm not clever enough to come up with the answers, but surely someone can tell me WHY my club has struggled for so long to get things right. Has the club just been used for years for money laundering or something now its big business that counts, I'm grasping at straws hear I just don't have a clue, what I do know is i'm SICK OF IT its killing my club, the club I've supported for 66 years. NOTTINGHAM FOREST was and still is loved by its supporters, but the institute, the business, the organisation NFFC know thinks nothing about its fans and never will again, unless we the fans try to do something, I'm not one for protesting but I'm not sure what else we have left to do both inside and outside of the ground, its supposed to be our club after all, can we get it back, I doubt it, but something has to change.

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13 Sep 2021 14:37:35
Yep it's Demo time. But will it happen and who's going to get it organised and started .
Ff79 my choice. 🎈.

13 Sep 2021 14:47:50
It’s living off the expectations from the past which are in reachable and will never be reached again . I’m afraid Clough started the rot by shunning the need to live the club forward in the right way because it was his way or no way. By no means does that change what he achieved, we just a terraced house trying to be a mansion.

13 Sep 2021 14:48:26
Im sure the ABlock can start it in the ground, i'm certain all other parts of the ground will join in. No Trouble. I do mean no trouble as well, peaceful protests.

13 Sep 2021 14:58:09
Normally I’d say Bowie’s your boy, not sure anybody would understand a word he was saying with his geordie twang, especially if he’s had a pint or two before the game, how we doing my geordie mate, ain’t we sh— crap?

13 Sep 2021 15:14:51
Sorry 2star mate, I agree with the Clough era bit and living in the past, but that was over 20years ago, we’ve supposedly had new beginnings since then. The clubs in a worse place now than we were when we got relegated last time. There has to be more to it than cloughys gohst.

13 Sep 2021 15:15:24
I'll probably get criticised for this post but this is how I see it, The club outside the playing staff are in a lot better position from the Fawaz era can people remember us being in court every other week for non payment of tax, players wages not being paid, not being able to open all of the ground because of health and safety issue's, the recruitment side has been dire the people put in charge have let the club down but I think Marinakis will get it right, we all thought CH was a good appointment or most of us did and SL needed to go so we more or less got our wishes, Colback Arter Dawson Knockheart Freeman Taylor should have been quality signings in this league but didn't work out, the current manager has a lot to answer to he as been abysmal but Marinakis shouldn't be blamed IMO, who could have thought he could be as bad as he is.

13 Sep 2021 15:29:01
Hahahaha class mate thank you my auld mate, and your right my accent very strong. i'm waiting for the dust to settle. Agree with everything you said mate. Time to take them on. But again peacefully. Fire bombs only 😂😂 wouldn't harm hughton sh#t doesn't burn.

13 Sep 2021 15:32:14
The club went from a committee to a crook called Irving scholar we've never recovered from that.
Just had bad owner after owner.
All we can hope is that marinakis has learned from his mistakes, but at this moment in time it's not looking like he has.

13 Sep 2021 18:04:56
FF I really do not think Marinakis has learned anything.
He's had the club for 4 years and as each season passes by the club has gone backwards.
It seems Hughton has the backing from Murphy?
Roy Keane smelt a rat and left.
So many manager's cannot fail surely?
We all know deep down a relegation battle is on and League one looms.
A miracle is needed.



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