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14 Jul 2021 09:31:56
Apparently, the Police had no idea that "fans were going to storm Wembley. Sting said they have no plans to appear at Wembley in the near future unless Bob Geldof does the planning in future.

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14 Jul 2021 10:11:06
Too busy walking on the Moon.

14 Jul 2021 10:12:26
The worrying thing for me was, thank clough none of them were wearing a backpack.

14 Jul 2021 10:24:46
more a case of Don't Stand So Close to Me.

14 Jul 2021 10:30:59
If only security had thought, every move you make every step you make I'll be watching you.

14 Jul 2021 11:48:15
Very impressive lads. where else would you get "Pun-Slingers" like ours?

14 Jul 2021 12:02:03
I’d be asking questions of the Match Commander. Why were no Police there? It’s not the stewards job to be wrestling and mixing it with a lawless mob.

14 Jul 2021 13:07:04
Stokey you were in the business mate. Was anything actually learned from Manchester. I know this started off with cyclist having a laugh. But seriously would you let your kids go to an event with thousands there. Its something that should be taken very seriously this latest event. Hillsborough for cloughs sake. Get whoever's responsibility it was and jail them probably a few of them more than likely. If we can't secure Wembley there's no hope.

14 Jul 2021 13:51:46
I guess someone has to pay for policing,

14 Jul 2021 14:04:23
People had been out on a session since Saturday morning. That and the fact that stewards were taking cash at the doors was a lot to do with it.

The police won't be caught out that easily in future.

14 Jul 2021 14:05:40
Bowie, my friend, I’ve been retired for 12 years and like many of my retired colleagues in scratching my head as to why events like this can take place. I think, generally, the junior Officers are like Lions led by donkeys with inexperienced careerist senior Officers concentrating on their own rapid rise through the ranks rather than actually getting their hands dirty and arresting lawbreakers. The Home Office actually went to the Supreme Court on appeal to enforce an obscure rule forcing experienced coppers to retire on age grounds. This, together with the Blessed Teresa May following on from Cameron and Osbournes austerity policies reducing Police numbers by a massive 20 %, has led to the breakdown in law and order that you see day in day out. Boris has upped numbers slightly but nothing like it was before the cuts. So, by voting Tory, I guess the country has reaped what it sowed.

14 Jul 2021 14:34:12
Bang on Stokey that is how policing is now days. The young cops when they do get stuck in get hung out to dry and far more investigated than criminals. To add to that the senior rank officers turn their back on them then throw internal disciplin at them and try their best to sack them to apease woke society.
The bottom line is the police stand the bill for policing the outside of stadiums and the clubs / Fa stand the bill for inside stadium policing. I fancy when the police and the FA held a meating to discuss numbers of officers required inside the stadium the FA played it down to reduce their bill.
Consequences were a free for all yobs.

14 Jul 2021 15:07:32
As rogie pointed out, where would you get answers like that, great reply stokey 👍.

14 Jul 2021 15:21:32
Cyclist mate, again they should have learned from Manchester. In that case it was stewards far too young and were embarrassed on approaching people. Nobody can tell me there's not enough money in football to find the right security. Again this takes me back to capping wages and not only putting into security. But helping youth clubs, schools etc etc in the areas . with permanent jobs on talks about racial hatred etc. and funding youth clubs etc makes a lot of kids whos parents are struggling, feel wanted. (sorry i know its another story) but just my view.

14 Jul 2021 17:30:24
Trent ended, your knowledge is spot on. Are you by any chance a former or serving brother ( or sister) in arms? Obviously no names no packdrill but if your fraternal greetings and best wishes.

14 Jul 2021 18:32:27
might be Stokey lol
and greetings to you.

14 Jul 2021 19:47:35
I used to do security part-time years ago. Stewarded at Burnley and Leeds and loads of big events. Most of the "dodgy" security preferred to do concerts and festivals as they knew there was plenty of police at the footy games, so it was easy to do football matches.

That was the 90s though. God knows what is happening these days.

14 Jul 2021 19:59:58
Well done to you both for your service a vital job so often under valued by society .

14 Jul 2021 20:12:12
Stokey - was the force in such a great state under previous governments? It makes me laugh when people blame current governments for problems that have existed for several decades. I've nothing but respect for the job you’ve done in the past but the same as the nhs, fire, prison service and many other areas, they have been in a mess under every past government.

15 Jul 2021 09:17:21
Many thanks 2tone! 2 Star your question is a good one and has a complicated answer. Different governments have had a variable record on the Police over the 30 years I was in the Force from 1979 to 2009. I joined as Mrs Thatcher came to power under whom it was a golden age for us with the Edmund Davies recommendations which were fully implemented for many years giving us decent pay rising with the rate of inflation. She knew the Police needed beefing up in numbers and quality for the forthcoming show down with the NUM. Under the previous Labour governments Police pay was disgraceful with Officers kids being on free school meals for example, numbers were low and unable to Police the various Miners Strikes. Thatcher was big on Law and Order as was Blair. Things went downhill under Cameron, Osbourne and particularly Teresa May as both Home Secretary and then Prime Minister, Slight early upturn under Boris.



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