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12 Jul 2021 08:09:50
Regarding last nights game, just my opinion, I thought the Italians were there for the taking after we went ahead, we kept find space on our right flank, and got in on goal on a few occasions, then inexplicably went into reverse gear, and couldn't get out of it, they aren't anything special, but if you concede so much ball to any decent international side, they will create chances, when will managers at all levels realise that the best way to defend a one goal lead is to get another one, I thought we missed a great opportunity in the first 30 mins, they looked a bit shell shocked after conceding so early, I think a new approach is required, would any other country have given grealish so little game time? He's probably or most dangerous player, when he's on the pitch, we need to build around players like him, and not spend so much time sitting iso deep, I thought the manager lost it last night, all the England haters got their way, all the saddos north of the border, with their ' anyone but England ' signs outside their bars, which if it happened in reverse, would have the old bill knocking on the door, as a hate crime, to sum up, I agree with those on here who are sick and tired of the negative approach we are getting at the moment, thanks Gareth, but to actually win a major tournament, we have to show more confidence in ourselves,

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12 Jul 2021 09:05:46
Yes Stevie.

12 Jul 2021 09:30:37
Some good points there stevie, however italy were never there for the taking. They learned quickly on the night, steadied the ship and built momentum. They more or less snuffed out our threat. Saw the fact that kane was coming deep and eventually put him out of the game as it never happened again and Kane was lost. You mention Grealish, as a player he carries threat and has the skill set and touch that made a massive difference, he also runs from deep which was he only time italy looked panicky. But there is the issue. Southgate has his own mindset that baffles. We are nowhere near the technicians from italy but playing to our strengths is our only chance. I understood grealish not playing early tournament as he had a long time injury prior. But either he is injured or southgate knows best.
Never rated southgate and how he is England manager is even more bewildering. I think he is in based on cultural issues more than footballing prowess. Kids ehhh.

12 Jul 2021 09:41:47
For some reason Grealish or Sancho for that matter, didn’t fit into Southgate’s plan. Every time Grealish came on he made an obvious impact. He is was sub subbed against Denmark and got on last night with 20 mins of extra time left . I can only think it must be his accent and he plays for an unfashionable lower midlands club. There are no other explanations.

12 Jul 2021 10:30:55
Rutland sorry you must have seen a different first 20 to me, they were there for the taking, we got behind them 4or 5 times on the right side, the old central defender looked what he is, old, they were arguing with each other, another goal then would have finished them, this is not a great Italian team, they were lucky to beat Spain and Austria, and last night for all the ball they were allowed, they hardly created anything, we handed them a comeback on a plate,

12 Jul 2021 10:57:32
Stevie i deliberately missed the start to avoid seeing the players politically pandering. So i missed the fine goal. I saw nothing after thst their keeper rendundant and Kane playing as sweeper. He was on the line when Italy scored, wtf? To not acknowledge that Italy were dominant and light years ahead of us is churlish. Did we retreat with a defensive plan or did Italy have a plan B. Or did we simply run out of ideas without a coherent plan B. Southgate thinks he is a master technician but really is an FA pawn. How many international managers would start a cup final game without key penalty takers on the pitch? An idiot would. And only an idiot would crush 3 young lads with the weight of responsibilty so high on their shoulders. Your big game players experienced men take that responsibilty not young boys with so little game time on the night. Awful awful decision and for thst southgate needs vilifying. can't stand the man.



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