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13 May 2021 16:40:57
Well i said last week that it was an absolute no brainer to immediately swith the champions league final to England. The excuse muted regarding vip and sponsor travel and quarantine issues ssys much sboit how the fan is regarded by every level of football. Sorry, but its time the fans responded once more and boycot this farce. Only 6k from each club allowed so that's insult to injury. You could not make it up and for me they are making fans make a dangerous uneccessary expensive journey during these awful times. Tell them to shove it.

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13 May 2021 17:02:49
Wonder who made the decision not to allow it at Wembley , give you one guess.

13 May 2021 17:25:43
Hughton carlo? He gets the blame for everything else 🤔.

13 May 2021 17:41:11
Carlo enlighten us,

13 May 2021 18:39:49
Can,t see any reason for it not to be here ,no one from abroad is required to come surely ?
Could the person who made the decision be the same one who thought it was a good idea to carry on allowing Indian people to come here when COVID was going barmy there ,now look what’s happening .

13 May 2021 18:54:55
The Prime Minister of India Carlo?

13 May 2021 19:54:19
Boris Johnson was calling for the game to be switched to Wembley last week,

13 May 2021 19:57:07
Carlo seems the only country getting a free pass on c.v. is the place it originated, people like you are great at hindsight, your just playing politics with a worldwide disaster,

13 May 2021 19:58:36
It was supposed to be a joke Stevie f.

13 May 2021 20:37:51
Get forward I was referring to Carlo who seems to want to blame Johnson for everything, not your post, I should have made it more clear,

13 May 2021 20:49:47
As alf Garnett would say 'the trouble with the common market is, 😂 calm down reds leave the jokes for the politicians 👌.

13 May 2021 20:58:54
The buck stops here !
Better check your facts on who said he didn’t want it here !

13 May 2021 21:04:41
I just read it wrong Stevie f.

13 May 2021 21:16:10
Carlo Maybe better check your facts, every report I can find on the internet is of Johnson asking uefa to bring the game here,

13 May 2021 21:16:20
Your obviously a true red carlo.
Who cares where its played?
Two teams that bought their way to the premier league.

13 May 2021 22:15:22
I,m the last person to play politics with such a disaster but the British Government declined to host the final on grounds of COVID restrictions,the same Government who allowed Indian people to continue arriving here despite knowing what repercussions were likely but made the decision on trade grounds ,remember the buck stops here means the man at the top .

13 May 2021 23:09:11
Spend more time in the garden carlo and stuff watching the tv and you'll find less to bother about and be safe at the same time.
Even the weather men get it wrong, politician's never answer a question and most the rest of tv is boring or its soaps where everyone on that street has slept with everyone and had more disasters than the whole planet. 🤪🤪
Like i say its chelsea vs man city i won't be watching and cudn't care less where they play.
Bought success just before it was outlawed.
More concerned with forest and worry that keeping hughton is a bad decision that will ruin yet another season.

13 May 2021 23:40:01
It seems purely down to money and the sponsors to keep them happy, big snub to those fans during c.v. I think.

14 May 2021 00:06:03
According to the sunday sport elvis wanted it on the moon.

14 May 2021 00:55:11
Carlo you make it up as you go along, the uefa statement says ‘ every effort was made by the FA and the UK authorities to play the game in England, ‘ so you are playing politics, with a impossible situation, had Johnson banned all travel between the UK and India, he would have been accused of splitting up families, , and by implication racism, By unfairly penalising the Asian community, you lefties are all blame and no credit, dread to think how dead head corbyn and the genius that’s Dianne Abbott would have coped with this lot, luckily we never got the chance to find out,



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