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08 May 2021 16:52:56
You see preston time and again played central balls to the frknt men who were allowed to control the ball. When they went wide they made it count with killer balls. Into the box which our clown keeper got nowhere near and neither did worral or soh. Gardner disappeared second half. The way we play with balls going backwards and sidewards we are like a rugby team aiming for the corner flag and getting bogged down. No quality what so ever into the box. our only goal scoring efforts were speculative efforts from distance. One went in. Simply not troubling their keeper same old. So looking at mighten soh and yates. Verdict not good enough.
I was simply gutted at being out fought out played out thoight. Dreadful.

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08 May 2021 17:18:30
Yates is inconsistent, Soh, and Mighten have not played much more than 12 full games between them. Soh looked comfortable often enough and Mighten only came on as a sub, young players need to play more often than they do to improve. The coaching seems to be non existent as the team have not improved much, if at all.

08 May 2021 17:40:40
Sorry money, mighten falls over has one trick a stepover but crap delivery. Soh too young lost in the air. Yates is div1.

08 May 2021 18:38:47
The way you describe Preston, you'd think they were a god team. The bar is far too low.

Nottingham Forest are a well-supported club backed by a billionaire owner. We have a history, as one of the world's oldest clubs, that includes the FA Cup, League cup 4 times, European Cup twice and spent 12 years as a top 6 club in our recent history.

If we start using teams like Preston as something to aim for then sack the fans, board, management and players.

We are better than this. We should be aiming for excellence at every inch of our club. Womens, youth, coaching, scouting, medical, pitch (groundsmen), facilities (stadium), hospitality (including for regular fans at every game) and the senior players should e the best players with a good future we can find. Anyone who thinks we should even give a flying fook what the likes of Preston do is nuts.


08 May 2021 19:16:37
RC your right however from where i am sitting you have to look at the qualities we are trying to acheive. Preston had a discarded villified centre forward who grafted and made us look like foolish. Our midfield is powder puff and the sooner the likes of grabban do one the better.

08 May 2021 19:28:18
RedCyclist what a team has done in the past does not give that team any right to succeed now.

We have a billionaire for a owner but he is unable to pump his own money into the club behond that keeps us within ffp.

I do agree the club should be looking for excellence throughout the club but the owner and those he has entrusted to run the club have no idea how a English club needs to be run.

What rutland red 7 was doing was pointing out what Preston did right and what we did wrong, not holding them up as to what we should aspire to, after all they are not in the top six.

The size of a club should not come into it, otherwise we had no right beating Liverpool to the league title and into the next round of the European Cup.

We were trespassing on Liverpool's right of passage the way you talk about Nottingham Forest and Preston.

08 May 2021 19:58:32
The club should be looking at a younger enthusiastic manager, not a manager that played his loans in a game that meant nothing, which he lost by the way, when he could of given a chance to others.
Hughton has served up garbage all season and he talks it as well.

08 May 2021 20:15:25
yes money exactly what i am trying to say. Our central defenders sat back and allowed balls into anywhere infront of them. Whereas preston kicked cajulled and harried us into going backwards. Anyway sick of whinging today. But simply put we are so naive its not true.

08 May 2021 20:50:11
Thats down to coaching rutland and is hughtons fault.

08 May 2021 21:29:04
Dont get me going on coaching πŸ˜‚.

08 May 2021 21:47:32
79 young coach like Rooney you was praising after his first 5 games at the sheep he done well didn't he πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

08 May 2021 22:16:42
Skeggs we aren't going anywhere under hughton and you know it .
Rooney a novice at being a manager and hughton has vast experience but the outcome very similar.
You had no time for freedman i have no time for hughton that's life mate.
Appalling football and results bring back karanka i say😁😁.

09 May 2021 00:43:08
Ka****er fck that 79 he ran out the door like a 10 yr old .



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