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25 Apr 2021 19:48:03
When you have been locked up for nearly a year and the club are giving you a £170 credit towards next season’s ticket why would you vote with your feet.

I for one am not happy with Hughton, but I need to get back to normality on Saturday afternoons.

Forest is in the veins, we should be voting with our voices not our feet.

When the crowds get back to the City Ground I don’t think it will be long before th.

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25 Apr 2021 20:36:22
Red when we are allowed back we will fill the ground for the reason you have given, if however once we get back the football is still as it has been and results are poor after about 15 games if Hughton has not been sacked there will only be about 15,000 bothering to turn up.

25 Apr 2021 21:15:14
Massive drop in attendances coming for forest totally agree . It’ll be back down to 18000 with mid twenties here and there. All the interest created in 2017 is gone. , fair play for how that was done, it was good marketing and it got us all interested, sadly though the club haven’t been able to deliver anything despite their efforts . They have tried though, I’ll give them that but they’ve not managed to pull it off for whatever reason and we’ve found ourselves scratching around in the lower half of the table.
11/ 12 almost relegated
12/ 13 just missed playoffs
13/ 14 lower mid table mediocrity after hurtling towards relegation
14/ 15 as above
15/ 16 as above
16/ 17 javoided relegation on the last game
17/ 18 flirted with bottom 5 for many weeks but pulled away towards the end
18/ 19 decent season
19/ 20 decent season
20/ 21 fighting relegation all season .
The above has seen us get through 15 managers and god knows how many failed signings . No club is more ridiculous than forest, there simply isn’t one, hardly inspires you to part with your money does it .

25 Apr 2021 21:38:30
To sum it up as i posted earlier in season money tree like squatters on a Chernobyl plant site. get your fkn head out of your ar#es reds. there's nothing you can do. Talk about repetitions. that's why i put tongue in cheek sh#te on here. the springs nights are just passing you bye. As i told ff79 a while ago. Its not about following. For a few thumbs up. But being honest. Red cyclist hit the nail on the head if you can't live with it get off. But that's me. i'm influenced by a few on here. But not repetitive i'm the best fan ever syndrome. Sorry but that's the way i am. take care but most of all. Stay safe 👍 and by the way ff79 your actually one of my biggest influences. You keep it short and sweet.

25 Apr 2021 21:54:40
I ain't going next season bowie club owe me £480 for this season already and i certainly ain't paying no more till hughton has gone.
Not bothered and won't bother watching last two games and didn't watch yesterday.
The bookies have a slogan
When the fun stops? Stop
Well the fun never started with hughton so i will call it a day till he's gone.

25 Apr 2021 22:07:55
See ff79 straight to the point. Class. Now as you know mate there's fck all u can do for now. Now do you think i don't care mate because i do. I hate seeing all of us going through this.

25 Apr 2021 22:15:08
And btw ff79, and would love to remind any young/ old gamblers on here my past. Was telling stevie f i lost 34 grand in two month gambling. I used to get 5 grand loans in a afternoon and lose it by night time. not proud but showing you the realities of an addiction. Get help and talk if ya need it.

25 Apr 2021 22:25:59
And btw redfrog in all honesty the people who did give you the go ahead for voting with your feet. I bet half would buy them lottery tickets. Just saying.

25 Apr 2021 23:05:46
top man bowiered, takes a big man to open up on such personal matters. you should write a open letter to all efl clubs and tell them about what happened to you, and ask them to re consider when taking sponsership from such blood sucking **** bags. respect to you.

25 Apr 2021 23:54:17
Bowiered there is no point anyone putting anything on here trying to say they are the best fan, there more often than not will be someone older that has been going for longer, someone that goes to more away games, and so on. Anyone that says they have had enough and will not go anymore, that is their choice and fair lay to them. Those thay say i will keep going regardless, ditto, i think you will find not one of us has not repeated ourselves over time and very few have not had their opinions changed by events at some point. If we only put something on here thinking it will change things that would make us delusional, as you say just be honest. No matter what any of us put for every person that has agreed with you there will be at least 10 that do not agree with you so honestly is the best approach.



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