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16 Apr 2021 12:14:41
So Joe Worrell says Carvalio can be massive for us next season .
Don't need him we've got a massive midfielder in fact bloody enormous.
Luke Freeman. 😜 🎈.

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16 Apr 2021 14:09:37
Rogie iv'e mentioned in my younger days i played keeper. Where did you play and why did you like that position. Goes to all you reds? πŸ§Žβ€β™‚οΈ.

16 Apr 2021 15:52:00
I played across the midfield. or "Sweeper" . I used to argue with my manager, that I hated playing that role. so boring!
I got Player Of The Year 89/ 90 for our Second Team. we were actually better than our Firsts.
They had of a bit Clique there.
I remember one of our guys told me a joke well away from the others. as it was "so bad only you would laugh at it".
Si he said "Whats the difference between an apple and an orange? "
I said "Sorry mate, I Don't know "
He replied "The cabbage because a bicycle has no windows"
I nearly cried laughing!
He just stood there staring at me and said "Rogie, I'm seriously worried about you mate! "

16 Apr 2021 16:13:24
LMFAO hahahaha class mate πŸ‘πŸ‘.

16 Apr 2021 16:24:35
I always remember one forward we used to play against (total psycho) had a big name in our area. I told this new defender who just signed for us. ok mate mark him and every time the ref turns away kick him in the Achilles from behind. So he does. πŸ˜‚ in them days the corner flag was square well my earlier days. And wooden with a pointed end to stick in the ground. The psycho ran after him for about ten minutes trying to stick it in him hahahaha, the good old days. miss them.

16 Apr 2021 16:41:04
So i tried spaghetti bolognese as mull recommended on a friday. Instead of using a little red wine i thought i'd try adding his vodka and ginger beer. Wife said don't go for next years masterchef 😳.

16 Apr 2021 17:17:10
Bowie i lived in london in the early 80's and being a short arse i generally played wide either side or behind the striker in a 442. Best playing days of my life. Played with a 17yr old called rosignor and came up against a fiesty blonde haired left back in a trials match, he was from east london had legs like tree trunks, he kicked me all over the place, so i blatantly tripped him up jumped over him and went on to chip the keeper. Haha he then advised me to go and play on the other side of the pitch, sound familiar? I didn't move as I was on trial too. Took me weeks to recover. Being in london the lads in the team were from all over. Skipper from Burnley, striker, steve Smith from Leeds, great lad and other winger from Bolton. We played a lot of Banks teams whos pitches were the old England training pitches at lilleshall. Fabulous days.

16 Apr 2021 17:56:36
Brilliant rutland mate. To think you were lucky to get a one match ban. Fines weren't heard of in my day. Love these stories please keep them coming reds. In fact in my day you had to sell more football tickets (pick a team and when opened if you had the team you won) to keep your place πŸ˜‚.

16 Apr 2021 17:59:05
Rutland must have been some big lads from the london area as you mentioned. Did any make it mate?

16 Apr 2021 18:28:56
I remember one cup final and to this i swear, played at blythe Spartans football ground. They had bagpipers on at half time. One of the lads videod the half time. There was some really old girl jumping about with a kilt on nothing underneath. Puts you off your orange for life. Anyway again i swear. I hated this forward again as my defence was scared of him. We were getting beat 3-1 half time. I tried to run out and punch him in the midriff. He stuck his boot up . i cauught it. Dam gloves i had on. My middle finger came out its socket and the glove was the only thing holding it in place πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ with my pride. (Knew we were beat anyway) seen the last 15 minutes out. Brilliant.

16 Apr 2021 18:46:15
Rogie, you are a funny guy.

16 Apr 2021 19:08:39
Btw the forward i mentioned obviously wasn't the same one. I had as above. They put some kind of Zimmer frame around my finger. To heal it. Still get jip in the cold from it. the sub keeper was like ray charles and the team huffed with me because i wouldn't still play. Haha. Couldn't even get a glove around it. So they said they would get me new gloves if i cut the middle finger out. Sorry reds just reminiscing. The good old days when men were thick hahahaha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

16 Apr 2021 19:50:49
Our "Training Nights" was another story!
One night a new guy started with us.
He could run like a bloody whippet, so he shouts over to me "Where did the others go mate? "
So I shouted "Hey "Showaddywaddy" (his trainers looked like a pair of Wedges)
"They went off that way mate! "
So off he runs. and runs. and runs. in the wrong direction. into the darkness!
Never seen him again!

16 Apr 2021 19:59:46
My manager also had a bit of a Lisp. so he kept shouting at me.
"For Christ's "Slake" Rogie! "
Im "Slick" of you! "
. your playing "Sleeper" whether you like it or not! "

16 Apr 2021 20:06:50
Ok reds. Back to forest. Looking back on the season what's the main point to blame. Management/ scouting/ coaching/ no fans/ players. What? Because as i look up the table and look at the foundation we had at the beginning of the season. Money/ confidence etc . we were flying surely. And believe me there's some real sh#te above us. Views please?

16 Apr 2021 20:14:52
I was asked if i would be interested in playing for some blokes i met at a snooker they said their striker had pulled out of the game because he went on a bender with his brother. I was so bad they shoved me in goal after 15 minutes, anything waist high and over i was not too bad but useless at getting down to low balls. They let me go every week buut only as cover for their keeper but we all had a good laugh before and after games.

16 Apr 2021 20:25:30
Fourteen players arriving wrecked the season before a ball was kicked.
No matter their ability its too many and wrecked any sort of building on the previous season and team spirit.

16 Apr 2021 20:26:49
Great stuff!

16 Apr 2021 20:36:33
Rogie i'm in tears mate hahahaha class.

16 Apr 2021 20:39:43
Love it mull mate πŸ‘.

16 Apr 2021 20:41:34
Rogie i think you should do stand up mate hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

16 Apr 2021 20:53:55
if we got booked it was a Β£5 fine if we got sent off it was Β£12 and an interview with the committee, if it was for abusing the ref you were terminated. It was amateur football but you had to behave. This was 1981/ 82. I once niggled and niggled a big centre half until finally he seized his opportunity as i lay on the turf beneath him. He punched me so hard my head made a dent in the pitch. Bloodied i asked the ref if he saw that, expecting him to say no. He said son i saw it you deserved it now get on or your in the book. well i did take out the center half at knee high that's how i ended up beneath him. A good battle. We had a good drink after the match. that's how it was in those days.

16 Apr 2021 20:58:20
Ff79 what i was asking is whos to blame mate. The players obviously thought they were coming into a premiership fighting side?

16 Apr 2021 21:15:30
It was the ones that drank before the games that were the scariest.
Stopped kicking a ball when i got to seventeen too many nutters out there that would break your leg had an anapprenticeship and a good job to put up with that nonsense.

16 Apr 2021 21:30:39
Absolutely love it rutland man of my own heart son. πŸ‘πŸ‘ i remember sometimes our manager was asked to be linesman at times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚fck var hahahaha. As you mentioned mate its the drink after that does it. Heres another. Scotty big rough defender for us ginger and fired . We used to go watch strippers after match. And he says to this stripper, whatever u do don't do the shaving foam between the t#ts and bury my head. She does. Just picks her up and throws her across the tables. Right mess bless her. Glass crashing etc. He once knocked tim healeys minder out because he threatened him after slapping him on his head. (Tim healeys) nuts but loved him in front of me in defence.

16 Apr 2021 21:47:05
I thrived on it ff79. As a keeper its about timing when to come for the ball. Amount of studs on my head haha. But the Adrenaline gets you through it without feeling a thing. My shouting at the defence made me king of the castle. In fact wished i had have borrowed your steel caps at times mate. πŸ‘Œ.

16 Apr 2021 21:57:24
Again my apologies reds for taking up a lot. Its good to talk as they say. Obviously we find it hard to leave the past. I expected clough at Easter. Why because he told me. Luv ya reds stay safe enjoy life .

16 Apr 2021 22:25:30
No worries mate, really enjoyed all the stories.
And not a Heated Subs Seat, Snoods, Gloves, Stockings for socks either in sight.
Best site by far!
Take care you Uuuuu Redds!

17 Apr 2021 08:16:59
Great thread some great stories. This is true, embarresing but funny straight out of the kes film. I worked with the physio of my home town team, old boy with the leather water bucket snd sponge . My name begins Mc and so did the best prospect in the town. Confused the physio says i work with the lad i'll bring him in for a trial. This prospect was 6'2 and a player, i am 5'4. You could see the confusion when I turned up. worst was i only had screw in boots so knowing i was going for a trial i phoned my mum from work and asked her to get me some moulded stud boots for my trial thst night as it was july and the ground rock hard. My mum instead of going to the sports shop went to woolies saw a bargain bin with cheap boots for a quid. Size 9 instead of size 6 i was beside myself, typical mum. So there i was stood in line waiting to be called, not the star striker promised but a skinny runt with boots thst had now curled up like aladdins slippers. Never ever forgotten that. The star striker never did get the call but we played together later for a village team. Never had the heart to tell him the story.

17 Apr 2021 09:28:23
Brilliant mate!

17 Apr 2021 09:32:52
Haha rutland, another gem mate. loved all the stories. Thanks reds πŸ‘πŸ‘.



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