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06 Apr 2021 08:45:01
Sorry if I upset anyone with my yesterday's post about moaning, was just thinking that we, including myself have moaned about most things Forest, all this season, so on a day when good things happened, we won and played well got the three points scored three goals, and the team selection was good . WHY is it that some fans are and never will be satisfied, surely even those of you that want CH out can give him a bit of credit when he gets things right.

Most of you know that I've stated that I didn't think young Mighton was ready for more than the odd game this season. I'm pleased to say that he's making me eat my words . looks like I was wrong, he has to play most if not all of the remaining games till the end of the season, well done YOUNG MAann.

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06 Apr 2021 09:10:31
Dream i would be surprised if you upset anyone, i do agree when the team wins in the manner they did we should all be happy. I think with some it is all about them never wanting Hughton at the club so they begrudge saying anything positive about anything that he and the players do. We, no matter what we think of a manager, or player should always be able to be big enough to say when they have, and are doing a good job.

06 Apr 2021 10:00:23
At the end of the day MT surly we all support the club NOTTINGHAM FOREST not the manager or even the players, because we have no say in any of that.

06 Apr 2021 10:11:09
True, managers leave in their droves, and players move on often but there will always be Nottingham Forest Football Club.

06 Apr 2021 10:17:55
Dreamteam just let it go mate. Redhotred as pointed out by get forward was just picking up on a couple of things. if your going to put posts out on here get used to it. Were all different. Its banter mate.

06 Apr 2021 10:35:40
I think it is a case of RHR enjoyed the game but his dislike of Cafu and the manager took over, RHR needed to wait a while longer before posting.

06 Apr 2021 13:10:41
Bowie I’m used to getting stick on here mate so that’s not what pi##ed me off, it’s the fact that we had, had such a good day for once, everything went well, yet some always have to spoil it, we all know Cafu ain't the best in the world, but when he pulls the Forest shirt on he’s playing for my club and he does his best I’m sure. As for all people being different, of course we are, but we are all supposed to have one thing in common, on this site, the love and support of NFFC not pick fault when we’ve had a good day.

Now I’m done with issue, and will try to stop moaning about moaners.

06 Apr 2021 13:37:07
Getting stressed about how satisfied other fans are is pretty draining I expect. There's nothing wrong with being pleased we won and still having other things that bother you. We are all human.

It's brilliant that we won. It is still cruel on Forest's other strikers that a player who has been useless always gets picked ahead of them. It's true. If it doesn't bother you then cool but give yourself a break and let other humans moan if they feel like it. It has been a tough season and tough year in other ways. People come on here to have a banter and sometimes a moan. More power to them all.

Love it!

06 Apr 2021 13:38:35
And I think we should have a ban on moaning about people moaning. If you don't agree with what someone says about footy then comment on the point. Play the ball not the man!

06 Apr 2021 16:45:25
Was always a better game when you could take the man as well as the ball red c, just ask some of our true greats.

06 Apr 2021 17:26:59
Wish you’d stop moaning Dreamteam🤣.



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