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30 Mar 2021 13:47:10
Morning gentlemen and other posters, the dream team's back, ( if only ay. ) anyway I did seem to get a little bit of a discussion going on here about what we all wanted to see happen to the squad ready for next season, providing we stay in the championship. Think most of us agreed that we need a much younger squad, that being the case how do we go about it, quite a few of you want to throw the young lads in on block, I don't think that can work, but give me your views. Some want, NO most want C H out, even with a new squad to work with? . New manager new squad, doesn't that put us back where we've been for god knows how many years, views everyone. I personally think that we have too keep quite a few of the younger but senior pros like, Samba I know I'll get stick for that, but a young keeper and young squad, not for me. McKenna, Figs, ( if he don't want to go home) same with Ribero and Taylor, a lot of you don't like Cafu, I do, I still think he'll make a player, give me your views, I left Worrell off the list, for the obvious reason, selling him for the money needed, personally I'd love to keep him, but if we need to bye some younger players in from whatever league they won't come cheap because other clubs can see we are desperate, especially midfielders and up front, also like a lot of you have said, you don't want to see anymore loan signings, looks as though we have to bye quite a few players again and we all know what can happen with bringing in loads of players all at once, views again lads. No good opening a debate up about a new manager as I think CH will be given another season or part of it. Most of you won't like that, my opinion, too much change all at one time ain't on, so were do we start, bet I know the answer to that one! Seriously though there's a lot of work to be done at the end of the season, and it won't and can't all get done at one go, I m afraid its going to take time, time I'm running out of, So come on everyone at Forest, pull your fingers out and get it started, put a smile back on my and all the other lads faces, we all love the club NF forever, just give us decent football to watch .
Sorry its so long lads
But like everything to do with Forest
It's long and drawn out.
Like the new ground! .

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30 Mar 2021 15:03:44
We ha e to with youth or Olympiakos rejects unless we sell Worrall to raise money if we got 12n we could buy 2 or 3 new young strikers.

Jephcott and Shankland and possibly Yates from Blackpool I know Worrall is our best player but, Mbe Soh is a great prospect a d we desperately needs some goal threat.

Grabban and Murray need to go but possibly keep Taylor as a squad player.

That is just my opinion fellow Reds, otherwise another season with pensioners loaness and over the hill journeymen.

30 Mar 2021 16:44:24
two strikers and a big target man, play 4312. opens up many combo ways to play.

30 Mar 2021 17:02:50
What ever happens it,s the recruitment team that is the big issue and if they remain it will all go belly up again!

30 Mar 2021 17:20:03
Got to agree carlo until this recruitment team is shown the door, and people brought in who understand football and what is required to make a team that can challenge for promotion, we are going nowhere, simple as that.

30 Mar 2021 17:36:56
Until we stop signing these old worn out player on we are going nowhere doesn't this so called recruitment team we have realise if these players were any good the teams who let them go would hang on to them if they had anything about them, you can't blame the players if some team offers them 1 last pay day, anybody in the right mind would do the same.

30 Mar 2021 20:19:37
Worrall won't want to stay he will have seen first hand that its not going anywhere with so much disruption with the amount of players coming and going.
Its a sad state when we put out five loans on a matchday but still can't win a game?
All down to tactics or should i say lack of tactics.

30 Mar 2021 20:44:40
Not many answers coming in to all the views I put forward on my earlier post lads.

30 Mar 2021 20:47:32
Just my view but why not just clear out the likes of after, colback, send all the loans back, grabban can go Murray I'd keep as a coach taylor can go and just play the young lads build for a future don't do what we usually do get rid of our decent young players and replace them with over the hill journey men as for Hoghton I expected a lot from him and have been quite disappointed yes we can say he can only play with what he has but he sometimes don't seem to have a clue when we need a goal he'll bring in a defender but then again we have 6 defenders on the pitch each game, I thought he would at the very least make our players move better off the ball we are the most boring team in the championship and that's saying something.

30 Mar 2021 21:19:37
Is that because not long ago dteamteam you stated that you were only on here to wind everyone up?
Just saying.

30 Mar 2021 22:21:05
Hughton will get another season I think And I can’t see us playing the kids Dan . It’s not the hughton way and I think he will be here next season .

31 Mar 2021 13:32:55
Perhaps Forest but I can also be serious mate, the fact is you don’t take a lot of wineding .

31 Mar 2021 14:36:07
Hes always on the wine 🤭.



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