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22 Mar 2021 19:56:12
Well i found the q and a session with Randall, although i hoped for some searching questions there were none, at least i have seen what he looks like again as it has been so since i last saw him i had forgotten.

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22 Mar 2021 20:47:49
So we don't have a DOF and manager picks players he wants and has final say re buying of players.
The owner still fully supporting club and happy to finance it including writing off 20 million debt.
We are within FFP comfortably.
Thats a few bubbles burst amongst some posters.

22 Mar 2021 21:14:47
yes and the moons made of cheese.

22 Mar 2021 21:31:56
We do not have a DOF in the sense of how it works in the rest of Europe, so Forest do have a DOF.

The recruitment of players is done by several sources at the club but the manager has the final say, in other words the manager tells the club the type of players he wants, players are chosen for him and he gets to pick which of the chosen he will have if the club can get them.

The rest is to avoid another emarbo as he would be forced to sell the club on the cheap.

Talk about believing everything you are told.

22 Mar 2021 22:02:18
Footballs darkest secret. Where them men found the strength to talk about there ordeals i will never know. Sadly any amount of counselling couldn't cure that in my mind. i just don't know what to say. But hopefully there loved ones will help them through.

22 Mar 2021 22:12:09
Yep pretty sure he wanted to sell cash to fund Blackett, geurrero, bachirou, Cafu, iaonnou and Freeman, yes it all makes sense now . I suppose you still believe we’re easily going to make the top six with the best squad we’ve ever had as well. I bet if we could get Nicholas to say it you’d really believe it then wouldn’t you . It’ll back to 15000 season tickets Nicholas the good will you worked so hard to generate is gone my friend, they’ll be no more weekly gates of 27000+ no matter how much you try and convince us that the achievements made are immense . Trentender believes you though and he will be with his sand and his electronic clapping hands watching the players the manager brought and the team he selected .

22 Mar 2021 23:34:53
Trentender I think the few posters u was on about seem right if u read it properly it says they've learnt by there mistakes well we will see lol.

23 Mar 2021 09:06:39
exactly he did say they have learnt by their mistakes so why not give credit for that. Re player recruitment they followed the old model like Clough telling Taylor what he wanted and Taylor found the player for Clough to then rubber stamp. the only problem was the players they found weren't that good
All clubs are in financial trouble and have to sell to balance books I just understand why fans on here think we are the only ones that sell.
The bottom line is its my choice to beleive Randell. I have no reason not to believe him. Its a choice of beleiving someone who works for the club at senior level or beleive some paranoid speculators that thrive on doom. I prefer to be a positive supporter.

23 Mar 2021 16:42:21
Im a positive fan trentender? i'm positive hughton plays sh#te boring football and makes too many wrong decisions . i'm positive we brought in 14 sh#te players. i'm positive unless there are big changes were going down. i'm positive apart from worral we have a sh#te team with no balls.

23 Mar 2021 16:56:37
The open letter showed us all how much we can trust a word that randall says?

23 Mar 2021 18:15:46
I don’t mind Randall and I don’t mind if hughton gets another season but the manager has not been making those decisions, some of them are so poor no good manager would make so many bad ones . Just admit and we all move on. It’s fine being positive but the ‘club’ have made that impossible this Season as it was always doomed, there is nothing to be positive about and the club have failed the fans, it’s just reality .

23 Mar 2021 18:23:10
Randall must of sat down and thought hard what to say.
Talk is Cheap.
Action's speak louder than words.

23 Mar 2021 19:49:36
Fawaz, I agree but in spite of that I still don’t dislike him . I’m just miffed that the owner won’t scalp his midgets and turf them out of the club. I love going to a packed city ground and I’m frustrated that all the hard work to win the fans over and get the supporters to come in their droves has been wasted .



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