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15 Jan 2021 17:45:45
Did the back four look more solid with Jenkinson?

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15 Jan 2021 18:04:02
You should be asking how many games can Jenkinson play on the trot before getting injured.

I would say five games.

15 Jan 2021 18:08:40
I thought Bong had a good game bearing in mind that his game time has been non existent and an assist that's one more than Riberio.

15 Jan 2021 19:09:12
Thing is skegs rigs gives 100% like yates the two aren't brilliant but i'd rather see heart than turn up.

15 Jan 2021 19:22:12
That wasn’t the question GF .

15 Jan 2021 19:28:33
Shows how far we’ve fallen if you’re happy to watch headless chickens so long as the run .

15 Jan 2021 19:32:35
I know Carlo, i could not help myself in the replying to you.

For me it does not matter if Jenkinson commanded his position and still managed to cover a couple of other players.

Jenkinson can not stay fit for long so he should have no future at Forest, so in my opinion he is not worth thinking about other than when will he leave.

15 Jan 2021 19:53:58
Two star, it is a catch twenty two.

Do you want to spend a load of money on agent fees, signing on fees, and wages for players that have skill but are so lazy, and produce very little.


Do you want to spend less money on players that are average that will give their all.

15 Jan 2021 20:01:03
Better to have a headless chicken that can run than a heartless human that doesn't . why you overpay one. You stood up for yates against me once. When i said he was clueless can't put a through ball, head a ball, etc etc. Saying its not his fault its the managers. I thought about this 2 star and agreed. Why change now mate?

15 Jan 2021 20:12:01
He’s complete carp mate but surely we have to blame the manager for not dropping him? If he gets asked to play he’ll play won’t he? The root cause is the manager who keeps playing . He can’t head, pass, score tackle or run but it’s not his fault he’s exposed to all these things that he can’t do weekly, it’s the mangager or whoever picks the team.

15 Jan 2021 20:34:07
Every manager has picked him though?
Oniel got a tune out of him and he scored for him.
Hughtons set up is pathetic to be honest and midfield are too deep full stop.
All the midfield and wingers look lost playing his boring tactics.
Only one way to move forward and that's without hughton.

15 Jan 2021 20:53:08
Yates 23 years old 4 senior goals
Sow 31 5 goals
Colback 31 17 goals
Arter 31 32 goals
Carvalho 23 6 goals
Cafu 27 11 goals
Guerro 30 35 goals
Lolley 28 34 goals
Ameobi 28 20 goals
Freeman 28 42 goals
Knockheart 29 60 goals.
On the whole yeats will eventually pass some of the goal tallys from the older ones.
The list shows why we struggle to score goals non are prolific and quite a few in their twilight years.

15 Jan 2021 22:06:38
A forward pass would help . You’re right O Neil was improving him and I’ll tell you now he’d have given young players a chance as well. Ironic how those who wanted O Neil gone tell us every week we should pick all the kids . Dinosaur football eh? If that’ was dinosaur football what’s this.? In any case yates is naff mate, only player who gets worse with game time.

15 Jan 2021 22:39:32
You,ll find Yates has scored 9 senior goals.
Football is all about confidence ,hope Yates never looks on here !

15 Jan 2021 23:17:31
Forward pass colback? At least he breaks up play as does sow (for me plays dangerously with yellow cards) but agreed we need that type of player. As for knockaert he is getting better with every game. lolley bless him still trying TOO hard. Sammy not so good even his shots have weakness now. Artur/ cafu take them to the sheep. Mighten still needs experience but his pace is more than enough for me.

15 Jan 2021 23:30:47
Just saying 2 star.
Highton is the worst of the worst.

16 Jan 2021 08:02:22
From a footballing perspective and how it seems to have affected the players’ mojo, I can’t disagree with you. Maybe the players were down anyway but he’s struggled to lift them.

16 Jan 2021 08:03:18
Bowie, you’ll never hear me defend Jack’s game this season, he’s been awful.

16 Jan 2021 08:53:31
Jack Passback !!

16 Jan 2021 09:47:25
Correct carlo my mistake just put his forest goals down plus one for barrow.
Which is a good return for a young player.

16 Jan 2021 11:46:56
23 going on 24 isn’t young pal. He’s had stacks of game time abs just gets worse . He’s not good enough.

16 Jan 2021 12:45:22
My apologies 2star picked you up wrong mate 👍.

16 Jan 2021 12:45:39
Goals scored are one thing but in terms of a 4231 formation I want the 2 in midfield to boss games, dictate play and drive us forward. At the minute Yates and Sow are 2 blockers shielding the defenders effectively making a back 6.2nd half Stoke they played much further forward giving a much improved team performance.



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