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09 Jan 2021 18:04:07
Well done lads well done hughton keep it up . we hate maranakis. Maranakis out.

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09 Jan 2021 18:22:20
To right skegjay.
The fat greek needs to sell up.
Rotten to the core.

09 Jan 2021 18:35:02
Skeggs mate hughton is more boring than dougie.

09 Jan 2021 18:55:10
Don't care anymore as long as we win games boring great average we've had them all just want to win mind you we have a owner that doesn't seem to want to get to premiership so even if we had the greatest football manager going wouldn't make any difference and hughton still early days again so needs time mind u we are forest time and consistency doesn't work here between the fans and owners no manager has a chance.

09 Jan 2021 20:18:45
Question mate
Marinakas sells up
Would you still want hughton?

09 Jan 2021 20:48:13
Skeg, saying owner doesn't want promotion is rubbish in my humble opinion.
You can post Marianakis out every post but its to no avail mate,

09 Jan 2021 20:55:19
Marinakis in but please wake up and remove your maggots and all will be well.

09 Jan 2021 21:00:02
Tentender we had a good chance last season if he had invested in a good striker and and playmaker in January we would of been there also as far as I'm concerned were just a under outfit for maranakis any decent players we get will end up at olmpiacos we are is no2 club simples sooner he sells club better maranakis out.

09 Jan 2021 21:06:48
Skeggs i'd love him to sell up.
But its unlikely he's got his hands on some of the best real estate in Nottingham now so he ain't going knowhere.
Got the council in his pocket now they are bust with inept finance.
Ground won't get built in a hurry but the surrounding area will.

09 Jan 2021 21:10:51
Totally agre skeggs it needed a couple of players.
And yes he's an olympiacos fan.
Bought us got his 99 year lease from the council job done for him.

09 Jan 2021 21:44:52
Marinakis has zero ambition or the astute business mentality to get to the Premiership.
His false promises and poor leadership has leff Forest as a Club a laughable club.
If he is serious he needs to get rid of his close so called aides.
His love is Olympiacos and Forest is the secret mistress.
I agree with 2star.
Once he gets ridnof his maggots maybe things will change?

10 Jan 2021 08:54:55
The win was good, but the performance was far from convincing,

Just still no creativity going forward, Lolley was poor again, givinng the ball away too often, can say that to all the team

still going to be a long season, will hvae to see who comes in, if any.

10 Jan 2021 09:31:30
When the Greek bought the club he inherited the fan base to . He might not like us all or what we are saying. But he is stuck with us . So a few home truths won't go amiss . My what a thing, unbeaten in 6, are we turning the corner? .

10 Jan 2021 11:04:18
Who is going to buy us
using your arguement there are loads of clubs where fans want owners to sell up and move on.
Brentford, if only they hadnt sold their star players and bought better in the transfer window would have gone up.
Cardiff the same, Swansea the same.
My point is fans moaning with hindsight.
I agree Marianakis has made mistakes with staff employed by him and allowing so many signings but surely its better to have an owner that is prepared to fund the club than just sit back, sanction no player purchases and run the club down like Charlton. This arguement about our best players going to Olympiacos is rubbish. Silva was slated on hear for being poor and not scoring enough goals, who else has gone there that fans wanted to keep?
Re the stadium, that's good business get the lease extended then build hotel or apartments which will then fund the stadium improvement and the Academy improvements.
The City council planners have been their usual akward so delaying progress. If anyone has had dealings with them for home extensions they will know how difficult they make life.
The club is stable, we are not in administration, we are not under FFP so why is the club rotten to the core as some keep blurting out. Just because the club is being run differently to some on here would doesn't make it rotten. I would wager most on here aren't experienced in business.
Finally re player sales and the money from them.
Every club is a selling club if the player wants to go or the stupid money being offered to buy.
Even Man Utd couldn't keep Ronaldo, Liverpool couldn't keep Suarez, its business.
One thing fans don't get is that when we sell a player we don't necessarily get the money as a lump sum, could be in instalments, then there are admin fees, tax, insurance and in some cases loyalty bonuses to take off the fee received so the money in from sales banded on here aren't always correct.
I love Forest and will always support the club, team etc through thick or thin. Yes things aren't great but I personally think the owner is fine,
Maybe the fact he stays quiet and out of the way winds people off but better that than seeking media and spouting off all the time.



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