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26 Dec 2020 17:52:12
Get a British manager they said.
A manager who knows the league they said.
A manager with experience of promotion they said.
Chris Hughton meets all the criteria they said.
No more foreigners they said.
Watch us climb the league.
In the mean time Norwich with a foreign manager that got them relegated last season but they hung on to him are top of the league.
Brilliant how that's turned out.

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26 Dec 2020 18:09:22
And your point please?

26 Dec 2020 18:18:33
The timing of his appointment has been a key factor in his lack of success.

The only thing you can moan about his cv is his way of getting teams to play.

The Norwich manager was given time through the tougher times at the beginning of his reign, and they stuck with him when they knew they were getting relegated.

26 Dec 2020 18:23:08
And the point is 2star, what we’ve got is crap. O’Driscolls team walloped Leeds on Boxing Day and were 1 point off the play offs, this team has won 1 game in the last 10 and are 2 points off the relegation places on Boxing Day but this tripe will still keep being served up. The club is rotten.

26 Dec 2020 18:52:35
My point is some on here who slaughtered Sabri for failing to get in to play offs. Its just meant we avoided losing 2 more games. It just shows how well he managed the players to get the team to finish 7th but because he was Johnny foreign he had to go.
New manager has same players plus proven new players and failing.
The fans are so fickle, got no patience and treat managers like temporary zero contract commodities.

26 Dec 2020 19:08:24
Trentender we had a manager from inside the Uk, with experience of promotion, and the premier league an assistant who had won virtually every honour in club football, ( not from the Uk) and had experienced promotion as a manager, won his last 3 consecutive league games, he was disposed in a disgusting manner, I was optimistic when we got rid of lamouchi (5 games too late) but what is being served up now is filth, I have been watching us since the 60’s, and we have had worse teams ( on paper) , but never have we been so negative and utterly boring, that we have in recent times, in the past we had bad teams, but we had an Ian moore or a Duncan mckenzie, and actually tried to play on the front foot even though not good enough, now we find ourselves regularly playing at home with 2and a half dm’s because Cafu is neither one or the other, am I the only one that thinks it’s Yates who should be on loan at Lincoln, and Johnson be in our squad,?

26 Dec 2020 19:12:10
For failing to get into the play offs?

He had Forest in the play offs and got them kicked out of them.

If Forest had lost by one goal less it would have been the play offs.

26 Dec 2020 19:54:10
Trentender no patience? 21 years coming up, lamouchi’ luck ran out, we got away with it game after game Under him, , and in the end Lady Luck deserted him, he bored the a***, off us all season, the negative tactics finally caught up at Barnsley, we’ve been pathetic ever since, this ‘ Johnny Foreigner ‘ crap is garbage, I personally couldn’t care less if the manager came from mars, he was found out and wasn’t up to the job,

26 Dec 2020 20:16:02
Trent, thanks for clarifying.

26 Dec 2020 20:53:00
Stevie, Johnny Foreigner us crsp but the posts on here eere fulk of it including slating Sabri for his stuttering interviews. I knoe its 21 years. I've veen a fan for 55 years but the chsnge a nanager every 6 months brigade are doing my head in. Yes we missed play offs but that's no bad thing as we would hsve lost the 2 legs in semi so saved us the embarassment.

26 Dec 2020 21:19:35
Trentender we should have kept o’ neill with that ‘ Johnny Foreigner ‘ Keane, we might have got some stability, the major problem is ‘ Johnny Foreigner ‘ owners, like fawaz and marinakis. Whom are really frustrated managers, and can’t keep their beak out of the running of the team, and selection of players,

26 Dec 2020 22:09:50
One things for sure we haven't progressed by sacking Lamouchi.

27 Dec 2020 21:57:40
Trentender you make me laugh, yes it is not good to change the manager every six months but the Qatar one had a full term when you add up all his time in charge.

You then say not being in the play offs saved the team the embarrassment of losing over two legs.

It was more embarrassing to be in the play offs for so long then drop out of them, not because they lost but because they lost by one more goal than they need in order to stay in the play offs.

Now that is, and was embarrassing.



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