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06 Oct 2020 08:26:39
So lamouchi appears to still be in his posituon. Stokey said he had gone with more to follow on sunday. Another journeyman defensive midfielder signed so that is clearly a lamouchi choice.
SL must have something over marinakis and it makes ths swift heartless sacking of Oneil all the more bewidering. How can someone preside over statistics that would lead a manager ro resign let alone be sacked is beyond comprehension. Bearing in mind lamouchi was appointed 25 mins after the sacking of oneil. A master stroke from the fat man. With all the desperate quotes and strategy from lamouchi its clear he has lost the plot and dressing room. Maybe he has plans to sleep with the fat mans wife or daughter as he seems to be able to get away with anything.
Dont be fooled by the semi clear out as some of the promising youngsters are among those culled, loaned out lol. Beyond frustrated.

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06 Oct 2020 09:31:51
You should read kritian Karebeu'sblue print on forest rutland then you will undeestand how we are and how we will continue to be run.
Cafu signing has nothing to do with Lamouchi and neither do any other signings, we've been signing this sort of player since karanka, even o'Neil got the same sort of signings.

06 Oct 2020 10:28:00
Do you mean kristian carembeu? It gets worse 79. Rewatched the bbc bit when forest played olympiacos last season. Going to make forest bigger than olympiacos? We already are. Not wanting win the next match we win now today. From the fat man himself. he even smiled when he said it. He is full of BS and a lucky man to inherit a shipping company from his father. He is no business man, pure and simple, he has presided over the most desperate of times in the clubs history, even worse than when we were in div1. At least we appointed half decent managers and bought good prospective players. This revolving door of shocking absolute garbage players and employing Lamouchi tells us that its the mafia running the club. When he sacked oneil you could only forgive him if he brought in a worldy manager and quality players. He has done neither and infact screwed the club into the dirt with utter incompetance and BS. Revamped City Ground my arse.

06 Oct 2020 10:31:50
Where is the blue print to be found, or give a quick round up. Forest.

06 Oct 2020 11:08:55
I concur Rutland.
The fat greek has no clue!

06 Oct 2020 12:16:58
There are two other over weight so called leaders who take incompetence to a new meaning and do untold damage a long the way blaming everybody else and taking no responsibility!

06 Oct 2020 13:16:37
Boris Johnson has lost weight carlo and Donald is a fat tw@t carlo. 🤣🤣🤣.

06 Oct 2020 13:41:41
Carlo could have been corbyn and Abbott, the corbyn family deny the existence of the virus, and Abbott said she would ‘borrow the money to get us out of debt ‘ genius.

06 Oct 2020 15:28:07
Sounds a bit like our illustrious owner.

06 Oct 2020 17:59:21
The only left wingers I admire are ISMoore and Robbo but the I certainly don,t feel anything but distain at the way our crisis is being handled by our inept lying leader who,s only any good at making kids and looking after his advisor.



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