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19 Sep 2020 20:02:31
It,s not all bad news ,just looks at the table we,ve moved up a place and we play the team above us on Friday.

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19 Sep 2020 20:43:37
The greek tradgedy is now in full swing carlo, probably 4 more players coming in while its impossible to get rid of the deadwood even on loan because of their wages.
No one should be fooled by the second half performance as cardiff were two up and sat back and defended with ease.
The problem lies with a squad that's too big and has so many unhappy players who are left to rot, albeit on daft wages.
The ltest is brice samba is causing all sorts of unrest in the squad, hence another goalkeeper being signed.

19 Sep 2020 21:13:47
That's right 79 it can't be very good for harmony and respect between players with some of the highest earners either training on their own and not even in the squad. How can Carvalhio be in the team one week but training pretty much on his own and not in the squad for the next game. The continuity is appalling and when you have young players busting a gut to get in the squad then some of the highest earners just training on their own to pick up their wages it just sends out the wrong signal. Of course there could be lots of factors such as players with a bad attitude, not training hard enough but whatever the reasons there is just too many things going on leading to major unrest. For all the flack Yates and Worrall get they at least apply themselves to give 100% whether they are good enough or not. There does appear to be an attitude problem creeping in which has started at the top and will finish with the coach being replaced by another coach who we won't have heard of with the same outcome at the end of it. Whether people believe Lamouchi is good enough or not it can't be easy trying to coach near on 40 players some of whom want to leave but nobody wants them and some who give everything but just maybe aren't quite good enough or are lacking that confidence. I just think we should have paid off at least 6 to 8 players, taking it on the chin and then looked at the squad afterwards to see where improvements are needed. Unfortunately it's getting rather tedious being a reds fan now but as always we will still follow and hope.

19 Sep 2020 21:41:29
If any player wanted to leave they would. Go prove themselves elsewhere then get a pay rise.

If you stay because of your wages you do not rate yourself, and do not really want to leave.

19 Sep 2020 21:41:29
If any player wanted to leave they would. Go prove themselves elsewhere then get a pay rise.

If you stay because of your wages you do not rate yourself, and do not really want to leave.

19 Sep 2020 21:57:58
Very good reply mate and shows our frustrations with the big greek fella.
Worrall and then mighten will be sold next to fund his next batch of crap 9n mass.

19 Sep 2020 22:14:38
Get forward they come here for the money if you looked at the way we players its a no wonder no one decent wants to come unless its silly money.
De costa will now join the bomb squad and rightly so because he's useless but that's not his fault that's down to recruitment and the dof and his cronies and Marinakis who employs these idiots.
We must have the worst scouting system this great club has ever had .
Its appallingly laughable and if it were costing marinakis he might actually do something about it,
But because its funded by selling our bright young players he don't care.
The buck stops with marinakis.
Dodgy individual who the fans will soon turn on as you can't run any club like he is doing at this present time and expect success.

20 Sep 2020 01:35:08
As I said before lol it’s down to another bad owner but you will only listen when u want to even Grabben as gave up.

20 Sep 2020 09:28:37
Skeg. in total agreement with you.
If the big Greek wanted Forest Promoted he would run the club correctly and not sign a complete new team.
Questions need to answered in regards to whether the Greek actually wants Forest to succeed?
Worral and Yates may be sold to fund the club?
It's a strange one?
Marinakis is turning out to be far worse that Fawaz it seems.



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