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15 Sep 2020 07:20:49
I know Saturday wasn't a great start, but looking at this board, it just seems a ridiculous overreaction, I was as disappointed as anyone about the end of last season, some of the posts are way over the top, I have never been totally convinced with the manager, but I believe in that huge squad there is a very competitive eleven, the owner must realize the squad is too big, after all he is the one footing the bill, I look with interest to Saturday now, to see what reaction we get,

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15 Sep 2020 07:30:57
Ok. Lamouchi doesn't even know his best 11?
Take the wolves manager. he only has a small squad yet he manages to find synergy and cohesion with his team.
The squad is bloated just like the huge wage bill.
Over the top posts. i disagree. if you are happy with the current form then you must be watching another team.
You keep on believing we will be in contention for a top 6 finish. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

15 Sep 2020 07:47:29
Stevie the sale of Cash and probably Worrall 2 of our best young players who would be in the first 11 ( apparently the reds have put a 12 million price tag on Joe) will fund the ridiculous wages we pay to players who won't even get in the squad, Marinkas is not stupid and will keep his hands out of his own pockets.

15 Sep 2020 08:12:46
The problem is Saturday was not the start of this decline, in reality it stretches back to December 19. 5 wins 8 draws 8 defeats in the last 21 games . Add the post lock down ward spiral and you have a dispirited team and manager. To throw half and dozen plus new players in to the mix, sell maybe one or two of your best and you have a motivation problem. Probably almost any Combination of 11 players of the 30 plus in the huge squad will play better as a team if inspired . This comes from SL but I don’t think he has got the skills to motivate players. So come Saturday the players have his fate in their hands. How many times have we said that recently and what has been the result.

15 Sep 2020 08:19:09
Ridiculous overreaction? Honestly? Have you watched any of last seasons matches live and where have you been for the last 20 or so games? The football is atrocious, it’s just defend defend defend- and not particularly well either. The manager hasn’t got an attacking bone in his body, it’s all about remaining compact and hard to break down. That’s fine at places like Watford, but in my eyes completely unacceptable against teams like Barnsley at home. No disrespect to Barnsley, but compare their squad to ours. The DOF and coach should quit immediately come Saturday evening if there is no dramatic turnaround in performance, passion and attacking intent.
The clubs a joke.

15 Sep 2020 09:07:01
Redfrog. 👍.

15 Sep 2020 09:19:54
Stevief i normally agree eith your thoughts but not completely on this one. The academy and its bright prospects, in my opinion are funding wages of the current recruitment. No fees are changing hands for players brought in so wages are just like an HP agreement. On the surface, as no info is fourthcoming from the club, the money is not being used wisely. Any other owner would be accused of asset stripping. As for the squad containg a core of competitive players for this league? I for one am not impressed. We have few CONSISTENT performers and little drive from dynamique midfielders. Matty Cash was that driver.

15 Sep 2020 09:28:36
I like football played a certain way and want to leave the City Ground with a smile because Forest have played well and won, if the players do not manage to win then at least they played well enough to make it a entertaining game.

I do not like the overly defensive set up our players leader uses and want him to give the teams attacking players more freedom to get forward and express themselves.

I have no control over how the team plays but the way they play now is something i will accept with a heavy heart if the team is doing well, but when the team have a long period of drawing and losing with only the odd win i will not gloss over it.

The players leader should have been asked by the owner at the terms end are you willing to make the team more attacking, then told, if not go now.

15 Sep 2020 09:35:28
Great post Stevie 👍🏻.

15 Sep 2020 09:53:26
Red frog of course I have watched the games live up until lockdown, I have a season card like most on here, and have followed like everyone else since, I am not saying I enjoy the sit back style of lamouchi, , and since lock down it’s probably got more negative because of lack of crowd pressure to get forward, particularly at home, but Saturday seems to have been the catalyst for many on here to predict meltdown, all I am saying is 1 game has been played so far, the problem lamouchi has got is people will accept having the ball 30% of the game only big you keep winning, people seemed happy with things when we beat Huddersfield and Bristol city, but if you look at both those games the opposition had the majority of the ball, all I am saying is let the new players find their feet, and if you still feel the same in 6 games time fair enough,

15 Sep 2020 10:11:31
Rutland, those players we produced generally got dogs abuse on here, brereton lacelles, cash Osborn, Worrall have all been slaughtered in here from time to time, some most of the time, now all of a sudden everyone is lamenting their departuresor imminant departure, clubs in the position we’re in will always lose their best players, to the prem it’s the way it is, all I am saying is give it a few more games before the season is totally written off by everyone, GET FORWARD, we all like football played in a certain ‘ forest way’ , but let’s be honest only Carey and clough ( in my time) have managed to combine winning football with exciting football, have you forgotten gillies, brown, megson etc ( the list is too long) so let’s not get too hung up on the ‘ forest way ‘ mate, it’s seldom been like that,

15 Sep 2020 10:32:21
I do not believe there is a Forest Way, it is a myth.

I do not believe the overly defensive football served up is the only way to play to get success.

Bournemouth, Norwich, Fulham, Leeds have all got up playing good football, five of the top six last term were teams that tried to play good football so it is just the case of having a will to try and play that way.

15 Sep 2020 11:00:35
Stevie i agree about the contradiction on the young plsyers but my point is, and i have made it several times, is that the academy is the only profit making area from the playing dept and the club seem desperate to exchange these lads for money at the earliest opportunity, quite ruthlessly in most cases.

Worrall was only recently loaned to rangers now he has had one season he has a value and that will be cash converted very soon. I firmly believe that cash and worrall might just get better in a new environment under better coaches. Worrall like lascelles has the attributes and potential to go on and be great.

I have only seen forest away from home in the recent years and watched cash make sub appearances under warburton. Preston for example where brereton scored for us. Though young, cash had drive in him and took the ball deep into the opposition half with purpose.

We need that this season more than ever and not the money. We have no one with these attributes lolley tries but lacks the pace and only has the one trick, cutting in. Hope you get my point stevie.

15 Sep 2020 12:04:18
Stevie harry had us playing the most exciting football as well and paul hart, both stabbed in the back when we were getting somewhere.
Dont forget frank clark either so we have had some good managers playing attractive football.

15 Sep 2020 12:20:57
Rutland of course I understand your point, but could we really deny cash his move to the prem and his hike in wages? and plenty on here we’re offering Benny a lift when sheff u came in for him, Burke now looks like good business ( pity fawaz pocketed the cash, ) loads on here couldn’t wait to get rid of brereton for the money, I still believe he will come back to haunt us, I get your basic point and it remains to be seen whether the money has been invested wisely, but it needs more time than some on here are prepared to give before we know, as for the coach, I thought he was the wrong appointment from day one,

15 Sep 2020 12:36:31
The problem was an is, we were a shoe in for the top 6 last year an we just collapsed ridiculously and the coach and the players should of been held accountable for it, if we had made playoffs an lost the football club would be in a better mood etc with fans but there was no apology on the website an a statement of we will use this to come back stronger just silence for 6 weeks an now we start the season like we did last an it still stinks on the banks of the Trent so I’m sorry but coach needs to go but that’s my opinion, if he stays an miraculously turns it round I will be as happy as the next red dog but can’t see it 😩.

15 Sep 2020 13:54:28
Ff79 harry was in the happy position of having quality players. head and shoulders above most other teams in the league, van hoojidonk stone Campbell, beasant Thomas, Johnson, etc, not a luxury we have at the moment mate,



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