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13 Sep 2020 19:52:02
I have to agree that the football that our players leader serves up is not entertaining but some on here say that the players leader played some of the wrong players, that this player is better than another player and it is wrong that some players join only to never play, i find that a bit odd. The players that got left out are part of the team that only won three games out of fifteen last term, new players have been brought in so need to be looked at. Yes the club have wasted a lot of money on players but what is the point of bringing in new players just to stick with the players that failed so badly in those last fifteen games. One thing that might have been better is for the players leader to have changed just two players from last term instead of changing as many as he did but why say it is wrong to bring in players and not play them, then say the new players should not have played.

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13 Sep 2020 20:26:57
We have been spoilt in the past as we rightly should aim to achieve the same or better. Are we asking for the moon, no, we at least want a club that is going for it. Rome wasn't built in a day but Cloughy was on the job and laid a few foundation stones.
All we have at the moment are garden sheds with no foundations.

13 Sep 2020 20:59:06
The players leader ak Lamouchi, should not have been given six more crap players to chose from while losing one of his best players.
He needed 2 or three quality players with pace, not six and likely more to follow that are no improvement on what he had.
Add de costa, bong and the other wastes of space we signed in jan and that's nearly a team.
But theyvare crap signings paid for with cash money.
Its garbage what we sign they are overpaid and old.
I would give mighten a run as he is the only one with pace.
While ever we have this dof and his cronies organising transfers we are in deep s--t.

13 Sep 2020 21:13:55
Don’t think colback, freeman, Taylor are crap players at championship level, that’s a strange remark, maybe not all sabris fault but he doesn’t help himself,

13 Sep 2020 21:25:40
I disagree colback i didn't like first time and i'm on record saying i didn't want him back, we are paying stupid money in wages for a player that plays backwards and collects yellow cards for fun.
Taylor done nothing outside league one, freeman lacks pace and doesn't score enough.
Should have gone for swift from reading.

13 Sep 2020 21:58:05
Lyle Taylor scored 1 in 2 over 22 games in the championship, so he’s achieved something,

13 Sep 2020 22:13:47
Yep took him till he was thirty.

13 Sep 2020 22:16:43
Stevie they aren't what was needed we need younger faster hungrier players not this garbage.
Uf they are goid players then we will be alright then?

13 Sep 2020 22:31:48
Ff79 don’t get your point with Taylor we only want one good season out of him, he was hardly a long term buy was he,? colback is quality at this level dispite what you say, however he is surrounded by crap in Yates and da costa,

13 Sep 2020 22:48:02
Ff79 we will be alright only if lamouchi uses the better players at his disposal correctly,

14 Sep 2020 00:49:45
There aren't none stevie .
Pick me aside i dare you and if it actually played it would get slaughtered week in and out cus for all the size of the squad it lacks speed goals and creativity.
So let's see your side from this lot
Your saying its just Lamouchi so you can see a better line up?
Name it cus i can't. barring ditching 70% of what he has to chose from i don't see a way forward.
Marinakis should be on tv as a hoarder and get an expert in to put him right.
Who in their right minds signs players like beneloun, jenkinson, bong, heffle? That cost millions in wages just to sit at home?
We are a laughing stock my friend and its fast becoming a greek tragedy.

14 Sep 2020 04:47:17
Teddy was not quickest of players, was he.

14 Sep 2020 07:16:26
Ff79 if you read my post mate I’m not saying it’s just lamouchi, I said he doesn’t help himself.

14 Sep 2020 08:28:02
Ff79. Samba
Jenks. Figs. Worrall ribeiro
Lolley Silva freeman ameobi
Grabban / Taylor. ( either or)

14 Sep 2020 08:43:45
Get forward neither was robbo.



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