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30 Aug 2020 11:33:50
Great to see Carvs playing in the pre season friendlies and getting a couple of assists. Hoping Lamouchi can get the best out of him.

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30 Aug 2020 11:47:07
Let’s hope for the good of the club that ‘carvs’ comes good, he’s had more Chances than a chancer and has become quite an embarrassment to us. We at least need to give him games to get him in the shop window as he’d have been sold after two seasons of abject failure - trouble he’s worth nothing - same as clough.

30 Aug 2020 13:43:43
9 assists 4 goals in his first season wasn’t embarrassing. Needs to push on - can only do that with game time.

30 Aug 2020 13:58:29
Only 28 appearances as well Redtree.

30 Aug 2020 14:16:22
That’s what makes it even more embarrassing- that you don’t think it was .

30 Aug 2020 14:27:31
4 goals ain’t great from an attacking midfielder, and this assist stat is just a load of b******* brought in by sky, trying to mimic ice hockey stats completely misleading,

30 Aug 2020 14:34:43
Redtree it does make me laugh, you and I both agree friendlies are if little consequence, then all of a sudden your using the stat of assists for your mate to try to make him look good, well here’s another ‘stat from the 3 games while he was playing we lost 2 out of the 3 to lower league opponents,

30 Aug 2020 14:42:12
Perks he was unlucky to have sustained a bad injury in preseason. With his age he still has plenty of time to improve but you can see the talent is there.

2 star embarrassing would be if he refused to play like PVH or he didn’t try and downed tools.

Stevie assists are important it’s not bull. But I do kinda agree there’s much more to a player than these stats.

30 Aug 2020 14:54:09
Haha the bitterness is showing Stevie 😂 when will you realise I post to wind you and the moaning brigade up.

I think a lot of fans on here would prefer Carvalho to fail than support him. In fact I think a few people on here enjoy forest doing badly. Just so they can moan!

30 Aug 2020 15:20:31
Redtree if you actually read the majority of my posts I don’t ‘ moan’ the fact that I don’t rate carvallho doesn’t make me a moaner, looks like you got a bit embarrassed being caught contradicting yourself, and if you think people on here want a bloke who cost over double our previous transfer record fee to fail, then I think you are misreading a lot of posts on here,

30 Aug 2020 15:24:13
That’s bonkers, I only post yo wind you up redtree! We’re all it! Fancy that!

30 Aug 2020 15:25:40
Redtree oh yeah and the other point you made, people tended to notice when pvh ( a proper record signing ) downed tools not sure anyone would be able to tell if ‘ carvs’ did I.

30 Aug 2020 15:25:57
Redtree, rival fans can’t stop laughing out the carvalho saga, let's be honest if he were a derby player it’d be the that kept giving to us wouldn’t it!

30 Aug 2020 15:41:44
If anyone does not want a Forest player to do well they are not Forest fans.

30 Aug 2020 15:59:10
For the past twenty years the moaners have had a field day at the CG ,such a lot to moan about !

30 Aug 2020 16:44:15
If carvalho became the game winner that we thought he was going to be for 13m every forest fan would be jubilant and we would eventually know why we paid 13m for him, but on evidence of the last 2 seasons and in my opinion is that when he plays he doesn’t run for the lost cause, he’s far too lightweight and gets easily dispossessed and it’s like we play with 10 men and when him and diakhaby were on we were playing with 9 lol.

30 Aug 2020 16:51:52
It’s a moaners paradise Carlo.

30 Aug 2020 16:57:32
Arran, it’s ‘carvs’ mate.

30 Aug 2020 17:23:26
Stevie your view on assists one of the most bizarre comments I’ve ever read on here. Final ball is everything in the game of football. Ask any striker in any league.

30 Aug 2020 17:34:13
Haha funny.

30 Aug 2020 17:51:39
Perks yeah final ball is everything, but an aimless boot down the middle can fortunately drop to one of your own and be classed as an assist, so the stats can be skewed like most stats in the world.

30 Aug 2020 18:03:15
I have seen a player pass the ball to a forward, and in other cases a striker from well outside the box then the player given the ball went on a run then did something brilliant to put the ball in the net many times over the years. Yes there was a assist but the forward, or striker did all the work.

30 Aug 2020 18:13:53
I’m only kidding redtree, no malice meant at all. Like you I hope he does well and helps to make us a more attacking force . At the end of 18/ 19 I honestly thought he’d do better this year. The impact at the whack em arena didn’t help.

30 Aug 2020 19:06:30
Get forward exactly my point,

30 Aug 2020 19:53:48
Get Forward/ Stevie, you might get the odd one in the ways you describe but if you have 8,10,15 assists to your name in a season you’re either a good player or you need to go buy a lottery ticket.

30 Aug 2020 20:13:16
It’s cool 2star I know it’s all a laugh on here. Honestly i can understand we have spent record amount of money on a player - to not even play him it is madness. I have seen a quality player in their but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Think this season will be either the making or breaking.

30 Aug 2020 20:35:57
I’ve got a feeling we will see more of him this season redtree, I think this season it’s definitely in his hands, we need some creativity and even his biggest critics would likely agree his technical ability enables a deft touch or clever flick to open things up, if we can play a system that enables him to do what he does best it’s got to surely make us a bit more creative .

30 Aug 2020 21:12:20
Perks I was merely pointing out the unreliability of stats mate, nobody needed stats to tell you bobby charlton or Alan ball could play, or even Nigel clough could pass a ball, it’s there for all to see, the only stats that really matter are goals, the rest of the stuff is for the sky commentary team to bore the backside off us with,

30 Aug 2020 21:27:15
Think the problem lies with marinakis and his hunger for instant success.
Coaches will take the easy option of not losing first, so creative players will be at a minimum or they will be sacked.
Pressure from the top creates pressure everywhere.

31 Aug 2020 08:00:31
Seventy nine i like your theory but for me it is not right. There are too many managers out there that are too defensive in their teams set up, many managers get sacked before two terms are done, that is because results are not good enough. A team has to have a strong defence, off course but what any team does not like is, players that run at them with the ball, players that can pick a good pass, players that pass and move, players that are quick, and knowing one mistake made and they will be punished. That then makes teams think twice.



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