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30 Aug 2020 09:17:59
Reading about carvalaho on here the one consistant is his attitude. You cannot change that. Someone mentioned terry and lampard being one club players. Their attitude from an early age is what made them great. Neither blessed with sublime talent but my god did they work at maximising every inch of ability until they became greats but their attitude remained even throigh the heights and took falls as a wake up and try harder.
Its lack of attitude and character that hurts the fans and team mates. Carvalaho has no pace, no graft, is slight and not robust enough. Talent he may have but without the right mindset you are nothing. We haver better minded players who have been cast adrift and not kicked a ball under lamouchi. Based on this carvalaho does not deserve to wear the garibaldi.

{Ed001's Note - Lampard was not a one club player, he played for 4 clubs at least. West Ham, Chelsea, Man City and NYCFC.}

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30 Aug 2020 10:00:27
You 100% can change attitude.

30 Aug 2020 10:02:07
Ed get that but once at chelsea he blossomed. His dads association with west ham and his uncle coupled with the boo boys at the hammers drove him out.

30 Aug 2020 10:04:34
Lampard and Gerard greats? really?

30 Aug 2020 10:07:50
And terry,? Sorry, not Gerard although he wasn’t a great either in my opinion,

30 Aug 2020 10:12:24
Didn't Terry play for the Reds at one time?

30 Aug 2020 10:23:11
Yes, and he has felt blue for a long time since. 😁.

30 Aug 2020 10:35:47
Rutland, there is no evidence his attitude is poor, it’s what people want to believe as it’s easier to blame his attitude than concede that all that fanfare about his talent was misplaced . Talent is built from lots of building blocks, perhaps he is talented technically but if he’s missing other key aspects he isn’t that talented . What we have here is an unwillingness to accept even after two seasons he’s not got what he takes, if Jason Cummings was still here for example there would be no debate, he’s done little more than Cummings yet still the mitigation is rolled out . Why is there a different treatment?
Because Cummings cost 500k from hibs and carvalho cost 13 million from benfica . What we paid and where he cane from changes nothing, we’ve been duped and he’s a flop.

The strangest thing is that much of the O Neil trolling began because he dropped ‘carvs’, he came back from that looking like he might do something - oh the irony.

30 Aug 2020 10:56:44
Here, here. 👏 👏 👏.

30 Aug 2020 11:31:37
2star my feelings on carvalaho came from the manager himself. He dropped him right out of the squad saying he needs more from him and he wasn't even showing enough in training. But i totally like your post.
Stevief lamps was a great. I think he scored the thick end of 250 goals for chelsea from midfield. John terry was the master at anticipation and put his body on the line. If you judge them on England duty then under the utter clowns we had as managers ghen thwts a bit unfair.

30 Aug 2020 11:41:31
2star you are right I am unwilling to believe he hasn’t got what it takes. But not because he cost 13m, you seem to have a problem with the price tag not me. I want him to succeed for the good of the team and be an asset irrespective of the price on his head.

Keep the Faith.

30 Aug 2020 12:12:31
Rutland Lampard might have been considered a great in the prem league in a expensive Chelsea team bullying the likes of Wigan and west brom, on the international scene where real greats are measured he hardly flickered on the Richter scale, of course the excuse was he and Gerard couldn’t play together, if someone from outside this country picked a world xi he wouldn’t have been anywhere near it, or Gerard or terry for that matter, top class prem players, nothing more,

30 Aug 2020 12:19:50
Berserker we all want him to succeed for the team but in 2 seasons he has shown no signs of doing so, and you bet your life I got a problem with his price tag, he’s worth about 10% of it,

30 Aug 2020 12:36:59
No Stevie most want shot of him, but anyway let’s see what happens this season.

30 Aug 2020 13:05:56
I think you will find that everyone wants every player that joins Forest to do well Berserker, and Carvalvo is no different. The difference is Carvalho has been with the team for two terms and each manager dropped him, since our players leader took over he did not even get into the squad. If he is not going to be picked he needs to go, if he gets picked then needs to make himself be what the team needs.

30 Aug 2020 13:53:01
Get Forward, his name is spelt S A B R I it’s much easier than writing ‘our players leader’ every time. 😀.

30 Aug 2020 14:29:08
Does carvalio realy won't to play for Forest, did he even won't to come in the first place boys, or was it a case of money grabbing agents again who knows. The lad just looks unhappy a lot of the time, not often got a smile on his face. Just another excuse for him i her you say, and you may well be right . Perhaps he’s another one quite happy to sit on the bench and pick up his hard earned money, or the fact may well be that he just ain't good enough, shame because there is something there some were.

30 Aug 2020 14:43:44
That’s a hit like saying I spent a fortune on a car that was unreliable and the cost of it would never come into it . We all want the players to do well bit how you can say expectation does change linked to outlay is hard to understand .

30 Aug 2020 15:53:15
Berserker i do not want to call anyone that takes charge of the players by either their first, middle, if they have one, or last name, only if they have left the club.



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