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29 Aug 2020 20:33:02
Please SL give Joao a chance in the number 10 role with Lyle Taylor if he's played in the right position he will be Forest's best player this season

I hope he proves all the doubters wrong and doesn't become the Jim Baxter of the 2020's now there was a talent ruined by our club.

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29 Aug 2020 20:53:27
Baxter was finished when he came here, but his name and carvallho’s shouldn’t be in The same post, when at his best Baxter was a genius, carvallho isn’t.

29 Aug 2020 21:26:00
And we paid 100k for him which was mega bucks back then.
But different times.
In those days they didn't have the talent coached out of them.
They had natural talent and had a comarardery that got them through and identified with the fan in the street.
Lots of players like sammy chapman were forest through and through they didn't want to play for anyone else.
You don't get that anymore other than the odd exception gerrard and terry.
Think coaches and their add ons of how to eat, what to eat, when to eat are spoiling the game.
In gymnastics its called bullying.
But they speak out because of no pay.
Football was at its best in the sixties to the nineties its gone downhill since. All about money now and little regard for fans.

29 Aug 2020 21:30:57
Come on without come on within you'll not see nothing like the mighty Jim.
Great times.

29 Aug 2020 22:11:59
Baxter was ruined by alcohol, previous to that he had more talent in his left little toe than Carvalho has in his entire body.

29 Aug 2020 22:24:09
Ff79 yes different times mate, much better in my opinion, Baxter was a better drinker than player sadly when he came here.

29 Aug 2020 23:20:09
How many more times? Carvalho has had countless chances to prove himself and is simply no good at this level or in this team. If he's on the pitch then we only have ten men on. Time he was moved on.

30 Aug 2020 00:55:28
Carvahlo the savior if he was that good he would of gone to olympiacos last season bored 😴😴.

30 Aug 2020 06:23:04
Carvalho overpriced and overhyped.
What a waste of 13m.
Wonder how much you would actually get for him these days?

30 Aug 2020 07:04:45
Carvalho has talent, it’s his attitude that stinks. If he sorts that out he will be a great addition to the team.

Keep the Faith.

30 Aug 2020 07:47:46
Just to add, to have a different perspective on things. Forest paid 13m for him hopefully they are trying to work with him and get the best out of him. Not just write him off at an early age. If they can sort his attitude and he works for the team I think this could be his season to shine. Lots of if, buts and maybes there I know but there always is when people are involved.

Keep the Faith.

30 Aug 2020 08:18:25
Berserker someone has already quoted delboy on here, but I’ll give it another airing, ‘this time next year we’ll be millionaires ‘! Weren’t the carvallho disciples saying a similar thing before last season started?

30 Aug 2020 08:48:38
Stevie he got nailed in first pre season game at Alfreton town and suffered a bad injury keeping him out for months.

30 Aug 2020 08:54:29
The only thing I would suggest re Carvallho is that just maybe if he played in a team with more attack minded players that we now have might suit his game. A long shot but still won't work if attitude is wrong.

30 Aug 2020 09:08:17
Perks and what was his excuse in the first 30 odd consecutive games he played under AK? Oh yeah he was settling in, or the players around him aren’t good enough, or the systems not right for him, etc, etc etc yawn as I said before, if he was a 200 grand buy, most would have forgotten he existed by now, think it’s time to write the project off as a bad job, and see if we can mug someone else and at least get a few quid back,

30 Aug 2020 09:46:01
Send him on loan to Benfica lol option to buy back.

30 Aug 2020 10:09:42
Redred lol great idea your a genius mate😊.

30 Aug 2020 10:10:14
Or Greenock Morton!



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