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24 Aug 2020 16:04:36
Another DM player if SL is sanctioning this transfer get rid now!

Obviously Colback Sow Watson and Yates not enough! Maybe he wants to put 9 defensive players out this season per game!

Hang on to your hats could be gripping stuff Not!

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24 Aug 2020 16:34:04
Yep. apparently we after a goal keeper who used to be a left back. Whoever is getting these players in need a rethink.

24 Aug 2020 16:46:23
Makes you wonder don't it . He wants Jordon Smith resigned who has now left the club, but nowt seems to be happening on that front. 🎈.

24 Aug 2020 16:55:17
I reckon the virus is going to be really bad for football full stop. So many people I know have said they’ve no intention of going back, enjoyed Saturdays without it, it’s far more expensive than you realise . The fan gains that the sport has made over the last twenty or so years might well recede . The gulf will become greater I think. It seems like we’re not helping ourselves with what could be another weird raft of signings . Fingers crossed it’s not reparations business, it’ll be a double whammy for us if so.

24 Aug 2020 17:05:18
Watson might be leaving, Yates is still learning, and Sow only played twenty odd games. We still need creative players off course.

24 Aug 2020 17:05:46
So some on here bang on about the disastrous collapse at the end of the season, especially the midfield and defense and how many we conceded in the last 4 games. The manager has Watson leaving, Sow constantly injured and Yates not the ready answer. So he goes out to rectify the defensive side of the team especially as Cash and Worral could leave as well. This apparently is wrong of him according to some. unbelievable. If he keeps the mentioned players he's wrong and if he tries to replace them he's wrong.
But hey ho.

24 Aug 2020 17:10:08
I thought most of you would be happy for another defensive midfielder. According to some on here Watson’s past it, Sow is always injured and Yates ain’t good enough, come on lads you can’t have it both ways.

Keep the Faith.

24 Aug 2020 17:28:29
For me an this is my opinion I’d like to see us sign a player that is going to show our intent to attack next season an so far it’s more of the same.

24 Aug 2020 17:59:49
Most managers have a way they want their teams to play and can not adapt to a different way of doing things when it is not working. The club knew what it was getting when they signed our players leader.

24 Aug 2020 18:15:17
Personally gutted watson is going, he was generally brilliant for the majority of last season, if could wish for any player I’d wish for a 28 year old watson .

24 Aug 2020 18:52:35
Another 30 year old. like going from a Lada to a Yugo. both pointless and much of the same.
We need a proven creative midfielder.
The DOF or the clown owner has no clue.

24 Aug 2020 19:08:00
30 isn’t that old in modern football, time for you to move with the times.

24 Aug 2020 19:51:36
I am in modern times.
30 years isn't exactly young for a footballer is it?
Marinakis is becoming a Fawaz!



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