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29 Jul 2020 12:01:53
Lots of debate about at the moment about the owners, manager, players and the running of the club in general. I do agree in a previous post that under 3 owners, umpteen players some of which we would have forgotten existed and some on ludicrous wages earning more in a week than most earn in a year we have been made to look like a wild and wicked circus. I for one think it would be better to look further down the leagues and cherry pick some raw but vastly better talent who have the potential to cut it higher up the leagues . But as long as football is the way it is with these foreign owners I'm afraid we will be lumbered with some over priced bang average Johnny foreigners. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon and we already being linked to players I've never heard of. Also we have a habit of bringing in players into the squad and they are lucky to get a run out in the team, if you got the balls to bring them in at least have the conviction to play them. Of course as we have debated many times it seems we have managers who have no choice in some players brought in and don't think they are good enough so don't play them surely that problem there creates a bigger problem in a club you are trying to bring harmony too. Again none of us are sure if Lamouchi will be in charge and players are being linked to us left right and centre. Just look at the managers in the last few years all have had the same problems and then the unrest spreads to us the most important part of the club the fans it's just one nasty vicious circle. I'm now at the point where I just don't think it will be happening anytime soon and am really not looking forward to the season ahead. Should have brought in Warnock when we had the chance, yes he divides opinions and some wouldn't give him the time of day but I bet he would have us fighting tooth and nail with a fighting spirit at the top end of the table. I know we were up in the top 6 since xmas but our mentality and confidence sadly caught up with us in the end something I think somebody like Warnock would have overcome. Whatever anyone thinks and all the different opinions one thing for sure the club will always have is the support and loyalty of the best fans in the country something I wish somebody at the club would look at and say enough is enough with out these guys we wouldn't exist.

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29 Jul 2020 12:32:02
Your spot on mate couple your post with Rutland red 7 which as usual is s fine and true assesment and that sums up the club and the season so far . Giving these damming but true assessments you have to be careful not to upset the Banter clique. ie. some drunk from Skegness. Its my ball and I'm going home, I want my money back cause I can't get hammered before kick off ff79.
Plus I'm as thick as a divers boot Psycho_clough 76 and all the rest of the hypocrits . Who are now saying what I said half way through the season along with Rutland 7, Red Fred and and Stevie f to name a few. that it was boring football from a poor squad in a weak league with no chance of promotion.
It's called football knowledge and honesty, hypocrits.

29 Jul 2020 13:24:57
I want my money back cus we won't be allowed to ģo.
I can go to the pub that's not the problem.

29 Jul 2020 13:39:58
Get your tin hat ready red ballons lol. I spend many hours thinking about the vision and ambition of the club. Infact its wasted time as in all honesty it only takes a couple of minutes to point out how easy it is to get it right. Our club has spent over 10 years getting it wrong certainly the last 3 or 4 have been world record cock ups and a masterclass in duffing it. Get the right manager and back him. Unwind all the complications and let one good football man select his staff to get the right blend at the club. Look at Burnley. One good manager, a unified backroom staff, including Woany, who would have thought?, . Now they have been up and doen under the same msnager but have now conslidated, why? Because the manager brings in good pros. Not neccassarly the best players but players that will die for the shirt manager and club. Dyche is getting restless at Burnley due to interference. Will some chairmen ever learn.
I could go on but its boring. The answers are so simple. Now i hear a salesman from the monaco souveignir shop is joining us. You got to laugh. I bet lamouchi lost his concentration end of season chasing that signature ha ha.

29 Jul 2020 14:14:47
Red balloons I’ve agreed with some of your points in the past mate, what I cannot agree with is the personal abuse in your last post, the dig at skegs is unforgivable, and I’ve hardly ever agreed with psycho clough on much, but your reference to him is in very poor taste. I am hoping I’ve got this wrong and it’s tongue in cheek, but please let’s keep it civilised,

29 Jul 2020 14:17:41
Rutland if we had have employed dyche at the same time Burnley did, sites like this would have been in meltdown saying it was unambitious and a cheap option,

29 Jul 2020 14:35:06
Fair play Stevie, I retract them mate. skegs and psycho cloughs replys to my last post before this were abusive to me so I've stayed of for a while.
Nobody enjoys the banter and quick wit on here more than me . But I'm entitled to an opinion and allowed to assess the same as any body else without abuse just because they don't agree.
Besides I was proven right in my analysis anyway .
We move on you reds 👍.

29 Jul 2020 14:51:14
Red balloons, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and any personal stuff is uncalled for mate, we need a wide spectrum of opinions on here that’s what makes it interesting, a lot of stuff was said last Thursday, mostly in disappointment, glad you retracted,

29 Jul 2020 15:02:45
As I say football today is dividing opinions and not in a good way, yes this is what is good about banter on this site. But unrest at a club spreads unrest to the fans who's common interest and love is all for the same purpose to see the their club ooze passion and commitment to the fans and wider community. The community spirit in the world today is truly lost where people sit together talk looking at their phones and haven't got the time of day to know who their neighbours are. Football can change that, keep some human spirit and togetherness alive. Now let's not pretend none of us hoped and prayed we wouldn't be in the prem next season. Whether you though we would get demolished or would rebuild and give it a go, were we lucky to get there with not very attractive football or did the best with what we had and deserved to be there. None of that matters when at the end of the day we just want to be proud of Nottingham Forest such as Burnley, Leicester and Bournemouth. Now the season is done unfortunately when you dig deep we have just been made a laughing stock again to add to the list of world wide calamities that happens at the club. Stevie I'm sure Red Ballons was having a bit of banter but you see poorly run club equals banter between fans displayed in a negative way, it spreads like a rotten apple. We are in some ways better with these owners, such as being involved in the local community more, ex players back at the club but ultimately its on the pitch where results need to be. I don't just mean win, win, win. I mean football played with passion, giving a 100 percent, sweating blood and tears whether a player is believed to be good enough but can't quite cut it. Neil Warnocks may not always be pretty in fact Cardiff although playing better stuff under Harris are the sought of team who aren't pretty, annoy the bejesus out of you but give everything and more, confident in their play. Now to be fair a few of the boys did that especially my man of the season Grabban I was not a fan to be honest questioned his attitude and loyalty. But to get 20 goals with limited chances created and lead the line the way he did was blinding. We just crave an end to the circus and disjointed way of doing things and need to hear a statement from the club to say something, anything and hope to God that one day we can feel a real passionate buzz when the football is being played. I love match days but in the last few years it seems to be waning a little bit, some games when we are losing or playing badly I just know its not going to happen. Last time was under Billy being behind not playing well you just expected something to happen now not so much. Sad really because this is the best banter site by far and I'd love to see us all get what we crave a club to he proud of.

29 Jul 2020 15:16:19
Stevie f that's my point. Burnley did their homework and got the sort of man that could DO THE JOB. I see no risk compared to the antics of this shower at forest. Dyche takes no crap from anyone and takes everyone with him. Its obvious only a yes man will work under the forest regime. A msn with no adventutous intent. Oneil was a dyche sort of bloke, given time he would hae brought in his sort of players and we would be in a better place than we are now. We would have a tighter together squad instead of the unrecognisable bunch of injured journeymen we are lumbered with. Its utterly disasterous make no misake.

29 Jul 2020 16:22:14
Different though as they have english owners and are still doing it the english way.
There is nothing wrong in having dofs as its hardly done the manchester clubs, liverpool or chelsea and many others and even brentford any harm, it only works if you have a good dof and that's where we are failing.
Your old like me sothink the old way is the best way I'm open minded to idifferent ways but can't accept all the bad signings ours keeps making.

29 Jul 2020 16:27:26
Rutland said at the time MON was treated appallingly, I would have loved to have seen him given time, yet some of the people who were slating his style of football, are kissing lamouchi s backside, strange old world isn’t it?

29 Jul 2020 16:57:23
Spot on stevie f my thoughts entirely.
Ff79 the dof's at the big clubs have an easy job as the players they recruit are the best out there and its only a matter of how much money to throw at the deal.
We are in the lower regions of aquisitions. Manchesters are at harrods we are at the corner shop.

29 Jul 2020 17:03:50
Its worked for brentford though rutland and when the dofs get it wrong at the big clubs, ie Sanchez, pogba and lots more the losses are huge.
It down to how good the dof and all the technical staff are not to make too many mistakes.

29 Jul 2020 18:04:58
That's right FF79 so we need to get rid. Marinkas must be a reputable figure although a bit dodgy surely he could attract someone who has proven themselves and won't fail. Not sure if our DOF has a good history maybe Marinkas underestimated the championship and needs to employ better.

29 Jul 2020 18:36:39
Clough, Precarious business driving out owners, alienate them and you are stuck with them til a new buyer can be found, which in the current financial climate might be easier said than done,



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