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15 Jul 2020 20:20:14
I know this is the most unpredictable league but looking at their respective fixtures it's highly likely both Cardiff and Millwall will pick up 6 points each from their remaining 2 games meaning we may yet still need at least another point.
Oakwell anybody? If not then against Stoke surely? πŸ€”.

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15 Jul 2020 21:13:08
I don’t think they will both pick up 6 points,

15 Jul 2020 21:58:41
Fred just as i was starting to agree with you, you go an spoil it.
We are too hard to beat to lose our last two games.
Thats just a fact and the reason wr are top six.
Millwall aren't nice to watch neither are cardiff and most in the championship but guts and guile is one good trait that does get you out of the championship.
Lets just take what comes I'd rather the season had been nulled but it is what it is so I'll accept what happens but i can't enjoy it as i can't be there.
Watched us tonight on tv its difficult but found it better without sound.
Just want life to return to normal you get so many different messages but all i know is i ain't going knowhere if i have to wear a mask.
If after four months they ve suddenly decided that's the answer then stuff that I'll stay at home.
Been allowed to go to foodstores while the virus was at its worst and yet now at its lowest they change their minds?
If that's safe then let's go back to football grounds with a mask on?
No the scientific boffins will tell us to wear a space suit.
They wrap themselves up in cotton wool self protecting themselves while on full pay and don't understand normal life and what people need and depend on.
Im lucky i don't need too much money but young people have mortgages and children to bring up.

15 Jul 2020 22:08:40
Cardiff are away at Middlesborough an warnock will want to do 1 over them and Millwall are away at qpr London derby personally think both games will end in a draw so I think we will be in the playoffs before Sunday.

15 Jul 2020 22:26:53
Arran if we can't do it from here then we don't deservre its that simple, its ours to lose.

15 Jul 2020 22:27:01
Glad to see you've woken up and started to question what's going on with all this nonsense Ff.
Get yourself over on the conspiracy page and take a look mate.
ed 033 posts some great stuff on there. It's a real eye opener!

15 Jul 2020 22:43:07
Middlesborough will win.

15 Jul 2020 23:08:45
Fred too busy mate doing my day job while working on my new house.
Politicians do as they like once voted in.
One things for sure
We will all die one day?
Its a terrible virus but you can't live life being frightened that you may be the next victim.
Just my opinion and I've gone back to work not for money but just some notmality.
I feel sorry for cancer patients who have had to wait for treatment that moght now be to late for them.
We build field hospitals to cope but don't get used surely it would have been respondsible to have isolated the virus patients to those facilities and let hospitals do their day to day duties?
Basically even those in power weren't ready and have no. idea how to cope with a disease that kills less than alf a percent of the population, god help us if an deadlier comes along.

16 Jul 2020 07:19:06
Ff79 definitely agree with you.



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