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11 Jul 2020 18:40:21
Can't believe how downbeat and critical some of the posts are on here, considering where we are, anyone would think were in a relegation battle,

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11 Jul 2020 19:47:02
Lots of fair points made but Ballons is right even though it sounds negative and defeatist. Even if we fluke the play offs and go to the Prem then, like I've said before in these pages, we should ask to defer our place and stay where we are. We would be an embarrassment in that league. Yes, Sheff Utd! Yes, buying Portugal's best cast off's. But in six weeks changing that side around to beat Burnley and Everton? No way. Just for the hand out you say? Is it worth it? I know lot's of you would take it, but think about it you've seen the last few matches. Feel sorry for SL, He's quality. Finishing top six a good result overall.

11 Jul 2020 19:50:21
Yeah mate not many would have thought we would be in the play offs with 3 to go this season. The boss has got the best out of what is in front of him. He had his remit to get us in the playoffs at the least there is no way Marinkas would expect anything less. So with what he was given he's done a decent job one more win and a draw should do it then you just never know just maybe. . .

11 Jul 2020 20:13:32
Norfolk red it’s worth it just for the parachute payments, if you come back down,

11 Jul 2020 20:48:36
Norfolk mate got to take it for what it is. We all want top flight so take it how you can get it. Yes maybe we would struggle and come back down but we would get a lot of money and can bring in some higher priced players. You know build the platform, take a few knocks, get back up and build another platform. I don't like this money crazy footballing world but its there and if we want to be part of it we got to grab any which way. Just might attract one or 2 better players aswell if we went up, I see what your saying but let's upset the odds and grab that bull by the horns, rag it around and show them what we made of.

11 Jul 2020 21:36:07
I understand your argument and it might make financial sense in some ways. Look at the flaws in our team at present, can they be solved before late September. Do we want to watch our team be outclassed, emphatically so, every week. What damage might this cause to the footballing image of this club over a season. There will be no honeymoon period. As I say, it could be embarrassing.
( On a positive note, if we did win the play off final, I would go beserk with joy! )

11 Jul 2020 21:45:22
Sometimes its the clubs that go up without good players, on paper, that do the best.
Fulham and Norwich looked class in the championship but failed miserably in the prem despite spending silly money and villa are doing the same.
Can't prejudge how we would do in the prem you just take your chance.

11 Jul 2020 22:23:30
Bang on there FF, very rarely is a team or club ‘premiership ‘ ready . Anyone can survive if they bring in the right blend of players and play the right style . One thing for certain is you want stay there if you never get there .

11 Jul 2020 22:24:27
I'm accepting your points but have one issue with them.
There has not been a proper break for the players because of the uncertain situation. This will continue. September will feel like a continuation of this season after a three month break with no time for rest, a tour, friendlies and transfers. We will be in a similar position to how we are now. Still happy for today's team in the Prem guys?

11 Jul 2020 22:40:32
How can you turn promotion down? what's the point of competing?!

11 Jul 2020 23:18:45
As if you wouldn’t want us to go up, you get promoted because you were good enough to get out of that division, the team that won the title in 78 finished 3rd the year of getting promoted enough said.

12 Jul 2020 09:55:47
I agree Stevie. I would also add, what's the point of supporting. We can dream surely.



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