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28 Apr 2020 19:37:56
I’m going to miss my annual trip to the states this year 79, loved the last 4 trips with the family . Some great memories seeing some of the sights, sounds like you have them too, say what you want about the folk, the continent and landscapes are truly fascinating .

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28 Apr 2020 20:51:08
Mate had some tremendous holidays their last time i went was florida with the missuss open top car and coast to coast ten years now.
Ive settled now to short haul have a really good freind who lives in Portugal and am missing the fact we haven't been able to go over this year.
Always do a camping fortnight over here as love this country, we just enjoy spain and its islands now just me the missus and our two friends growing old disgracefully.
Once we have a vaccine i'm going to take my granddaughter camping and spoil her rotten.
Thats my goal at the moment.

28 Apr 2020 22:45:29
The flights are a drag aren’t they? I try and switch off and think of what lies ahead ) outbound ) and the amazing memories built (inbound) . It wouldn’t be the same without the kids and I’m so glad I’ve had some great hols with them. Still lots I want to do and see together but I’m not convinced things will go back to normal or a semblance of for a while . Just relaunching aviation back to pre Covid levels will take a while .

29 Apr 2020 00:06:30
A beautiful country both the landscape and the general American public (can't say the same about the people that have ruled for the past 20 odd years, though) . Been a few times to different places me and the family loved it. Although 2 of the nippers have only been once. Me and the missus have promised them Disneyland in a couple of years. Eldest wants to go to Vegas but he's got 6 years until he gamble in the States. Unlucky, son.

29 Apr 2020 08:15:25
Visited New York many times starting in the early eighties, first time I went was a real culture shock, remember commenting to a mate that we had more in common with the Russians, apart from the Language, but once I got over that found it an exciting, edgy and vibrant place, and the English accent was the key to a lot of interesting conversations, I had an American girlfriend at the time who taught very young kids in Harlem, visiting the school, and the trip up from manhattan was really something, I think an ‘eye opener ‘ would be the best way to describe it, people tell me New York is much safer these days,

29 Apr 2020 09:55:04
Think you'll be ok next year 2 star its just probably going to cost more for the flights.
But then again there will be plenty of airlines wanting the buisness.
Think the worst thing about flying again will be extra checks for tempreture etc slowing things down but if it makes it safer for us all so be it.
I'll go to the canary islands at xmas if i can but only if i think its safe.

29 Apr 2020 09:48:42
We went to Disney World 6 yrs ago, and went to "Discovery Cove", so I'm not the best of swimmers, and there's these huge Stingrays in the water, so I asked the Life Guard "Here mate? Can those things still sting you? "
He replied "No way man? their Barbs are removed"
I said (rather gingerly) "Ok cheers"
I wasn't taking ANY chances! . so there's me clinging to the rocks like a limpet on this tiny island. and the wife's filming me!

29 Apr 2020 16:33:35
Its the only country I've been too and had a fabulous holiday at xmas and then got a full refund for the whole holiday.
They put us in someones villa by mistake, they asked me if i'd move on the 3rd day but i said i wanred to see the villa first.
It was a brand new two storey show home with five bedrooms and a huge pool, cudn't believe my luck and it got better when they told me they were so sorry and where giving me a full refund which they did there abd then.
Doubt anywhere in the world would they do that.



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