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02 Apr 2020 15:15:51
I see Belgium have made there league null and void therefore setting a precedent for the premier league and championship etc. Liverpool 25 points clear but not crowned champions. Norwich Bournemouth and villa keeping there premier league status with all of its cash riches. wrong. This season points tally should count for something. Eg points difference between Leeds and Barnsley is 34 points. Leeds start on minus 34 Leeds start on zero. No easy way of sorting this mess out though really. The most important thing is people's health though. Stay safe all.

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02 Apr 2020 15:35:53
They have declared club brugge champions and are looking at relegation and promotion so they haven't null and void it.
They have had the bottle to make a sensible decision unde the circumstances where life comesbefore football and money.
Cant see our ruling bodies having the same bottle or compassion for what's hapoening.

02 Apr 2020 17:09:53
I know i have already said this season should be finished before starting the next season, i still believe that should happen.

It has been said by finishing this season it will be messing around with the next season, off course not one answer is going to solve everything fairly but i think it the fairest.

The World Cup because of large sums of money has been moved to a different time of year so why can this season not be finished then wait the the same amount of time as normally done during the summer before starting the next season, each of the next seasons could start one week earlier untill we get back to normal.

I once again believe, if there is promotion there should be relegation.

02 Apr 2020 18:48:52
Guys this is nothing compared to these clubs wanting help from the government to pay top dollar to their players. while ordinary employees are under threat?
Makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

02 Apr 2020 19:36:44
Totally agree RR, unbelievable stance from Spurs among others.

02 Apr 2020 20:12:24
I'm think the same as you CR, that is definitely the fairest if it can be done. People moaning about decisions before they have even been made doesn't make any sense what so ever. Maybe wait and see before slating them.

I caught a bit of Gary Lineker on the news earlier and he said an announcement would be imminent, what that is going to be is anyones guess.

02 Apr 2020 20:28:56
Problem clubs have is that players are technically self employed and contracted to their employers for a specified period of time.
Trying to break that contract without agreement from all parties including agents can't hapoen.
Im self employed and can't work but i'm not contracted to anyone so i can't get any money till june from the government, it is what it 8s and conteacts are very difficult to change without the help of all parties involved.

03 Apr 2020 09:21:05
Rogie I thought the clubs were asking for help paying non playing staff not help paying the players?
Still wrong especially when levy got 4mill for getting the stadium complete on time, which in fact it wasn’t.
I see the government have blasted the players saying they should do there part but before that let's see what the government do for tax exiles Branson and Philip green as they are asking for the taxpayers to bail them out whilst they are billionaires. how can they ask uk tax payers to bail them out when they own £150million yachts?

{Ed001's Note - Levy got 3m for the stadium, 4m is his yearly salary!}

03 Apr 2020 09:53:48
Was just about to say sorry I got the figures wrong he actually got £7million last year including bonuses.

{Ed001's Note - sickening huh? Nearly 80k a week basic plus a 3m bonus and he has put staff on furlough. There is something seriously wrong with football.}



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